The Stripe Club is Sheepy's side organization. Originally a group based on smuggling profanity and perversion back into the land, it has become an ally group for the Scarf Heroes to help fight evil.


In a time where alcohol, pr0nography and other profane acts were prohibited throughout the land, Sheepy took it upon herself to bring it back. She built her own speakeasy and hired some buddies of hers to help her out, from expanding her business and fending off law enforcement, to hiring bartenders and stripe-clad waitresses. She went on to recreate the drinks that everyone knew and loved, and even made her own special drinks, like the Shepherd, Brass Sheepy, and the very popular Wombo Combo. The establishment was open to anyone, but it was a popular spot for young troublemakers.


As her business grew, law enforcement became more and more of a problem. Joey looked at Sheepy's gain of power and influence as a threat (Sheepy was quite fond of the rebellious crowd) and a hefty reward was put for her arrest. Although Sheepy is known for her neutrality and passive nature, she knew she had to fight for her business, her beliefs, and her life. She took Stripe Club up a notch, and made it into an army of mercenaries and patrons alike. With her trusty Hipscope, she fought alongside her comrades to fend off the law. Although the fight was going well for Stripe Club for some time, Joey's forces eventually had the upper-hand, and Joey personally arrested Sheepy himself. The Stripe Club's cause came to a halt.

The Alliance

Alyssa first saw Stripe Club as a stain on her precious society. However, she saw how powerful the group was, and especially admired Sheepy's skill in combat. The Mad Queen summoned her to the Citadel to speak with her over tea, to convince her to join the Scarf Heroes. Sheepy, however, wasn't liking the idea of ditching her group and abandoning her cause. With smooth words and puppy-dog eyes, she tried to reason with the Queen and explain just how important alcohol and other freedoms were to the people. Alyssa, now aware and understanding, made a deal to lift the prohibition of alcohol and pr0nography if Sheepy and the Stripe Club joined forces with the Scarf Heroes. Sheepy happily obliged, and is now the 7th official Scarf Hero.


  • Although Sheepy is a Scarf Hero, she still runs the Stripe Club to this day, bigger and better than ever.
  • The mercenaries and patrons of the Stripe Club are ready to spring into action at Sheepy's command.
  • The tension between Joey and Sheepy sparked quite a bit of romance.
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