The Vultures are a group of elite survivors that have established a fort and several outposts throughout the Old City. This group will eventually be featured in the Scarf Heroes Anime. They are neutral towards strangers unless attacked or threatened. There are currently 4 main members of the Vultures. This group formed a society with fellow survivors, and taxes them for offering food, water, protection, and shelter. If a member does betray or resign in this group, they would be immediately exiled. The Vultures have defined knowledge of Old City from their archive of books and Mortimer Bank Co. from scout reports and the use of cartography.

Traits & Abilities

The Vultures are similar to the Scarf Heroes as each member is unique in their own way. This group depends on scavenging and trading for food, water, ammunition, materials, and medicine. They do allow the public to permanently live within their main base, but are heavily taxed. Considering most survivors dwell with them from their proficient skills and defense, it resulted in them becoming wealthy as a society.


As a team, they are nearly unstoppable in combat because of their constant training. Each are elites in most survival categories, and their coordination and tactics are at its prime. While they have lesser numbers compared to the Crows and Mortimer Bank Co., they can easily rival the Scarf Heroes group with strategy and sheer training from constantly living in a threatening environment.



  • This group rarely murders innocent people.
  • Each member has very different personality traits.
  • The Vultures have a rivalry with both the Scarf Heroes and the Crows.
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Andy * Bard * Carly * Esther * Kevin Karvington * Mortimer * Sasha Rothschild * Vroom

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