Ruin University was an educational facility established in 1997. This location was the home of Esther for the majority of his years, and had given him his knowledgeable traits and insights on the world around him. A large portion of the building was crumbled due to the explosives in the war, hence its name. On average, 21,500 out of the 27,000 books were entirely destroyed within. Most of the intact books were on the topics of psychology and botany, and the rest were encyclopedias ranging from history to philosophy. The university is situated south-east of the Old City, and was known to be a safe haven from Uncivilized People.


The structure is three stories in height, and the campus is 600 acres (243.81 ha) in length. The masonry of the building consists of marble and granite. It has stone-coated copper roofing, and has elegantly arched windows. The interior is visually appealing, and follows a very modern look. It has high quality hardwood flooring with materials such as birch, maple, and mazama.


After the war, the location had been abandoned for years. Esther had one day found it empty, and envisioned it to be restored as it once was back in its former glory. Since the age of 8, the young child continued working on fortifying the structure to overall lower its threat and radiation levels. In his spare time, he scavenged for food and read nearly every book he can possibly find. Esther enjoyed that the university was as silent as death itself, so that he can concentrate on embellishing his new home. He had cared so much about this area that when he had reached his adolescent years, Esther had single-handedly eliminated all zombie threats in the location. The remainder of the threat level (5%) is allocated to the instability of the structure.


  • This is one of the last locations to have informative physical knowledge.
    • All other buildings that contain books, such as libraries, have been entirely destroyed from the war.
  • Esther is known to be one of the most philosophical individuals and has deep insight on his surroundings.
    • This is because of his constant analysis and readings within the Ruin University.
      • He believes that knowledge is power, and one of the only ways to survive.
  • The established year is based on Joey's birth year.
  • Most of the structure is nearly restored because of Esther, the remainder of its restoration was not performed due to a lack of materials.
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