The following are notes in development to the Scarf Heroes Anime and lore.

December 2015 - Scarf Heroes Logo update by MaxiGamer.

12/29/2015 - Lore Concept:

"Lore in a fictional universe is the foundation and core in its creation. The concept in the Scarf Heroes lore is that zombies are constantly surrounding  and stressing the walls of Crestfall, and essentially tormenting everyone within. Not to mention the Old City with all of Mortimer and his army of drugged out "Lost Souls" and the Crows rival gang. However, despite all of that content it just never seems to add up to me in creating true tension and drama to the Scarf Heroes story. What can correlate with the sanity of every character? What can differentiate characters and environments, all while tossing in literary elements such as metaphors and symbolism? All of this take precise and careful planning, and considering our community is growing at such a massive rate it is very difficult to fit as many of the user characters as possible while following those guidelines. Luckily, I have devised an efficient cornerstone into the lore [...] Read more"

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