Welcome to the Scarf Heroes Wiki! We ("Us", "Scarf Heroes Staff"), take pride in helping others in private with varying social issues (our "Services"), however before continuing any Usage of this Wiki ("Publishing", "Editing", "Uploading", "Posting", "Chatting"), all Users ("You", "Them", "They"), must agree and comply to all Policies herein and associated articles.

User Conduct

The Scarf Heroes Wiki contains many sensitive and emotionally-driven Users, of whom we designate extreme care and attention in hopes to help them. Scarf Heroes Staff demand that all Wikia Users must: I) Understand that this Wiki is a very serious environment and to act accordingly. II) Do not use excessive coarse language. III) Do not use sexually explicit language. IV) Do not perform any "Spamming", "Trolling", "Flaming", or "Raid". V) Do not threaten or harass Users, including but not limited to: A) Insulting or degrading comments, remarks, or feedback. B) Aggressive, rude, pretentious, impolite, disrespectful, or inconsiderate towards others. C) Do not cause any means to initiate an argument, to ignite drama, or manipulate the Wiki, Users, or the social structure.

Harassment Auto-Block

The Scarf Heroes Wiki has a Head Guard named Janet Schutzengel who works incredibly hard. The user, Loyal Guard Janet, is both a Chat Moderation Bot and more prominently, an AutoWikiBrowser Bot. She searches the entirety of the Wiki to fix spelling, format, and links. Here at Scarf Heroes, we take bullying and harassment very seriously, so to prevent these from occuring - we appointed Janet to thoroughly search through various threads on the Forum, Blog Post comments, and Message Walls to specifically track down harsh key words including insults and intimidating behavior. She will then promptly label and edit these comments ordering to block the offending users immediately. Considering our community is a target for individuals that seek easy victims to harass, this system is put in place to filter out the negativity and further lift the spirits of those that need it.

Please note that this Auto-Block system is a work in progress, and will require trial & error.