The Portal

One day Daf was in the Citadel. Everyone was in some sort of panic. Daf, not sure what was going on, asked Joey what the problem was. "A portal opened in the center of Crestfall, it's releasing dark clouds into the atmosphere. Anything that it's over is frozen in a silhouette of blackness. Maxi was one of the first to be affected, now everyone thinks this may be the end of everything." Daf is interested in the portal and goes to investigate. As Joey had said, half of the town center was covered in darkness. Daf tries to see if he can get a closer look, but trips and falls into the dark.

The Shadow

Daf wakes up in a black Crestfall, everything is frozen and the portal is gone. After a while Daf begins to recognize buildings like the Citadel, but there are some buildings that weren't there before. In the place of the portal is a tower connected to some sort of lab. To get a better look, Daf gets on a car, he sees at the other side of the center, a shadow of someone he thinks he recognized, carrying a weird sword. However, before Daf can figure out who it was, the shadow hides in the tower.

The Other

Daf goes into the tower to see people that look similar to his friends and enemies. There was a man that looked like the Scarf Imposter, the outline of others he didn't recognize. Then the shadow appeared, Daf gets closer to the shadow then right when he gets next to it, the shadow turned around and a splash of color came to reveal its true identity. It was another Daf, with another Flaming Sword of Space Time, but instead of a scarf there was a grey military cap. The Dafs immediately strike at each other, only to fling both swords away in the darkness.

The Better

The Scarf Daf summons Flamesaw, expecting the Other to do the same, but the Other Daf summons a steel fist with a booster. Scarf Daf strikes only for the other to fling himself in the air with the boosters. Other slams Scarf into the ground powered with the boost, Other then picks Scarf up and uppercuts him through the roof. Other gets on the roof and stares at Scarf. "I am Daf number 9, what is your number?" Other said, "I am number 36 AND I WILL DEFEAT YOU!" Scarf proclaimed in glorious fashion. This did not frighten Other, he grabs Scarf and murmurs, "You can't defeat the best..." Other quickly spikes Scarf into the Dark Citadel, he was knocked out due to the massive blow.

The Clearing

Daf wakes up in the town center, exactly where he was before. The portal and its darkness had left the area, a feeling of relief comes through Daf. He looks to see his scarf in front of him, wrapped around some sort of bottle. He unwraps it, it was a Ginger Ale bottle with a note on it. It read, "No hard feelings. -Nine". Then Daf realized, he wasn't the strongest in the multiverse, not by a long shot. Nobody seemed to remember what happened, not even Maxi. Daf was the only one, and he felt this was a sign that something more is about to happen to the Scarf Heroes.

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