Silvia "Spirit" Sitara, is the youngest member of " The Society", and is well known for her skills in archery despite being blind, and wise words and knowledge regarding the soul and it's concept. She is also the long lost younger sister of Amber. She is the owner of the last legendary weapon that is a representation of Light-Hope and Spirituality


Silvia is of average height (but yet taller than her older sister by half an inch) standing at 5'5.5", but is below average weight, having a small frail frame that consists of bleach white skin, purer and whiter than snow itself. She adorns an angelic look and has long silky flowing pure white hair, that reaches her ankles. Her bangs are braided around her head creating a crown hairstyle clipped with angel wings hair pins- however, the rest of her hair is let loose. She is blind, and her eyes give this away by having a light blue (almost white) clouded affect, and a lack of pupils, however this adds to her angelic look.

Meet Silvia Sitara The Angelic SH

Regular Clothing

Her clothing consists of several main pieces. She wears a neck piece that ends at her collarbone, ending in frills that look like angel wings, while it is pinned together with an ice-blue/aqua rain drop pin/gem. Her white dress, near the chest opens into a two angel wing like display,being small. Her waist is covered in a light blue (almost white) silk that sparkles and has a harlequin opal effect of different shades of light blues, that wraps around the waist and flows to her elbows, and wraps neatly around them too. Her dress opens up just a bit below her pelvic region, showing a small silk skirt underneath the dress, however it is not long. The dress shows a crescent moon shape after the opening, showing Silvia's legs. These are covered from the knee below in a stocking like silk- the same harlequin opal silk as her waist and skirt - but in a more white tone, however it's not so noticeable on either pieces. They have a white-gold wrapping around the top and near the heel and toes, in which are not covered. On the ankle the same white angel wing design is displayed from the clips and top of the dress. She does not wear any footwear, but also wears the same type of raindrop pin from her dress on a set of earrings.


Something not so noticeable when Silvia is in her wastelander clothing is that she wears a pair of fingerless gloves (that do however cover the middle finger on both hands) that share the same harlequin opal pattern as her stockings, but like her stockings, they're not so noticeable.


Silvia is a shy and quiet person, normally staying silent unless she utters wise words or words of encouragement and knowledge. She is kind and humble and tries her best to help the heroes fight against the enemy, even with her lack of eyesight. She doesn't like when people feel cautious of any words to do with eye sight, as she believes that just because she lacks it doesn't mean everyone has to be worried about her feelings, even though she has her own way of seeing. She has immense knowledge on the soul and normally enjoys talking to others about it and educating them in the concept. She takes pride in her lack of sight, saying it gives more of a challenge to live, and makes life more exciting. She has an immense hate for the Necrocrawlers and Reborn Shadows and wishes that they perish so that the world can return to a natural balance. She also dislikes anyone who has anything to do with them that isn't killing them. Other than  Reborn Shadows and Necrocrawlers she feels that there is no point in killing an other type of life and will try to save it to the best of her ability, even when fighting.


Silvia was born to the same family as Amber, being born three years after Amber too. She had a secret ability to locate and see people's souls, that she never told anyone about until later in her life.

Childhood at Home.

As a child, Silvia and Amber were neglected due to their appearances and abilities. Their parents didn't want 'imperfect' children, this meant any abnormalities from blemishes and body shape would instantly make them 'imperfect' and they would not be shown to the world. Their parents sought Amber to be a 'devil' child due to her red eyes. And although they found Silvia to look like the perfect child, they instantly neglected her as soon as they found out she was blind they locked them away. This meant neither of the girls went out often or to school. At first they didn't get along, maybe from the age gap, but soon after spending enough time together they bonded and became very close siblings, sharing what little they had with each other. Silvia could see Amber's soul and instantly realized how kind she would grow up to be. They were very kind to each other, and Amber would guide her sister around due to the lack of sight. Silvia would often ask Amber to read her stories to which Amber would gladly do, while in return Silvia would create stories or sing for Amber. These were their most vivid memories of each other.

