Our Administrators and Chat Moderators have proven themselves to be worthy of handling such a task here at our wiki. They devote much of their time in order to keep everything right where it belongs and are able to tackle any problem as soon as they can.

All of the staff can grant user rights, however mods are more limited with the given power than Admins, and at the top of the line comes Bureaucrats who basically have control over the entire Wiki.

Granted, here is a page dedicated to those loyal users who have earned their placements at Scarf Heroes.


JoeyTheN64Guy Status: Active

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The leading figure in Scarf Heroes Wiki, otherwise known as the Mad King, Mad-Monkey, or Noodle Man. He works very hard on the lore and content within here, he's definitely hands down the hardest working staff member overall. He'll try his best to reach out to anyone who needs help, even if he's way down in the drain himself. Joey's sense of humor makes him stand out boldly, everyone here seems to love it. He's practicing animation and drawing, while receiving help from many members of our community. He struggles with some issues that have been haunting him, but the more support he receives the less likely it will overcome him again, and thus we offer him as much kindness and help as we can give.

Sheepalicious McBigButt
Status: Semi-active
The Queen of the Wiki, who has a kind heart and a tendency to see through both sides of the story. Sheepy is very shy but super polite, those who have talked to her before would say the same. She has helped us think out problems left and right, we appreciate her thoroughly for that. Sheepy draws beautifully on her drawing tablet, and creates heartwarming pieces that we all cherish. She's a brilliant helper and a pleasure to be around, but has become less active overtime due to other priorities taking over. We are glad to have her as a part of the team, though.



Status: Semi-active
Another Admin in role, who is also a concept artist on the wiki. She's a bit educated in the field of coding too, and is willing to help others with it. Besides that, Isa is a very caring person as well as an amazing Scarf Hero, and is easy to talk with. Isa can animate gifs, and happens to be very good with her pixel art works. She thrives in keeping things up to date, active, and making sure that nothing falls apart while sticking it together with super glue.


Status: Active
Okami is an experienced administrator and leader on multiple wikis. She knows her job very well and knows how to take care of mischievous users when they're being trouble-makers. On this wiki, she used to be an admin, Official and Honorary. She had left for personal reasons, but has now decided to come back and help out again! Okami is always on the watch for vandalism and will stop the vandal and fix the damages they've caused immediately. Okami also worked very hard to redesign the wiki into what it is now. She's also a very good artist.


MaxiGamer WiiU
Status: Active
Maxi is an overall friendly user. Like Okami, Maxi used to be an admin, Official and Honorary but came back to help the wiki get back on its feet. He has a lot of experience with CSS and templates, and strives to become a digital artist and web designer. He has done a few things for the wiki like the logo, the Scarf Bot artworks and the redesign of the wiki alongside Okami.

Chat Moderators


Status: Active