This page showcases the coloration and pattern of the Scarf Hero's scarves, as well as their wearer's personality

The colors cyan, turquoise, and teal commonly represent and mean open communication and clarity of thought. It controls and heals emotions to create a balance between them. It assist in management skills and decision making. The color has a strong power in perception and can be idealistic and impractical at times.

Scarf Colors


Red is a color that symbolizes energy, power, determination, strength, and passion. It represents intense emotions, courage. It's actually used in many national flags.

Amber~Yellow (Checkered)

Checkered represents confusion, a mix between black and white, unbalanced, living in fear. She wears this scarf through her younger years. As she gets older she obtains a new scarf due to her old one being lost on some sort of quest, still to be decided on. Granted, she is given a gift by the Scarf Heroes when she joins the team. It's a new yellow scarf. Yellow symbolizes optimism and happiness; it's warm and cheery, quite a welcoming color all around.

Badminina~Dark Purple

Purple is a color that represents the stability of blue, and the energy of red. On its own it represents independence, creativity, and mystery. Dark purple specifically adds gloominess to the mix. Since it's rare in nature, it is considered artificial.


The color black relates to the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, and as a result it creates an air of mystery. It keeps things bottled up inside, hidden from the world. In color psychology this color gives protection from external emotional stress. It creates a barrier between itself and the outside world, providing comfort while protecting its emotions and feelings, and hiding its vulnerabilities, insecurities and lack of self-confidence. This fits Isa perfectly due to her personality. To her, it's a rather calming color.

Majora ~Grey/Gray

A blend of black and white, a combination light and dark, a balance of good and evil. Majora acts as the hero he claims to be, but also accepts that all of these things exist within him.

Sheepy ~ Lilac

Lilac represents pride, grace, youthful innocence and purity. It also symbolizes first love, protection, and can invoke feelings of nostalgia. Because the flowers bloom so early, they are strongly associated with renewal and fresh starts.

Tales~Evening Sky

Basically light blue fading into light orange at the ends but I just had to be fancy.

Light blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith, and truth and orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, and encouragement. Light blue and orange are also the colors of the evening sky, and the Egyptian sky-god was a goddess, Nut, whose star-spangled body arched over the earth, protecting it. Here the sky was a symbol of protection and more recently, the sky is viewed as a symbol for vastness or limitlessness, in such expressions as "the sky's the limit." These were chosen as Tales’ scarf colors because of her loyalty, sometimes rather... brutal honesty, fascination, vigilance, and absurd determination.


Sarcoline is the proper term for the color of the average white person. Sarcoline itself is just a very unknown and snobby word to insist people to say, much as if someone insisted on being called "Caucasian" instead of just "white". To Xcano, this is a very stupid color that we all knew had to exist, but were all too lazy too look up. It also looks extremely weird with furniture, often blending in with the white person using it. For this reason Xcano used this color for his scarf, making it look like he has a horrible one tentacled neck tumor to anyone observing from afar.

Haru ~ Black, Gray/Grey, and White

Within Haru's very plain color choice is a reason, a reason better explained through writing than spoken output.

Black can have many definitions; darkness, secrecy, evil, or void, to name a few. White is often associated with light, joy, purity, goodness, and cleanliness. Gray is the moderator, a mix of both the darkness of black and the purity of white; in essence, it is the pure balance of good and evil. For all darkness, there is light. For all evil, there is good. Such things manage to press onto the mind's of certain people, and one such example of this is Haru.

Keisuke (Akaito) ~ Cyan

The colors cyan, turquoise, and teal commonly represent and mean open communication and clarity of thought. It controls and heals emotions to create a balance between them. It assist in management skills and decision making. The color has a strong power in perception and can be idealistic and impractical at times.



She is egocentric, introverted, and antisocial. She tends to have a hunger for power, glory and attention, but only if it is positive. She now just would like to help others from now on after a bunch of conflicts she had involving trust. She knows the feeling of being heartbroken and getting stabbed in the back. She is usually afraid of making friendships and only settles in with someone when she knows she can trust and depend on them. She feels lonely and can seem arrogant. She can easily get offended, and always wishes she can just do better for her friends for the many times she had failed them.


