Quickscope is a powerful sniper rifle crafted and owned by Hikaru Sakura. The weapon is suited for conditions within the Old City such as crowd control and long-ranged firing from rooftops. To avoid adding any additional weight to the rifle, Hikaru neglected to add any melee attachment for close combat. However, she owns a combat knife and two sheathes to compensate for quicker access.


Considering Hikaru Sakura feels most comfortable from the enemy at a far distance, she decided to choose a suitable weapon for that circumstance. Whilst traveling around the Old City with her headphones on, she was also in search for parts to build her very own unique sniper rifle. Eventually, she found all parts for one of the most powerful sniper rifles ever to be constructed, and then painted them all an obsidian black. Hikaru never had a name for this particular weapon until she found out that her dexterity allows her to pull up the rifle, aim, and fire in less than a second with great accuracy. She then formally named it the "Quickscope" rifle ever since that occurrence.


The Quickscope is 136.5 cm (4 feet 6 inches) in length, and weighs approximately 15.8 kilograms (34.83 lbs). It is equipped with a 4-round cartridge, and a pristine conditioned night vision scope. All parts were collected from different rifles, in which were mostly different colors. Hikaru decided to paint it all a slick obsidian black shade.

Traits & Abilities

The Quickscope can fire at a range of nearly 2,000 meters. A single bullet can penetrate thick condensed zombie hordes with ease. The disadvantage is that Hikaru does not know how to construct her own ammunition casings, therefore relies on scavenging for restocking her weapon. Hikaru enjoys acting as an innocent young girl towards her vile foes, and when they are caught off guard or defenseless, she performs her "Quickscope" ability to take them out. She has been known to ambush various campsites in order to gain resources, no matter who the individuals within these camps are. The Quickscope rivals the Angel in its strength and accuracy, however Hikaru still has yet to have perfect aim like Esther Carina. She relies on her single ability and deception to dispatch her enemies.


  • The owner of the Hikaru character designed the sniper, appearing very similar to the sniper rifle found in the Halo series.
  • "Quickscope" is a term in first-person shooters to take out foes by looking down the scope and firing in quick succession. Skilled players can use this tactic to kill enemies in less than a second.
  • Hikaru Sakura and Esther Carina are the most well-known gun users within the Old City.