The following are canonically confirmed characters for the Scarf Heroes Anime. Major changes, additions, and removals still vary during development.


These are the following protagonists in the Scarf Heroes Anime.


Prideful Alyssa

Alyssa is a Queen as well as the leader of the Scarf Heroes, a group which is now well-known because of her. She enjoys drinking tea and is never seen without her red scarf. She drinks tea every single day. She will be the main protagonist in the Scarf Heroes Anime.

The character has a perplexing change in personality depending on the issue. Typically, she is silent, quiet, introverted, and very anti-social. She also thinks of herself as a burden and only strives to help her friends with the strength she has left. However, once a stressful event, person, or threat enters her life, her attitude changes into a narcissistic leader. This suggests she evolves depending on the situation. When she is in this irritable state, she feels inclined to speak sharply and with a high sense of authority. Her increased self-esteem and charisma allows her to endure tasks with more confidence. This change in personality is excellent in catching foes off-guard, as she initially seems like a very helpless and frail girl, and then could have a sudden burst full of energy and intensive aggressive behavior.

Her attitude and tone may resemble that of a little girl. This mixed with her narcissistic behavior is a unique combination as a character in the lore.



Chibi Amber Blink

Amber is the 6th official Scarf Hero. Amber has a lot of faith in her friends and feels at ease around most of them. She often will find them lingering on her mind, even when she's far off. She relies on them and trusts them wholeheartedly. Amber isn't one to fight but if she has to she definitely will; ever since
Amber was little she's had a fear when it comes to killing things, no matter what it may be. Her family being slaughtered to death put a scar within her heart. However, if anyone is to threaten her friends she will get very angry and her eyes will start to glow a bright luminescent blue and eventually turn fiery red as her blade, Kiaruan, does the same. In her earlier years she ended up living on the streets of Crestfall, not really aware of where her life was going to head. Amber wore a checkered patterned scarf during those times, which was presumably her younger brothers, and unfortunately had lost it. Upon losing it Amber's last straw was on the line and she didn't have much hope left. Nevertheless, little did she know, Queen Alyssa had found it late one night lying around the streets of Crestfall, a bit dirty and torn up.
​It is unknown on how she knew it was Amber's scarf but eventually she came to Amber with a gift. Inside a tied up box was a well woven Yellow Scarf. Amber certainly was confused, she had many questions as to why the Queen was giving her a scarf, but the answer to that was rather simple; Alyssa promoted Amber straight to the status of Official and never before has Amber felt so honored for something.


Badminina is very childish, yet still unnaturally mature. She has the kind of personality that you might contribute to Autism. She's very much like an idiot-savant, amazing at somethings, but terrible with almost everything else. She's more likely to become depressed if something upsets her, and is very likely to try something dangerous when depressed. This contributes to her being an Anti-Hero. She's very much the kind of person who needs to be watched over often. She's shy, while also very talkative. She is a neko, meaning she has cat ears and tail. It's not uncommon to find her dancing, as she is obsessed with music. She even has a customized pair of headphones that work with her cat ears.

Her parents had been killed in front of her, and then she was dumped in a random forest. She was too young to understand death, so she set out in search of her parents. It is assumed that she found/created the BANhammer, learned how to fight, and accepted her parents' death during her travels. She has now adapted to the modern life of Crestfall, although her "wilderness" still definitely shows.



Daf is egotistical and sometimes won't think a problem through before fighting. However he has a kind heart and will always try to help a friend out. He likes to brag about the Multi Trio and how strong they are, even if the target is threatening and powerful. He loves ginger ale and Amber.

Daf has brown spiked hair and brown eyes to match. He usually wears a grey T-shirt with a lighter grey jacket and tan cargo pants. He wears black tennis shoes with a gold stripe. He always wears his favorite tan and brown beanie. If he has to face someone strong (85% threat or over) he puts on armor. The armor covers everything except for his head, the armor is grey with a dark purple tint.


Isa is a friendly yet obsessive girl; as well as a Scarf Hero Official. She is known to be passionate and affectionate. She's always aspired to be friends with the Scarf Heroes and possibly be one herself. Her scarf color of choice would be black, and her unique weaponry would be The Artimus Twins, which are silver daggers, and Pumpkin, which is a pink assault rifle. She is in the Throne Room within the Citadel every day.