The Orphanage 

Soon however their parents refused to care for them and gave them to an orphanage.  The orphanage would always neglect Amber again for her looks, while Silvia got the better end of the stick, however struggled to be happy due to being separated from her sister a lot and the fact the carers did not want to help guide her everywhere. One night Amber had woken Silvia up, explaining that she needed Silvia to go a distract the carers so she could make a break. Silvia didn't understand- why wasn't she taking her with her? Amber explained she couldn't take the hate from everyone due to her look, no matter what she did. Silvia understood and knew it was for the best, and she's only decrease the chances of escaping. She nodded and went to distract the caretakers, not before she blindly reached out and gave her sister a hug. Once she arrived back after the carers scolded her and dragged her back, she realized Amber had left. Once Silvia hit the age 10 the carers gave her away to a woman. This woman never spoke to her, and after taking her she told her the first and last thing Silvia heard from her; "We're going to the park."  By this, the woman meant, that Silvia was staying there, and the park? It was the wasteland. The woman left her in the wasteland by herself.

The Society

After a few days of blindly wandering the wasteland, Silvia collapsed. Unaware of her surroundings and being alone, she started crying. She had no one and nowhere to go- that is until an old woman found her. The woman was clothed in white robes and held a staff. She asked her ; "Child? Whatever is the matter?"  Silvia responded explaining what had happened. She looked around trying to locate the sound and soul of the woman. The woman noticed her eyes and sighed, then gasped at Silvia's appearance, noticing how angelic she looked.  "Do you want to come with me? I was looking for travelers to bring back, but you seem more important young one."  Silvia nodded and as the woman took her hand she introduced herself as "Mary Volo" and took her to a society up in a mountain. She was treated well and with care, despite being blind.  Mary started teaching Silvia how to use Echo-Location using soft clicks, and taught her how to handle weapons despite being blind. One day after 5 years passed, Silvia was nearing 15 years of age. The society was under attack from Reborn Shadows, everyone was instructed to grab a weapon, Silvia being blind, grabbed the legendary weapon that was in a smashed glass cabinet.  She used it with precision and took out most of the horde. When it was over, they realized she had been able to use the weapon, or the weapon allowed her to use it, as when ever someone tried to use it, it would fail. They all agreed to protect her, a Great Lord, truly an angel,and assigned Peggy to be her guard. Silvia understood and locked herself away in her room. 

The Scarf Heroes

After a year, Silvia was standing on her balcony taking in fresh air. When she turned back to go in, she heard her door being opened, to her surprise she located the thing that made the sound, it was the Scarf Heroes. She welcomed them into her room. After the Queen Alyssa explains herself and the quest to find the weapons- Silvia smiled and showed them her weapon, but explained that she was now tied with the weapon and it would only work for her. Alyssa understood and said she'd be on her way. Amber had then stumbled in, to see her sister- She teared up and looked at her, before asking if it truly was her. Silvia recognized the voice and soul and suddenly hugged her.  Silvia told the elder she was going to join the Scarf Heroes on their missions so she could help restore balance to the world. The Elder allows her to join her sister, as long as Peggy would join to protect her.

Traits and Abilities

Silvia is most known for being the first blind member of Scarf Heroes, and it being her most known trait along with wielding the legendary weapon.


Due to the lack of eyesight she uses echolocation, like a bat, except she uses small clicks, that aren't to loud for others to hear, however, she has super sensitive hearing, this is why she is able to fight and walk without tripping. She can sense and see the outline of people with souls, showing their soul, allowing her to determine where they are and if they're human. She can also sense corrupted souls and uses this to her advantage as she knows who to trust or who's a part of the Faded or Fading. When looking at people she sees a faint outline of their clothing, hair colour and eyes. She is the only known person to see people's souls physically, and can see their soul as a symbol. She says that each soul shine bright depending on how pure they are. The only creature she can truly see as it is , is the Reborn Shadow as it is a walking corrupted soul.

