Tsunehiko Akita is a human of Japanese descent and a rival/enemy to the Scarf Heroes. He was the former leader of the Dead of Night terrorist group, a now-defunct organization responsible for hundreds of murders and raids in Crestfall, particularly on the YuTuian Residential Area.


Dead of Night Era

Whilst Tsunehiko was born to a rather wealthy family, he generally didn't exact have too well of a childhood. His introverted personality and the fact that one generally felt rather uneasy by simply standing around him, even if Tsunehiko hasn't necessarily done anything wrong. Despite this, Tsunehiko didn't even bother trying to make friends.

Around when he was about 16 years old, during the end of the Great Nuclear War, Tsunehiko and his family were kidnapped by an unknown group and were subject to rather unethical and inhumane experimentation. This was later revealed as an attempt to grant a human a form of energy manipulation, in which he was the only survivor. Tsunehiko had developed a form of light-based energy manipulation ability and soon afterwards handily killed those who had taken his family hostage. He had killed his captors in such a clean way that almost no one knows of the deed. Since the event, Tsunehiko later wrongly scapegoated the entire YuTuian Residential Area for what has been done to him and rid the world them and those that opposed him. The place where he was held hostage was based in what would later be the Y.T.R.A.

Out of chance, Tsunehiko had met Void, another individual heavily against the Y.T.R.A's inhabitants, but for different reasons. From then on, the two later formed the Dead of Night terrorist group, whom are hellbent on "eradicating the evils that exist in the YTRA", but Tsunehiko had went into hiding soon afterwards, leading Whilst they were generally successful in their goals the majority of times, two androids by the name of Keisuke and Suzuka had managed to wipe out their organization within a single day. 

Post-Dead of Night Era

After the fall of the DoN, Tsunehiko and Void had later found out that Keisuke and Suzuka were part of the Scarf Heroes. but unlike Void, whom later decided to obliterate the Scarf Heroes as a whole, the truth had finally dawned on Tsunehiko, leading to him showing major remorse for his actions, and decided to not take down the Scarf Heroes as a whole, much to major dismay of Void, whom even want as far as attempting to kill Tsunehiko, but failed, and Tsunehiko had became a wandering outlaw. He shows deep remorse for his past, but knowing it is way too late to go back and change himself, he decides to just get away from everything. He is no longer willing to fight all that much, yet strangely only wishes to die in battle, and isn't willing to actually kill anyone anymore, overall becoming a Death Seeker. Even with the Scarf Heroes, Crestfall Police Headquarters and Void wanting to take him down, Tsunehiko is generally un-phased and just casually avoids them as if they never existed in the first place, only wanting to focus his energy on Keisuke and Suzuka (he will fight anyone who tries to defend them).


Tsunehiko is a rather introverted individual whom is rather conservative and defensive with his actions. His eerie calmness well contrasts that of the majority of his organization, whom are generally more aggressive in battle (case in point, Void). However, some can see him as somewhat cowardly when fighting, but usually this tends to overlap with Tsunehiko's conservative fighting style, only really attacking when he has a high success rate, as opposed to Void's sheer force. Tsunehiko also has no real strategy in terms of combat, and his unpredictability is also one of his many assets. After the fall of the DoN, his remorse led him to become far more risky in his combat, and his ability to cheat death in battle is rather astonishing nonetheless. When not willing to fight, Tsunehiko generally just tends to exploit the defensive side of his powers.

Brachium Domini

The Brachium Domini (Latin for arm of the Lord) is the name given to Tsunehiko's energy manipulation powers, named after the project that Tsunehiko was kidnapped for. Whilst primarily light-based, they also are capable of inflicting fire, ice, or lightning based attacks.

The primary attacks are mostly in the form of incredibly powerful martial arts attacks, and any form of these attacks not only are incredibly hard-hitting, but also deal major knockback to whoever is hit. Ranged attacks involve shooting the energy in the form of spheres and bolts, and whilst capable of being spammed to engulf the enemy with projectiles, Tsunehiko does not like the tactic.

The Brachium Domini also can be manipulated into forming a thin yet nigh invulnerable barrier around Tsunehiko to block oncoming attacks, but he isn't capable of channeling said powers into attacks whilst doing so.

Hyper Attacks


  • Tsunehiko's entire body becomes engulfed in high stun fire/ice/electricity.
  • Level 1

Pyro/Cryo/Electro Spear

  • Shoots a thin but fast and powerful bolt of fire/ice/electricity, all of which have the same function but with a different elemental make-up for different targets.
  • Level 1


  • A punch that can easily stun the target, followed by a series of quick slashes from blade-like attacks formed from light
  • Level 2

Buster Slam

  • Rushes at the target and powerfully slams them to ground at inhuman speeds. Can easily destroy a large plane.
  • Level 2

Cry of the King

  • Summons an energy pillar around Tsunehiko, and said pillar also releases a blinding light that is capable of killing most organic beings that see it after only a few seconds and injuring those whom are able to look away but still had sight of it.
  • Level 3


  • Despite being the leader of his group, he doesn't have nearly as much kills as any of the high-ranking members and admins.
  • There is actually a rumor that Void simply designated Tsunehiko in the position of leader. 

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