She is shy yet energetic, and could discuss about whom she loves all day. This allows her to use this energy as a boost to her agility and endurance while using her weapons. Isa is fast and swift, and usually appears gleeful from the outside. It is unknown as to what her inner thoughts could possibly be due to her introverted nature.



Joey is best known for his late night radio show Joe's Music Mix, he is both an official member and the leader of the Scarf Heroes when Alyssa is absent. He is confirmed to be in the Scarf Heroes Anime. He wears a green scarf and carries a broadsword he calls 'Justice'. Justice, however, is no ordinary broadsword, as it will burst into flames during battle, hitting enemies even harder than usual. Justice can also be hurled like a boomerang to hit enemies multiple times.

When he is fulfilling his duties as a police chief, he always carries his riot shield, Faithful. Even when holstered, this shield is always protecting him from gunfire. Joey also equips his Messiah revolver, even if it is currently in need of repair.

Joey enjoys patrolling Crestfall, and watching Sheepy create her masterpieces on her art platform. She may be an outlaw, but wealth is not the only thing she steals. She stole the heart of the leader in law enforcement.

Prideful Kay


Kay's personality is very complex, and can often leave people confused due to how quickly she can change emotion-wise. Normally Kay is an anti-social teenager who would prefer to be left alone when angered or upset. She can often be heard listening to loud, 'angsty' music or cursing while thinking to herself. She likes reading, singing and writing but never does it in public due to being quite insecure.

Kay acts tough and rude on the outside, but is really just an insecure teenager who thinks the world is against her and that no one is truly trustworthy. She hides her fears and secrets behind a mask of intimidation and vulgar vocabulary. Her sanity has decreased a lot ever since she joined Scarf Heroes but has found a way to cope due to being able to talk to Alyssa about it. Kay is also more of an Anti-Hero, due to always taking risks. If given the choice of to allow a thief to live or to die, she would choose for them to die.


Majora with his coat by Amber


Majora is an Official/Honorary Scarf Hero, and skilled in the arts of the sword. He wears a grey scarf, usually blue or black jeans, and often wears a black and red valante coat of arms.    

His weapon is a two-handed sword called Vanhashiron that has a special ability to split in half, allowing for his most skilled and deadly form of fighting: dual-wielding. He gets a little uneasy if his sword is too far away from him as it has saved his live many times before, even in ways that he does not yet know.

He's generally a very nice person unless one were to threaten or insult himself, his friends, or the Scarf Heroes. He keeps his opinions to himself when it comes to conversational topics as that he does not like to start unnecessary arguments. Majora is also very open minded to new ideas. He doesn't like to have to kill any humans, though he will in order to protect what matters or to full fill an order given by Alyssa. He's also his loyalty to the Scarf Heroes, his convictions are unwavering, this being said he is also very protective of Alyssa due to her being the queen and the one that brought him into the group. Majora also has a very high sense of honor, he made himself a code that gained in popularity with the other Scarf Heroes and they now try to follow it to the best of their abilities. Lastly, Majora is usually upbeat and takes things in stride.



Sheepy is an official Scarf Heroes member. She is also the creator of another group called the Stripe Club, a group that rivals Joey's owned Crestfall Police Headquarters. The two characters represent law VS. rebelliousness. Her scarf color is lilac and her main weapon is the Shepherd's Crook. She is also skillful in hand-to-hand combat, and can even use her hips and thighs to eliminate her foes. She can gracefully smash her opponents with the Hipscope, a fragmented machine built upon her hips, which then causes an explosive result. 

She is friendly, kindhearted and respectful. Many citizens of Crestfall look up to her as a maternal figure for her honesty and guidance, and she gives so much to the community. She can be dirty minded and overly sarcastic at times but has a very playful personality. Although her introvert nature makes it a bit difficult to earn her trust, she is extremely caring for her friends and fans and maintains good values. She is very attractive in appearance, personality, and voice.



Tales is an Scarf Hero Official and writer. Her Scarf color is light blue and light orange; however, she enjoys being snooty and calling it "Evening Sky".

