Rafi Nazeeh Almasi (better known as Void) is a human of Arabic descent who is the head admin and second-in-command of a freedom fighter group responsible for the mass murder of hundreds living in the YuTuian Residential Area. His motives for doing this was that he and the current leader (whose identity remains an enigma to this day) viewed the majority of the people living there as idiotic and a waste of human life. He wields the Deathstalker, a sword that increases in power from the wielder's negative energy as well as how many lives it has taken.


DoN Period

Void initially was your stereotypical rich guy from Dubai. Even after he was forced to flee for Crestfall, he still managed to keep a good amount of his riches. After he settled in the Bigleyton Hotel, he noticed that many of those whom lived in the aforementioned Y.T.R.A. were "idiots" and that their presence in a time like this seemed to be absolutely mind-boggling and infuriating to him and that they had to be eliminated quickly and brutally. And so, he and a friend of his (keep in mind, this friend of his IS the leader) managed to form the Dead of Night. A very good amount of Void's riches were poured into training militants, weaponry, and the creation and/or modifying of mechanisms, and have conducted many raids on the Y.T.R.A. and have killed many until Keisuke and his siblings took down Void's organization.

Post-DoN Period

After the fall of the DoN, Void later took on a completely new mission: Brutally decimate Keisuke and his friends and wipe the Scarf Heroes from existence due to Keisuke being part of them. At this point, Void has almost completely lost whatever made him human and had become an embodiment of pure hatred. His sword, the Deathstalker, seems to mirror this very well, and it too has gotten much more powerful off of the negative energy from Void's desire for vengeance. Void even went as far as turning against his once leader for allowing the to DoN fall and fought him, but Void had failed to kill Akita. 


Void is far more ruthless when compared to his once superior, Tsunehiko Akita. As opposed to the aforementioned leader, he is extremely ruthless and merciless with his actions. As opposed to the far more defensive actions of Akita, Void tends to be far more direct with his doings and it is far easier to tell the expression seen on Void than with Akita. In battle, Void often overwhelms the enemy with large slashes and high-powered dark energy attacks and also isn't too bad at defensively fighting either. After the fall of the DoN, Void is unchanged, but at this point he has surrendered whatever made him human as negative energy to feed the Deathstalker, making it and him more deadly in the process. 

Hyper Attacks

Level 1

  • Deathstalker's Stinger (The blade becomes coated with a highly potent toxin that will take effect onto the target from any attack with the blade. The toxin itself will slowly deal major damage to and will slow down most of its targets.)

Level 2

  • Fallen Spear (The blade is thrown at the target like a javelin. Merely grazing it will result in life energy being drained in most cases, boosting the power of the Deathstalker permanently)

Level 3

  • Hellbound Crash (An incredibly powerful overhead slash that also spawns a wave of dark energy several meters in front of where he slashed, which pushes foes repeatedly until the last part of the wave inflicts major knockback. Whilst combined with the slash is when the wave is deadliest, the wave itself still is dangerous to be caught in its own right.)

Level 4/MAX

  • Nihilism (Drives the weapon into the ground, resulting in large purple meteor-like energy bolts to rain around a 15-meter radius and stick through the ground. Once all have fallen on the ground, they will form a large purple dome and implode rapidly. Anything caught in the implosion will certainly cease to exist.)


  • He owns a weaponized Lamborghini Urus, but he doesn't use it all that much.
  • The Deathstalker not only feeds off of negative energy, but life energy as well. It drains life energy from its wielder (which has less of an effect than negative energy due to it being slower and less noticeable in terms of increments of power), and the more it drains, the more control it has of its wielder.
  • Void's threat level exceeds that of his group as a whole.
  • Misaki's weapon, Nightshade, is actually made in an attempt to emulate the Deathstalker's characteristics (even the negative ones, since removing them would be too OP), but it has its differences outside of just appearance.
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