This is the tale of Alyssa, the Mad Queen, and how her paranoia of falling apart and losing the Scarf Heroes got the best of her. In this tale, the dark side of leadership is shown.

Written by - Verbally Inescapable

The story

It started with two girls. These two girls who had a little group called the Scarf Heroes, just the two of them helping others, but Alyssa invited too many people and became corrupt and attention-seeking. There was a huge fight and it ended with Hikaru leaving and staying at home, yet she never abandoned her scarf.

After that, the Scarf Heroes continued to develop with Alyssa as the leader, controlling from the HQ (Citadel?). Alyssa, after the fight, slowly became paranoid and shy of being too controlling, trying to be a mother to the other members to show them she still loved them, and she truly did.

Her paranoia continued and she had nightmares of the Scarf Heroes leaving, dying, falling apart, rebelling against her, being taken, forced apart by the government, and countless more things. When waking up in a cold sweat from her nightmares, she would go to the kitchen to make herself a warm cup of tea to calm down, and every time she did she would see shadowy figures out of the corner of her eyes.

Every night she would see the shadow. Whether she was in the kitchen, crocheting, going to sleep, laying in bed with her eyes closed, she would see him in the corner of her eyes. Her paranoia grew so great that she would grow dark bags under her eyes, she probably even became delirious, and the Scarf Heroes couldn't do a thing to help, despite comforting her about her nightmares and knowing about the "Scarf Thief".

One night after waking up from another nightmare, Alyssa went to the kitchen to get herself a cup of tea. She saw the shadow yet again and pursued it, finally, after all the months of chasing she had finally cornered it! But just then, a massive sword - at least 3 meters long (about 9 feet) - appeared out of nowhere, gleaming gold and copper in the dark. The shadow swung at her, and she blacked out.

The next morning, a Scarf Hero found her in that same corridor with no heart beat. She died from a heart attack.


Queen Alyssa
  • Alyssa's insanity was slightly based on the third Alice from "Alice of Human Sacrifice."
  • The Scarf Thief (in this story) was a hallucination caused by Alyssa's paranoia.
  • After this event, Joey became leader of the Scarf Heroes.
  • Alyssa really did care for the Scarf Heroes, almost like a mother loves her children.
  • The Scarf Thief is coming for them next.