She needs glasses due to Myopia, however she wears black Aviator prescription goggles instead of her usual glasses during combat because her glasses would most definitely slip off. Her weapons of choice are sharpened Faber-Castell Lead Pencils which she uses to lacerate and puncture the skin of the enemy and probably give lead poisoning and her Umbrella Rifle, using it she can shoot and stab people then fly away. Sometimes she can seem cold and uncaring, but she's usually a very warm and cheerful person. She loves her family and friends and doesn't know what she'd do without them. She likes to be around people and experience things with other people, although she doesn't deal with sadness and negativity too well. She often becomes nauseous if it's bad enough; she has to drown out her emotions with funny vines and videos. She has a vivid personality and loves to let her imagination run wild. She's recognized for her loyalty, vigilance, determination, and happiness. She's like a puppy, enthusiastic and loving.


These are the following antagonists in the Scarf Heroes Anime.

Mortimer Bank Co.

The following are related to Mortimer Bank Co.:


Mortimer is the leader of Mortimer Bank Co. He used to own the leading bank in the world, and became one of the richest men to ever live. When the nuclear warfare had ended, he was on his very own cruise boat in the Pacific ocean. He decided to live the thrilling life in the wasteland, and flew in his Jet to Central Old City. He hired every highly unstable drug addict he could find in the vicinity, and continues to feed that insane mentality with more drugs in trade for protection and resource collecting. He has dozens of highly trained and heavily equipped guards flown from his mansion in northern Argentina to prevent any kind of rebellious behavior. His weapon is a golden plated minigun formally named The Braggart.

He is a middle aged man with fading black hair and a mustache. He wears a grey leather outback hat and jacket. Mortimer has a very distinctive accent, and his goal in the Old World is to have a megalopolis similar to Crestfall's, except that the walls surround all of the Old City. He has no sympathy whatsoever about the sick, hungry, children, or elderly people. He uses anything to his advantage and does not consider ethics or morality. His personality is a snob, and a perfectionist.

The Fading

The Fading or sometimes referred to as 'Uncivilized People' are survivors after the war that have gone through many hardships and mental breakdowns. The majority of the population have decided to use heavy drinking and hard drugs as a means to cope. With their insane mentality and the effects of these stimulants, these people are known to be very aggressive. Many of them have speech and mobility impairment, with large damage to the brain.
Mortimer Bank Co. utilizes these poor souls to its advantage. They trade food and even more drugs for protection and scavenging. Many of them tend to die from overdose, and their bodies dumped in disposal areas around the city. While the Uncivilized People have been damaged internally and externally, their actions are far worse. This ranges from murdering families and children, sexual and physical abuse, to even cannibalism. They will do any task for supplements, and would even trade the lives of their existing family members and friends. Unfortunately, because of being afflicted within an environment full of radiation, mutation, vision, and hearing impairments are common.
While the great majority of The Fading are murdering drug addicts, some just attack others and use the means of cannibalism to survive, such as the Crows. The group is categorized as Uncivilized People even though they are fully functional in speech and logical thinking, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The Crows

The following are members of the Crows:

Kevin Karvington

Kevin Karvington is the leader of the Crows. He has named his chainsaw-launching device "Kev", not because he is narcissistic, but because he simply loves puns. Kevin would be considered a chaotic-neutral kind of individual, if he finds no use in a person, he will simply murder them on the spot. His best friend is Vroom, simply because they both heavily enjoy fixing up the tank together.

He is very hyper and energetic, and has passion and care for his teammates so long as they obey his orders. Kevin has very little interest in Crestfall and the Scarf Heroes as he believes them to be people that hide from their problems. Ironically, this group established a hideout deep within the Metro Tunnels to avoid confrontation.

Douglas "Vroom" Ettore

Vroom is a member of the Crows, and he has a distinctive vocabulary of very few words. He enjoys being a mechanic. He is Kevin Karvington's best friend considering they spend a lot of their time fixing up the Liberator tank. Vroom is considered easygoing and simple-minded.

He is the tank driver and guard of the group. He enjoys smashing down rubble and has a passion for demolition. Vroom struggles in memory, which is the main reason as to why he forgot his original name. Eventually he found Kevin and they had since become very close; like brothers. He declares the word "vroom" in different tones to match how he's feeling, in terms of emotions.

