ScarfCast is a podcast hosted by Joey that will discuss various topics involving the Scarf Heroes universe, lore, Wiki, charity work, and more! It will be recorded and uploaded weekly, typically every Wednesday, and has begun on 31/08/2015. 1-3 guests will be featured every few recordings, and the topics will be new to them. The logos were created by MaxiGamer WiiU .

ScarfCast is currently rebooted in a new format, using animatics and has improved audio!


Similar to typical podcasts, this one will be discussing a wide variety of subjects. The only difference is that each will only be around 30 minutes in length, rather than the regular one hour. It is unknown when this feature will be produced. Topic questions will vary depending on which guests will be featured in the episode.

So on this podcast, we will be discussing different types of topics and I'll be asking you guys a few questions and hopefully we can have an interesting discussion out of this.
— Joey, Episode 1

Video Series



  • The name was created by Joey after he heard the suggestion made by MaxiGamer to name it "PodScarf", and simply rearranged it.
  • It may contain coarse language.
  • Each of these videos will have advertisements to earn funds for charities.
  • This production has the possibility to be de-railed in terms of topics.

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