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No.1 JeepyLogo (Joey and Sheepy)

Summary:  This couple got together on 12/07/2014.


What we think:

Okaminarutofan999~ The original ship that started it all! I think these two were definitely destined to meet, and get together <3 Sure, they disagree with one another sometimes, and get into arguments, but that's natural! And besides, those disagreements will only bring you closer once you solve them! And we all know how much they already love each other~ In fact, they already remind me of a married couple~ They are both VERY loyal to the other, and they are both really nice, wise, and sweet! Who wouldn't like this ship?! =w=

Pastel Dreamer Kay~ The longest lasting ship on the wikia, god is it the longest ship, and one of the happiest ones. Every time I see this ship I feel as if these two were made for each other. No matter what they always stand by each other, in sickness or in health, (or in Joey Hibernation Mode) they are always there. They are very faithful for each other, and obviously are in true love. This ship is as cute and as fluffy as a sheep's woolly coat, and as joyful as a monkey's laugh <3

Old Summary~ THEY'VE BEEN AROUND FOREVER! >W< They always stick up for each other and blend so perfectly, like the perfect puzzle pieces. They always have fun together, from watching YouTube videos together to mocking each other for goofs and gaffs. Their emotional connection couldn't be stronger, and Joey will always show his love and care for Sheeps. (And her hips, like wow. He will make it rain for dem gosh darn hips.)

No.2 IsalynnLogo (Isa and Caulynn)

Summary:  This couple got together on 05/15/2015.

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What we think:

Okaminarutofan999~ I haven't seen Lynn that much, or know him that well, but even then, I think this ship is adorable~ Isa's constant remarks about him are so cute, and it is very obvious that she really loves him~ <3

Harucarioreturns~ Isa's a good friend of mine, so of course there is the best friend bias. Even without the bias, Caulynn is such a... it's adorable! Isa is the frosting on the Caulynn cupcake, and I really think they blend well! *Not to mention it's adorable*

Ambruh~ These two have pulled through a lot of hardships that I find it astonishing! Seeing them together is almost too sweet, as one can clearly tell how much they care for and love each other. I couldn't be happier to stand by Isa's side and support her every step of the way~ She's so compassionate from the Lynnimonroll and it's adorable! I hope these two stand by each other's side till the end.

Pastel Dreamer Kay~ I may not know Caulynn as much as the others, but from what I have seen and heard he completes Isa. Like Haru said there is a lot of Best Friend Bias here, but how could you simply not squeal with joy when seeing this adorable couple?  Isa is always super happy whenever Caulynn comes online and talks to her which makes this twice as joyful to see. When I first heard of the relationship I stalked Caulynn on Miiverse to see if he was good enough for Isa, and I'm more than happy to say he and her are like the white knight and princess of a fairytale~ Together with Love forever and ever~

Old Summary~ Well... the ship sailed ages ago, but still. Dis ship is kawaii. <3 There were small hints of it in the beginning, with the two being good friends and stuff... AND both secretly harbored mutual feelings for each other even before the confessions. Now it's blossomed into something cute and beautiful~. They're a perfect match, are always there for each other, and even share some similar interests. Too cute~

No.3 DafbruhLogo (Daf and Amber)


This couple got together on 07/17/2015.

What we think:

Okaminarutofan999~ I REALLY like this ship~ Their compliments towards each other are so sweet~ And them saying "moo" to each other is also cute~ I really do think they are meant for each other >w< And I really hope they always stay together~

IsaChan98~ This ship is definitely one of the cutest ones, and also ranks high in the longest lasting relationships list. It's just so cute seeing how happy they are when the other appears, and the affection they show is sooo adorable~ They're always their for one another, and they both mean the world to them, mutually. Their drawings they make for each other are really cute, too~

Old Summary~ We all knew it was coming, they were so soft around each other before they even got together. Amber really loves Daf, more than he would ever know. Even when they aren't talking she's still thinking about him. He crosses her mind almost every second because she wonders if she ever crosses his mind. She could never imagine a world without such a lovely, handsome, and amazing man.. Daf means everything to her and she'll never let go of him. He makes her feel like luckiest person to exist. While everything else around her is dark, he is the light of her universe~ She will one day track him down and marry him.

No.4 #Maxkami (Maxi and Okami)


Summary:  This couple got together on 10/19/2015.

What we think:

IsaChan98~ This ship is literally so adorable~ I love seeing how happy the both of them are when the other gets online. Their affection and care towards each other is soooo cute as well~ Maxi and Okami's personalities blend perfectly together. I hope this ship can last forever~

Ambruh~ Hah~ These twooooo~ I know it hasn't been that long since they've gotten together but they're so lovely paired with one another~ >w< Even through the roughest times they're still faithful, and to be honest I never saw it coming but I remember at one point seeing Maxi defend Okami and I thought that was so frackin adorable!~ I wouldn't dare want to live to see the day when this relationship comes to an end, they're perfect for eachother <3

Pastel Dreamer Kay~ Ah the wonderful ship of Maxkami. This ship is the pure meaning of 'Fluffy and Cute' no matter what happenes, it's always fluffy and cute with these two.  They bring so much happiness to each other. Their love is as beautiful as the art in 'Okami'. The blend together so well . Okami being the frosty cool icing on the creamy Maxi cupcake. I hope this ship sails on forever ~ <3

Old Summary~ They both had secret feelings for each other for a long time, but when Okami finally confessed and they got together, they felt better than they ever had before. To Maxi, Okami is insanely sweet and adorable; she brings him so much happiness. As soon as he hears her voice and her laugh, all of his worries fly away. Okami always thought Maxi stood out, she loves his sense of humor and is among the few who make her truly happy. They wouldn't be the same or nearly as happy without each other to hold their hand.


Isa x Esther (Isther/Estha)

Sasha x Carly (Sashly/Carla)

Kacey x Kay (Kaycey/Key)

Moonlight x Mineko Maina (Minlight/Mooneko)