"Every criminal wants one of these rocks. It's become a problem for the metropolis, we have to stop the illegal trade."

-Chief Lieutenant Mitchell

Uranium is a radioactive element, and it's considered to be a big problem by Crestfall Police due to the large quantities of it. Criminals and insane people are often the main suppliers. Crestfall Police have even discovered makeshift labs made by the criminals, who attempt to make dirty bombs. Crestfall Police consider it the second worse thing to happen to Crestfall, next to drugs for criminal activities.


Due to the Great Nuclear War, many criminals located the once secured mines and plants filled with enriched uranium. These criminals got a hold of them, and began selling the ore just like a typical drug.

Demand skyrocketed. Eventually groups like the Crestfall Mafia, the Dead of Night, and The Crows began showing large interest in the ore in their attempts to cause havoc. Soon after the Crestfall Police began beefing up security. The Crestfall Military, however showed interest in the ores, but didn't want the material to end up in the wrong hands. Operation Tea was launched by the Royal Military, and many hostile people were taken out.

The ores are still illegally sold in Crestfall, however the recent crackdown on these enterprises have greatly dropped the illegal trade. Currently, Uncivilized People and the Crows possess uranium and dirty bombs. It is unknown if they'll use these to destroy the Crestfall Walls.

As of recent times, terrorist groups now control the trade.


  • Joey once called the element a "drug" due to the illegal nature and the large demand.
  • The Crows may possess some "dirty bombs" which are regular bombs filled with uranium, which is in fact very deadly.
  • Many uncivilized people have attempted to bomb the Crestfall Walls with dirty bombs, but the personnel manage to take them out each time.
  • The Crestfall military seized most of the illegal uranium, and uses it for their own nuclear weapons.
  • The Uranium were usually taken from old nuclear stations, and mines.

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