The Scarf Thief is a mysterious character that is going to appear in the Scarf Heroes Anime and possibly a few Animation Shorts. It is a slender, yet powerful figure that moves at a very high speed. Its main goal is to steal the Mad Queen's scarf for an unknown reason and try to evade from the scene. It is very ruthless when cornered and spawns a weapon of immense strength to eliminate the possible pursuer which is named the Mortification. It is a worn down and weathered sword and has likely been in use for many centuries.


There is not much history to be disclosed about this mysterious enigma, other than the notes written in a journal owned by Alyssa. She claims to have seen more sightings as time passes throughout her life, leading to theories of correlation between her rising insanity and the rate of its sightings.


Its appearance is a shadow of sorts, the only difference is having bright red eyes. The figure also seems to be wearing a scarf, but it is unknown considering its figure is entirely one shade. It is a very tall wispy figure, appearing very similar to smog in the air with a height averaging 8 feet.


It may appear very fearsome and threatening, however the Scarf Thief is actually frightened by people and prefers to retreat in most circumstances. It is clear that this enigma does not enjoy murdering innocent individuals after it has provoked them, which may lead to further theories of its past.

Traits & Abilities

It does not talk, negotiate, or make any sort of gesture for communication. It is an entirely silent foe, which can be very deadly; increasing its threat level. It is an enemy to the Scarf Heroes, but could hold great meaning and significance. There is a possibility the Scarf Thief could be Alyssa's hallucinations playing tricks on her, and forces her to take action. It never speaks a word, and does not display any sign of emotion. Its appearances cause Alyssa to become exponentially more paranoid about the safety of her scarf.

It has several abilities, including but not limited to, disappearing via disintegrating, spawning its Mortification blade out of thin air, and flight.


  • The character was inspired from the "Slenderman" and the "shadow people" in lucid dreams.
    • Joey is currently working on a page of its development on a private file.
  • So far, only Alyssa has seen this enigma. This brings further questions as to its existence.
  • The Scarf Thief always appears to retreat, but will fight if it has no other option.
  • It was designed to instantly kill anyone or anything with the slash of its giant sword.
  • The reason for stealing the scarf could lead to many theories.
  • Victims of the Scarf Thief may suffer from paranoia.
  • This foe holds great significance to the Scarf Heroes Universe.
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