Talon Pandareos is a 20-year-old man within the Vultures society. He is the primary scavenger for supplies ranging from food, water, ammunition, and materials. He is most notable for his swift and seamless speed, stamina, endurance, and disorienting maneuvers. He is equipped with a sawed off shotgun and a switchblade for quick attacks. The Vultures continue to be wealthy due to Talon and his raids on caravans. Talon aspires in becoming the owner of the Mortimer Bank Co. edifice with all of his loot safely secured within.


Talon had a very dreadful life. Similar to Chronos Apóvlita, he is silent and does not usually talk about his past. The details that he did disclose were to Solomon Volney when his good friend was comforting him at the time. His parents were abusive and starved Talon as a child, which consequently made Talon to be a lightweight build. When his parents were not looking, he either attempted to steal from them or from another location. He was eventually saved by Mira Nyx from an unknown event, he sworn allegiance to her and the Vultures society.


Talon is a slim male with blonde hair and black highlights, the inverse of Hikaru Sakura's hair. He has golden brown eyes and facial piercings. One of his prized clothing apparel is his black bandanna and black cloak, in which he wears on a daily basis. He also has an orange and yellow-trimmed ninja outfit, with distinctive black patterns all over it. He has the same pattern as a tattoo on his right arm. He carries sheathes all over his waist to carry the many knives he possesses. He also carries traditional Chinese footwear.


Talon is a quiet, wise, and softhearted individual. He is an excellent scout, due to his impressive eye sight. He may seem snarky and over-confident in his abilities at times, however that is because he is indignant about his past and has yet to get over it. Talon only enjoys having discussions with Solomon or his team leader, Mira if needed. He has no opinion over the Scarf Heroes or the Crows unless he is provoked. He does not care for Mortimer Bank Co. other than the fact that he dreams of owning the tallest functioning tower in the Old City. Talon is also known to have little empathy over those he steals from, such as traders, yet still offers them sanctuary in joining the Vultures society.

Traits & Abilities

Talon has many swift tactics at his disposal. He enjoys traversing on rooftops to have height advantage and possible surprise attacks towards the enemy. He is also known for targeting the throats of his enemies, which can aggravate him if he combats the Scarf Heroes team due to them covering their necks with their scarves. If he has run out of ammunition for his sawed-off shotgun and still requires ranged attacks, he will divert his attention in throwing knives. The disadvantage he has to throwing knives is that he would need concentration and a certain duration in order to be accurate with his throws.


Talon has the remarkable ability to Dash, similar to Alyssa. With his Dash ability, he has the possibility of instantly slicing his foes and killing them without anyone even knowing. The disadvantage is that this ability is that it can be inaccurate and drains him in both speed and strength for most of the proceeding battle. He also has a minor ability to reload his weapon far quicker than usual, allowing for more blasts towards the enemy.


  • Talon was inspired by Kay, due to the team requiring someone quick on their feet
    • The team also required someone efficient in theft and scavenging.
  • The meaning of "Pandareos" is "a thief" in Greek.

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