The USA, or simply America, is a former nation in the Scarf Heroes universe, and (possibly) one of the aggressors in the Decimation. The Anime never focuses on America itself, however the metropolis of Crestfall is located in the Mid-Eastern region of the former United States. Many remnants from the old American society survive intact in the Old World.


Currently, the Anime only gives us a basic insight on the lore. America once existed just like our world, and possibly the America of the SH Universe was identical to the present day America, prospering with technology, a powerful military, and many modern cities. America's closest allies were the European Union and Canada.

Currently, the Anime never tells us how America and the rest of the nations fell, or what got America to use its nuclear weapons on its enemies. We only know for a fact that America fell in 2164 along with its allies and majority of the nation and continent remains a wasteland.


According to the official Canon, Crestfall is located in the Mid-Eastern region of the former United States, and was established after the fall of the Old City. Crestfall currently houses 2,200 inhabitants safe from the Zombies and Hellspawn that lurk from beyond.

Remains from America

  • Liberator is an old US Army M1A2 Abrams tank owned by the Crows. The tanks has the United States Army's logo on it.
  • Old City is possibly an actual American metropolis prior to its downfall.


  • The Scarf Ancestors could be descendants of American and Canadian citizens who worked together to build Crestfall.
  • Despite America no longer existing in the Scarf Heroes Universe, it appears that the Crows have knowledge on America's existence. The same could be said for Alyssa.

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