Symbolism is what truly contributes as the most important factor in telling a story. It is the pinnacle in development.
— @ScarfHeroes, Twitter

The Scarf Heroes universe and anime will hold a great amount of symbolism. Many of it revolves around the characters, accessories, and locations. Every Scarf Hero has a role, and an impact in its universe. Not only does this empower the people and creatures they create, but it helps them find purpose and satisfaction in their life.

The Scarf, Tea, & Rose


The scarves are given to each and every Scarf Hero in their favorite color. To personalize it further, each one is unique, and will need to be striped if one color is similar to the scarf of another member. It represents personalization, comfort, and being unique from the regular crowd. It represents that every member is awesome in their own way and they are considered a hero for their bravery against the toughest moments in life.


Tea represents decadence, luxury, elegance, and comfort as well. As a beverage it displays that each member is something of value, and that they must treat it as such.


The rose represents beauty, love, and passion. Every Scarf Hero has beauty in their own way, and this representation invokes that everyone will find love for their individualized personality. The thorns on a rose may constitute the introverted side in people, but the soft petals is the contrast that each member has a kind heart.

Old World

The Old World name signifies what it exactly is, a representation of a previous time and lifestyle on Earth. The ruins, landmarks, disheveled nature, and the thousands of empty vehicle chassis' invoke that life in this universe will never be the same.


The name itself is a morpheme of Miiverse. It is read as MV, which is an acronym for Miiverse. The sections represent the different popular communities in the Miiverse network, and the Commercial Area is for basic needs and entertainment. The large walls that surround the metropolis are not just any ordinary ones, they were developed in mind with symbolism. They represent the protection the Scarf Heroes group offers, and the Citadel represents the comfort and serenity we try to give.


While the large walls represent protection, the thousands of zombies surrounding it represents the struggles in life itself. They have the urge to harm you as soon as possible, and they will not stop until they do.


The Crows almost represent many personalities the Scarf Heroes can relate with: assertive, defensive, ambitious, introverted, anti-social, knowledgeable, quirky, optimistic, excitable, hot headed, lively, impulsive, absent-minded, comical, dedicated, awkward, conformistic, emotional. These are just some of the few traits the Crows have, yet they still continue to collaborate and help each other, no matter how different they may seem from one another.

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