She is rather a loyal friend, or at least tries to be. If one is close to Amber, she is highly outgoing, she loves to talk to whomever she holds a strong bond with and enjoys being a part of things.. If there's too many people paying attention to her however, she tends to feel overwhelmed and annoyed. She's quirky, clumsy, and awkward. Though externally, she's extremely shy and avoidant of anything really. Most people perceive her as introverted or antisocial but internally, she's the opposite. Her internal side starts to show when she feels attached to someone. Amber has another side, it's very small part of her personality but it's still there. When she gets angry her eyes start glowing red and if enraged enough they turn a luminescent blue and radiate a little like the ghastly souls that stream out of her blade when in combat.


Possibly the most antisocial one out of the group due to him (her? It's difficult to decide considering I'm male, yet am a female character...) originally being an Anti-Hero, and therefore, has never worked in a group before. Although, it should be noted that they both deal with depression and anxiety issues. Due to his/her antisocialness, they are easily one of the most misunderstood and mysterious members of the Scarf Heroes.


Isa is an introverted, brave, yet friendly person, and will help any one of her friends. She often decides, handles, and works things out on her own. She will likely risk anything for the one she loves. The introversion is actually a result of being shy. She prefers to be alone, which is another result of shyness.


"The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes." this quote is one that Majora has lived by for many years and has learned not only to never get too close to the light, but also to never be taken by the darkness. Other than that he likes to have fun with friends, as he values his friends above all else and has a good sense of humor. He's extremely difficult to anger but when he is angered... just don't ok? It'd be best for everyone to just not yeah?


Sheepy is friendly, kindhearted, and respectful. Many look up to her and, because of her loving ambiance, consider her the "mother" of the group. She can seem dirty minded at times, and has a very playful personality. However, she is quite the introvert as well, due to constant betrayal in the past. She has a difficult time trusting others to get too close to her as a result. Despite this, she's extremely caring for her friends and fans, and maintains good values.


While she can sometimes come across as cold, she's generally a very warm person. She loves her family and friends and could hardly imagine a life without them... she is very creative though, that's where "hardly" comes into play; she can create just about anything in her mind. While she's not the best at comforting people and can sometimes be a cynical grump, many people will say that she's a nice person, always willing to help someone out. She's a very positive person, although she can't really deal with her fear and sadness, often becoming nauseous if bad enough; she has to drown out her emotions with funny vines and videos. Tales is recognised for her loyalty, sometimes rather... brutal honesty, fascination, vigilance, and absurd determination.




Haru is a complex face, not in the sense that he's considerably odd or quirky, but rather how his polar sides work. He certainly isn't bipolar, to his guess and hope, but is a conflicted individual with doubts on every action and scenario he's faced. The side he wishes to reveal towards his fellow Scarf Heroes is the white; a happy, joyous Haru with little to no worry. Within his heart and soul is black, a place of hate, envy, and darkness. Though these two may seem incompatible (Soul and Body), Haru seems to manage them with a slight amount of issues, usually every month or so. This is the gray implied in his scarf. It's a blend of the good and the bad, to make someone unique and interesting. Though every Scarf Hero can be considered as such, Haru is considerably consistent with his scarf's color and his personality.

Keisuke (Akaito)

Keisuke is a mischievous yet kind android. He often likes listening to both sides before choosing whom to side with (or not side with anyone at all). Akaito is pretty merciful, and will not kill a weakened enemy unless he is told to do so. He works well with anyone, although he has a slight favoritism towards other robots that are not his enemy. He is a formidable ally and a deadly rival. Despite all this, he has a tendency to self-loath a lot. The aftermath of when he witnessed the Smashian Crusaders attack his friends traumatized him eternally, and he will take out his angst on whom had initially caused it, to the point where he can at times be uncontrollable. Despite all this, he has a tendency to self-loath a lot. He's still a pretty cool guy. Eh got a futuristic hybrid weapon and doesn't afraid of anything.