Tiny was Kay's pet for a while before he passed away. He was a popular animal that took resident within the Throne Room. He was very social but rarely seen due to his size. He was given a white scarf with blue paw prints printed on it, matching his fur and eyes.


Tiny was a small, fluffy male cat who was born blind. He had gray, fluffy fur that was super-soft; tiny, white paws; big, blue eyes and a large, fluffy tail and ears. He had a few white patches over his eyes, muzzle, ears, paws and tail.

He was very small, a tea-cup cat if you wish. He had a small mouth in which he could barely 'mew from' .

Even though he seemed cute and fluffy, he had big claws for his size, which he'd viciously claw people with if he didn't recognize their scent. His fangs however, were the opposite, being small, almost too small which sometimes made it hard for him to eat meat.

He was however a very relaxed animal, curling up beside anyone if attention was given.

Due to the tough life he had before he was found, he lacked the needed nutrients to grow normally, and even when at SH, even after being fed regularly, he stayed under weight and small, which really worried the group.


Tiny was abandoned at birth, he roamed the wasteland starving to death until one day Kay saw him. Picking him up, Tiny attached himself to Kay and the two became inseparable. Kay would feed Tiny, give him drinks, cuddle and even talk to Tiny.

Tiny himself was very well known within the Citadel, and made his own little home in the Throne Room, taking over a small part of the couch and normally sleeping on one of the many pillows Janet had placed there.

Tiny was known to be friendly towards Daf , Isa , Amber , Janet , Joey, oddly enough Roman , Majora , Badmina, Sworx and Dom, Haru , especially Tales and sometimes likes purring beside either Alyssa or Sheepy. As he got older he actually warms up to some enemies who were relatively friendly, and even more characters; such as Esther Carina due to being with Isa a lot, Kacey Suturis since he seemed friendly with Kay. Almost friendly with every active Scarf Hero within the Throne Room.

Sadly, after being in the wasteland for so long, radiation illness slowly killed Tiny. Tiny was only two years old when he passed away. Tiny was a very fun little kitten and was well known in the Throne Room.


The adorable fur ball


  • He is based on Jayfeather and Scourge from Erin Hunter's series "Warriors", his design being similar to Jayfeathers and his name being inspired by Scourge's real name.
  • He was very small, and was almost the same size as a one-month-old kitten when he was only 3 months.
  • He loved cuddles and tuna but hated milk.
  • He had an owl plushie that only lasted 2 days before losing an eye