The following are confirmed Locations for the Scarf Heroes Anime.


Crestfall is a grand metropolis and was made by civil survivors to fend off the many threats of the outside world. It was constructed in a post-apocalyptic environment long after human civilization has been completely lost on Earth in 2164. It is sectioned off to divide the different classes and groups of people to provide authority and less violent incidents. The government however is corrupt and works under a monarchy system. The defensive parameter is very strict and has little to no exceptions when allowing outsiders to enter. The walls are beautifully crafted from thick marble, layered with any salvageable concrete and brick from the land. The height of the fortified walls are 1,962 feet (nearly 600 meters) in height with watch guards on a specified schedule. Thousands of Zombies surround the walls, stacking up against one another wanting to reach the citizens within. It is surrounded by 4 farmland sectors for the subsistence of the entire population.

Commercial Area

The Commercial Area is the core that holds all of the sectors together. It is the central point in Crestfall, It's the most important and focused area in the metropolis. It is also where most of the featured characters will be residing  and housing themselves. The only way of entering Crestfall is through this sector, as the main entrance is parallel to it. Most citizens dream of working in this area because it is the safest and most non-stressful or physical sector, in contrast to the Farmlands. Many crop yields will be sold in the marketplace, which has booths for fruits and vegetables running all along the Commercial Area. The only issues that arise are gang wars conflict heavily involving the law enforcement.

This was the very first sector built, and each commercial building used to only serve as residential buildings. However, as the survivors from the Old City populated Crestfall, the other sectors were constructed. The Citadel was artificially built entirely.

The Commercial Area will also be the spot that will introduce many characters while unleashing action scenes. It will also be where most of the characters will be working. The original road of the highway remains, but has been repaved and restored to look like new and convince residents to ignore the Old World.


The Citadel is the home to all Scarf Heroes and those that are in need of help. This Wiki represents the structural integrity of the fortress. The more pages that are present equals to how large the building is, therefore it is constantly expanding in size. This is the residence of the character, Queen Alyssa, and any Scarf Hero that would prefer to live in the building rather than separate housing. The building is designed in Greek/Roman architecture, meaning the majority of the material used is marble. Columns and arches are also used to have this effect. The Citadel will be mounted on a hill, with marble stairs leading up to the gate. The gate doors are always open, yet always guarded.

It is in the northern part of the commercial area of Crestfall. It was first constructed by the first legends of the scarf, the same folk who had constructed the metropolis as a whole. It is not controlled by the Scarf Heroes group at first however, instead, it is owned by King Bard. He is considered to be the ruler of the metropolis and is head of its government. The structure was in perfect condition, but because of the Bard's harsh ruling, it had decayed. It later gets restored, fortified,  and eventually becomes the only world wonder.

Stripe Club

The Stripe Club is a popular bar and lounge in Crestfall owned by Sheepy, and the place her side organization gathers. Originally a group based on smuggling profanity and perversion back into the land, it has become an ally group for the Scarf Heroes to help fight evil.

In a time where alcohol, lewd content, and other profane acts were prohibited throughout the land, Sheepy took it upon herself to bring it back. She built her own speakeasy and hired some buddies of hers to help her out, from expanding her business and fending off law enforcement, to hiring bartenders and stripe-clad waitresses. She went on to recreate the drinks that everyone knew and loved, and even made her own special drinks, like the Shepherd, Brass Sheepy, and the very popular Wombo Combo. The establishment was open to anyone, but it was a popular spot for young troublemakers.

During the day, Stripe Club is an innocent restaurant under a different name, which serves wholesome and delicious meals for reasonable prices (something that other restautants wouldn't do after the Nuclear War). On top of making popular menu items for common folk, she makes large batches of stew and dinner rolls for the poor and homeless.

Crestfall Police Headquarters

Crestfall Police Headquarters or E.P.H. for short is the main facility that necessitates law enforcement throughout all sectors of the metropolis. It is the establishment where Chief officer Joey works, and is the building that finalizes all operations and routines involving patrols, stakeouts, and tracking of criminals. The surrounding area has the lowest crime rate out of all sectors. The highest ranked and trained officers are on duty at all times near this building. The main rival of the E.P.H is anyone involved with the Stripe Club, meaning all mercenaries and rebellious folk.

The building is 4 stories tall, each floor having a specific task and involves a different work force. It is located at the heart of the commercial area, close to the very center of Crestfall. Its appearance is very modern and blends in with the surrounding commercial buildings. It is on the same street as the Stripe Club. The entrance is heavily guarded and the facility is strictly off limits to citizens. It has recently been having issues involving the government of Crestfall, considering the leader, the Bard, is corrupt and attempts to influence law enforcement to his bidding. Joey strongly disagrees with the many ideologies the Bard has for the upkeep of the metropolis. It is also known for being the closest structure to the Citadel.