Esther Carina

Esther is a member of Crows. He is an extremely introverted and anti-social teenager. He is considered a botanist and a psychologist as he read in university ruins as a child. He tends to tell his teammates to leave him be, so he can concentrate on his hobby. He owns a .55 anti-material rifle named Angel, which is very effective in long distance crowd control. Kevin regularly has disputes with Esther because this weapon can easily pierce the armor of the Liberator Tank  and he worries it can fall into enemy hands. He is known to have a very soft and quiet voice.
​Esther has a hate for people in general, but that may have been because of his parents harshly abandoning him as a child. He is slim, and has black hair. He was also heavily taught that both zombies and normal people alike are a threat to his life, and that he should avoid them entirely by his parents. He enjoys being alone, and becomes stubborn on group tasks. Esther especially loves being a skilled sniper, as he is always far behind his teammates, watching their backs if need be. He constantly considers murdering all of the members in his group, but he decides they are just too useful to both his survival and safety. He also owns many plants that are heavily endangered.

Andy Laelynn

Andy is a member of the Crows. He is best described as a generic and neutral character. He stays out of disputes to avoid confrontation. His weapon of choice is a baseball bat with nails stuck through it. Andy is afraid of every other member in the Crows, but stays in to continue surviving.

He is a fairly normal adolescent teen, and he had a decent childhood due to his parents caring for him. A traumatic event occurred in his childhood when his mother and father sacrificed themselves to the undead so that Andy could escape. He absolutely disagrees with cannibalism, but forces himself when it needs to be done. If he refuses he'll be killed on the spot by the other members. He enjoys playing with his baseball that his dad gave him when he was a kid. Andy tries his best to be sociable and fit in with the crowd, but the group finds him very generic and distasteful.

Carly Aine

Carly is a member of the Crows. She is the most joyful and eccentric individual in this group. She consistently displays optimism and charisma to everyone she has a conversation with. She fights mainly in unarmed combat. Her threat level is high due to her graceful speed and accuracy. Carly continues to remind the group about health and lifestyle, and is very knowledgeable of the human body. She can wall run and toss objects at a large range. She is one of the deadliest members of the Crows, but because of her joyful and innocent behavior, it does not seem like it.

​Carly would be best described as a chaotic-good individual. She's quirky and friendly, but is very loyal to the group and will murder innocent people without thought. She is the opposite of her sister Sasha in terms of personality. She has a passion for dancing and singing, and overall having a good time with others. A special attribute in her unarmed combat is that she can leave foes that are alive stunned from hitting specific weak points. She has very high stamina and endurance, and can climb buildings very efficiently.

Sasha Rothschild

Sasha is a member of the Crows. She is best known to be swift and deadly with her dual Sub Machine Guns. She has a distaste for people, and would prefer if everyone else was a zombie. Sasha is the best at following orders and has knowledge of what must be done in the betterment of the group. She judges others very harshly and does not tolerate anything that may get in her way.

She is a very audacious, bold, cheeky, and impertinent individual. She can be very rude and disrespectful if someone is in disagreement or if she gets any kind of stress. She never had a childhood or any parents that have taught her morals or lessons, therefore Sasha was self-taught. While she is very loyal to the group, one of her traits is being stubborn to other members unless it is Kevin.

Kacey Suturis

Kacey's personality rapidly changes depending on the situation and people in said situation. He can be loving and sweet and shy, or plain stubborn and rude. He has a very hard time controlling his emotions and often lets them get the better of him. He is normally quiet around his Crow companions, and rarely talks. Only Carly has managed to have a full blown conversation with him, after taking an interest in his stitches.

He can have the personality of a child at times, acting goofy and all giddy and happy near people he trusts completely or he can be mischievous or flirty, depending on the person. He has shown to get protective over those he cares about even if he hasn't talked to them yet, ready to kill anyone who gets in their way.

He is also quite creepy. He takes an odd interest in dolls of all sorts, mainly glass or porcelain dolls. He makes them or buys them, and takes great care of them. He gets very serious if someone dares to insult his obsession or his 'friends'. He also gets stressed easily and can get annoyed very quickly. Every time he's stressed, he's been shown to crack his fingers, or to go so far as too add more stitching on his arms.