Weapons and Magic

She wields the great bow "Caelestanima" a light based weapon, and the last legendary weapon, that she can use with precise accuracy, and normally deals 'One Hit KO's' to things and people that have immense negativity, and this weapon is effect only in Silvia's hand due to a binding she had forged with the bow when she first gained it. She normally uses it in its bow state when fighting ' Reborn Shadows' since this weapon is most effective on them. Silvia is also good with light based magic, (She is known for helping the Scarf Hero member Dhana Prifma learn how to control her own.) as she too creates light, but in different ways. She uses her light magic, to light area's up easily, and to power her bow, as when the arrows hit their target they burst into light like flames, adding extra chip damage to whatever it hits. She also has the ability while using her bow to break through any shield if made of magic or a weak material (wood and chain most likely), however this takes away a lot of her energy She has immense knowledge on the soul, being the main reason that the Heroes understand the Soul Concept, as she explains what the soul is for and does to them. Silvia also knows a bit on medicine and replenishing the soul. She had been taught by the Elder to sense negativity and Reborn Shadows , a common trait among her people, which they learn naturally and do not rely on weapons. When fighting another noticeable trait is that she runs gracefully and elegantly when fighting with her sword. She is noticeable from her swift movements and accurate strikes while she swings and blocks with twirls and other dance-like movements.


Silvia has several of the common weaknesses. She is very fragile with her small skinny frame, and can be easily knocked over. Unstable ground is her worst enemy when it's moving while she is too, due to being blind she can easily fall over, however she can scale rocky areas such as mountains, or valleys due to the rocks staying in place. She is also weak to bullets and arrows, as she has no way to protect herself unless she finds shelter.However she can easily dodge not so fast moving projectiles as normally they would be quite large, allowing her echolocation to be even more useful to her.


Silvia tries her best to maintain a positive relationship with mostly everyone.

Julia "Peggy" Hoffnung

Out of everyone in the society, Peggy is Silvia's best friend and guardian. Silvia isn't allowed out of her room most of the time unless it is too the gardens or stable, and on rare occasions to the main room where she is allowed talk to the Elder, and Peggy must accompany her to each area. She stands outside of Silvia's room to ensure her safety. They enjoy conversing due to being lonely most of the time. At first Silvia didn't really like Peggy as a kid, but soon she grew use to her thanks to the Elder insisting Peggy was a friend and would help her. Now Peggy follows Silvia everywhere ensuring her safety.

Elder Mary Volo

Mary, or known to everyone else as the 'Elder' took in Silvia when she was younger. She noticed Silvia's angelic appearance and thought she was truly a descendant of an angel. When she found out about Silvia being blind, she was the one to teach Silvia how to see using her 'clicks'. Mary had also taught her all she knows on the soul, and how to fight without her sight using her sword. She keeps Silvia locked in her room as she feels Silvia is too pure for the corrupted world outside. Silvia understands this and doesn't mind, despite popular belief that she's against it.


Amber is Silvia's beloved older sister. Even though they don't remember each other much at their first meeting, they remember each other's voice, and eyes. Silvia held all her memories of her sister dear, as they were all she had while locked away. As children Amber helped Silvia around and would read to her. Once they meet again, they instantly become close again, after not seeing each other, old memories flood back for Silvia after the unexpected meet up with her sister, and insists she joins the heroes.

Dhana Prifma

Dhana is Silvia's first other friend in Scarf Heroes. After Dhana realizes Silvia could control light, she asks Silvia to teach her and Silvia happily agrees and become friends with her quickly.



◾ Draws Bow and Arrow "I spy with my little eye.....A Bulls-eye." Aims and fires and hits her target

◾ "Do not judge me on my disability but rather upon my capability"

"The soul is our life fuel, without it, we will succumb to the darkness"

' "Light and hope is what you need." "Hush Child."

◾ "Why must I be afraid of something I can't see?"


◾ She is younger than Amber by three years

◾ She was taught most of the societies methods due to them thinking she was sent down from above due to her angelic look.

She is actually the most powerful in her society apart from the Elder who has taught her all she knows, or that she feels must be shared.

◾ She has a large disgust for Necrocrawlers and Reborn Shadows.

◾ She also dislikes anyone who tries to preserve them or are heavily interested as she feels they must be killed, not tested and studied.

◾ Due to her light frame and small build she is very underweight

◾ Silvia is normally seen with Amber.

◾ She can normally land gracefully on her feet when jumping from somewhere high thanks to how light she is.

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