Vanhashiron is normally a two-handed sword with an extremely sharp, grey blade. It has a black hilt with a slender yet comfortable grip. It has a teardrop shaped gem that is located where the two parts (the blade and hilt) meet. The gem glows every now and then due to its hidden ability.


Majora first heard its name in a dream. All he heard was a voice that said, "Destroy the eyes of Vanhashiron." The next day he asked his mother about that word, and of course she didn't know what that word meant... The word seemed almost familiar to him though. One day much later an old sage came to him and simply said to come with him to a forgotten place. A place where he could learn what Vanhashiron was. Majora decided to follow the old man, for he felt the sage could be trusted.

They later arrived at an old cave that at first gave Majora a sense of dread, but this quickly faded away, which was normal to him at the time. The cave seemed to go on forever, but down they went in to this seemingly unending pit. When they reached the bottom, there was a chest on a stone table. Majora knew right then that he needed to open that chest. Something deep inside told him whatever was in that chest belonged to him. It almost felt as if it was calling to him. He walked up to the chest and unlatched the metal latches, and there it was. This was Vanhashiron, a sword that he knew was destined to be his. The sage then told him that in a past life that Majora had created this weapon, but the sage was not sure why or how he made it. The sage went on to say one of his own ancestors was friends with Majora in his past life and took it upon himself to watch over the sword upon his friends death until he was reborn and came to reclaim it. "Only you and I, will remember this name. But even when I die, I will come to reclaim it no matter who holds it. This blade is all that I am." The sage said, repeating the words that his old friend had said.

With that, Majora took the sword and told the sage he would take good care of it and left the cave. He believes that he has yet to unlock all the secrets of his sword. To this day, he holds the sword as his most treasured object as it has saved his life many times.


The blade is gray and has thin marks going down the middle of the blade that shows where the sword splits. The hilt is a light shade of black and the jem is pure black. The blade is made from unknown metals and makes it near impossible to break, the hit can be damaged but it is still very difficult to do so.

Traits & Abilities

The ability of the Vanhashiron is the specialized mechanism withinin the center of the grip. When activated, it allows the sword to split into two separate swords. The mechanism works like this, there is a vertical slit in the hilt that one can put their fingers into. Once inside there are two buttons that are pressed which unlatches the parts that keep the sword together and all that's left to do is basically tear the sword in two. To put it back to just one sword, one would just put the two parts back together the way they were before. Easy as that. Electricity flashes about every 10 seconds between the two parts. This keeps the two parts from being too far away from each other. And if they are separated to an unspecified length, the two will immediately, and forcibly return to each other. The two parts rejoining in this way can break through solid walls and almost anything else that in its way. The electricity will not harm the wielder, although it may feel unorthodox to hold. The final ability of the Vanhashiron is that when split, gun barrels, which are approximately half the length of the blades, are revealed on each blade and act like any normal gun, except its ammunition is self replenishing, the only downside to this is that it must have time to recharge.

Friendship time

During Majora's Journey Vanhasiron's hidden ability finally revealed itself. The jewel will turn gold and the blade pure white, and energy will flow through Majora making his eyes turn a light gold and increase his speed, endurance, strength, and reaction time. In this state of power, this the sword can often strike down enemies with malicious intent in a single hit. Creatures such as Reborn Shadows may simply die from being to close to the sword. The draw back to all this come in a few different ways: 1. It is that it is likely that Majora will pass out after this, 2. it only lasts for at most 30 seconds, and 3. the only way it can be activated is if most of his friends are thinking about him and praying for his safety at the same time and Majora is willing to let it activate.


  • The sage that guided Majora has never been seen or heard from since he helped Majora find the sword.
  • Majora was guided by the sage to the sword when he was only 7.
  • The gun capability were added into the sword by himself.
  • The reason the hidden ability only lasts 30 seconds is because that's the most Majora's body can take with all that power, if he were to deactivate it before the 30 seconds are up he won't pass out but will still be very exhausted. It maybe possible with enough training to extend this time.
  • The self replenishing Ammunition ammunition was not intentional. When Majora tried to implement the ammunition into it, the Jewel absorbed a single round and began replicating it. It can keep to 10 rounds at one time and takes about 8 seconds to make a single round.
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