The Farmlands are sectors in Crestfall that provide subsistence and are the only source for food. There are four separate areas that are congruent with each other. Fruits and vegetables are grown such as strawberries, lettuce, squash, and tomatoes. Wheat is also grown, even though there is no way to process it. This is just in case the residents find the proper tools to use wheat for the making of food. Those that work in the fields are worried the walls will collapse considering there is less security to protect them. The plants, fruits and vegetables tend to also become very irradiated from the soils. Considering the Farmlands have the least amount of people in them, there are less guard patrols roaming on those particular walls. Practices such as crop rotation and other techniques help keep the soil from being exhausted. Bags of fresh earth are very much high in value and can be sold to farmers for a very high price. The Bard wishes to replace some of the Farmlands with industrial areas to provide and manufacture weapons and tools.

Old City

The Old City is a heavily industrialized commercial area that was one of the most successful in economic growth before the nuclear warfare occurred. It had a population of 2.3 million citizens and the grand majority of them are now infesting the area as Zombies. Most of the structures are skyscrapers, many of them knocked down and creating many blockades. This makes it very hard for survivors or scavengers to navigate around. Many Zombies are very compelled to fluctuate towards Crestfall, as it has gloomy lights and has a large population of humans. Considering the Old City itself was the target from nuclear weaponry, it has much higher levels of radiation. Any survivors tend to house themselves underground, and the subway station is perfect for this. It is also a way to enter and exit the city, and is the solution to navigating safely from the Zombies. However, it also is the main location where most uncivilized people lurk, who are constantly in search of drugs.

Metro Tunnels

The Metro Tunnels are vast routes that spread all throughout the Old World. A large amount of pathways are blocked off by rubble or barricades made by uncivilized people. There are little to no signs of radiation as all entrances have been obstructed. Some forts are actually maintained by decent folk as well. Mercenaries tend to not ask questions and shoot on sight. All Metro Tunnels fluctuate mainly in the Old City, but also stretch beyond Crestfall underground. There is a very large Zombie population within these routes, however some infestations are known to be trapped from ceiling collapses and barricades. The Mercenaries residing at the Stripe Club have almost entirely mapped out the majority of the Metro Tunnels due to their knowledge in finding alternatives to reach the ​Old City other than the Highway. There are societies and forts built within these tunnels by uncivilized people because of the low radiation and threat levels. Hellspawn enjoy entering the Metro Tunnels as they tend to regroup in dark areas due to the perfect conditions.

Crows Nest

The Crow's Nest  is owned by the group of a similar name, The Crows. It is an old abandoned caved in Metro Station, and the only entrance to it is through one of the Metro Tunnels. This is where the Liberator tank lays, as it was theorized to have crumbled through the streets. The large gaping hole that it supposedly came from is now heavily barricaded. A small amount of natural sunlight illuminates the large room. The main leader, Kevin Karvington, mostly spends his time on the second floor of the Nest. 

The Crow's Nest is currently housing six people, and a dog. Their main sources of sustenance are trading, murdering, and scavenging. This area is known to be a trading post, however many merchants know that The Crows only care about goods they require at the time. If someone is trading with them and does not have anything of interest then The Crows label them as "useless" and proceed to kill said individual. The main entrance is constantly guarded by Andy, and any stranger that wanders in is heavily stared upon. While the room is filled with rubble, it is strategically organized into separate sections. A Throne Room, a trading post, a dining area, an armory, the tank's repair center and a nicely furnished lounge. The Crows have a designated rest room in the Old City to take care of waste.

Mortimer Bank Co.

Mortimer Bank Co. is one of the only last remaining intact skyscrapers in the center of the Old City. It is the home of the Uncivilized People, and it is one of the most fortified and heavily defended areas in the Old World. This establishment has stolen the majority of the leftover military and medical equipment. The company was the leading bank that people from all over the world had chosen before the nuclear warfare. Mortimer himself is the leader, and has chosen to fly over to this particular bank to be a part of the action. Innocent families and children were slaughtered for their potential food, water, money, and medicine. 

The building is 22 stories high, and has been perfectly restored back to its original state. Mortimer even salvaged solar panels so that the skyscraper could have electricity and illuminate at night. This attracts traders and survivors, however unfortunately, these people also are brutally murdered. The company does not hire any new people, and so far has an outstanding 1,620 members. Every Uncivilized Person is equipped with a fully functional 5.56mm assault rifle and 12mm pistol. The company pays everyone in food, ammo, shelter, and drugs. Mortimer has knowledge of Crestfall and the Scarf Heroes group. He wishes to plow everything down to scavenge materials to build a wall to his growing empire. His dream is to fully barricade the Old City with walls similar to Crestfall's. Mortimer has knowledge of the Crows in the Metro Tunnels as well, and would like to take their tank, the Liberator for future aggressive attacks.

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