Pyran is the mercenary partner and a very good friend of Meep Man, as well as the current housemate of Haru. Though seemingly childish in nature, his physical appearance, flirtatious nature, and actual age prove otherwise; he is currently Haru's best friend, and supposedly even more, despite his denial of such. He has been continuously pushed by Haru to apply as a Scarf Hero, but has not been able to do so due to his busy nature.


Pyran was born to a poor family in a village located west of Crestfall. His mother was never the motherly type, often resorting to such inappropriate methods of making money to keep the family up on their feet; his father was almost never home, usually returning every so often, usually with another woman. Being the only one that cares for the family's stability both mentally and physically, he vowed to leave if he could not reshape his family for the better.

At the age of six, Pyran's father stopped leaving, much to his surprise. He honestly believed such had happened due to his father turning a new leaf; such assumption was proven false, however, when Pyran was instructed on the fundamental basics of words. He was taught which words were best, how to speak properly, and how to catch the attention of a woman. Unknown to Pyran, he was being taught the basics of flirting. He simply took it as something which may help his family out of their mess.

With his father home, Pyran began to notice that his father was rather odd. His father's room would always smell of burning wood, yet the room never had a fireplace; even so, the household never had a source of fire. Whenever he asked his father about their source of fire, his father merely pushed the question aside, diverting the idea into a new one. Growing tired of the wait, Pyran decided to figure things out for himself. He managed to look through the door crack to his father's room, hoping to find an answer. What he managed to see was a shock for a person, no less a kid, of such an average, horrid life.

He could see something glowing bright, a miraculous blend of warm colors. Had he peeked closer he might have seen it, but he hesitated, running into his room. He grew even more curious after seeing that display of warm colors. There was only one thing he could piece it out as; fire. This fueled Pyran's mind further, causing him to try some idiotic ideas. One such idea would cause his family to worry even more than usual.

Climbing to the roof of his family's tiny house, Pyran tried to form fire from his hands, to no avail. He stayed up there for three full hours, unknown to him that his mother had removed the ladder without knowing he was on the roof. Stuck, he decided to jump down, seeing no other option. Jumping down, he tripped and scraped his knee on a rock. Though he was not injured from the fall, Pyran worried that it may be bleeding. Holding his knee, he ran to his mother for help. Upon inspection of his knee, both he and his mother were surprised to see there was no blood, no wound, just a normal knee. Surprised, his mother asked what had happened, learning that he had jumped off from the roof. His mother was very confused as to why he did not feel any pain, nor did he bleed. Instead of dwelling deeper into the issue, his mother simply set it aside, bringing her son back inside for dinner.

Confused with himself, Pyran continued to stay on his roof, trying repeatedly to do what he believed he saw his father do. Months of desperate attempts left him sleep deprived, hoping for something he could almost never do. His father began quarreling with him in such a normal basis that Pyran began to stay on the roof longer and longer. His parents always concerned themselves with him, yet Pyran always took it as an attempt to punish him. Believing that there was no other way to stop the feeling of hate, he planned an escape.

Stealing the family's prized possession, a dual-bladed scythe, Pyran made his way out of his little village and into the Old World. He never wanted to see his mom or dad until the day he died, assuring himself he can learn to fend for himself. Being all alone, Pyran had to learn to fight off hoards of Faded using the scythe he took. He took every moment of free time to train, eat, and rest, only to continue running away from the enemy in the next few minutes. Though he was only on his own for about a month, he already began to start appearing physically suited for combat against hoards of Faded. Despite his ability to remain intact even whilst committing something far too dangerous for a normal human, as well as his ability to actually fight through a small hoard, he continued to seek shelter more than fight, usually hiding in any remaining buildings.

On one of his escapes, Pyran managed to find his way into what seemed to be a city, albeit its ancient and desolate appearance. With a hoard of Faded after him, he ran for the streets. His feet ached with days of running, but he simply had to keep moving; had he slowed down, he would have been killed within seconds, even if he could not be hurt easily. He struggled to walk himself away from the hoard, eventually reaching a clearing. He could manage to spot a building up ahead, and taking that as his only option left, he walked into it.

Peering into the building, Pyran found himself lost in a seemingly endless maze of traps and corridors. Entering a room, he stood in awe as he saw two familiar faces; his parents crouched there, apparently intaking a large amount of drugs. Concerned for the people he despised so much, he shook their shoulders, glancing over. His mother stood up, almost falling to her left, and proceeded to aim at Pyran with a shotgun. Cowering, Pyran rushed backwards, landing against a wall. He could not bring himself to hurt his mother, and eventually watched as his mother fired shot after shot at him. He fell, dying, watching his own blood spill all around him.

Somehow, Pyran had awoken to find his mother glaring angrily at him, crying next to the corpse of his father. In an angry yell, Pyran's mother grabbed the nearest knife and ran for Pyran, attempting to stab him. Scared, Pyran blocked his face and immediately felt his hands burn up. Opening his eyes, he saw his hands covered with flames, glowing with a bright red of hope, but a soft maroon of melancholy. As his mother came upon him with the knife, Pyran instinctively grabbed the knife and turned it fully around, thus stabbing his mother instead of him. Unable to stay any longer, Pyran rushed out, shocked and scared by what he had done.

Once again trapped in the Old World, Pyran continued until he came upon the walls of Crestfall. Believing he would be killed on-site if he were to go to the main door, he attempted to climb the wall to reach the other side. With a couple of near falls and a lot of energy, Pyran managed to reach the top of the wall, amazed at the city sprawled under his feet. He found a staircase from a gaurd tower and proceeded down, trying his best to dodge the sight of guards. He snuck out and made his way to the Commercial Area. There, he managed to fake being a mercenary rather easily, staying at a local guild to take requests.

At that local guild, he met a rather peculiar lad of his age. The two quickly became good friends and decided to work as a mercenary duo. Pyran never really did concern himself as to why his partner seemed so strange, and thus never asked about such questions; instead, he used his partner as a means of forgetting the past. Despite the good connection between the two, their popularity was short-lived, as the team eventually broke up. Left by himself, Pyran began to feel a wave of melancholy sweep over him. This feeling was so overpowering, Pyran could no longe rfind the will to work and thus left the mercenary world in shame.

Hoping to forget all his failures yet again, Pyran made his own house and lived his life by himself, albeit living directly in one of the more populous areas of Crestfall. One morning, upon going on a daily stroll to look for a job, Pyran found himself staring at a rather peculiar sight; his old ally's sniper rifle, leaning on an alleyway right next to a rather poor kid. Unable to contain himself, he asked questioons to the kid, hoping that the rifle's appearance did not signify the worst of all possibilities. As their discussion grew longer, Pyran felt more and more compelled to believe this kid may have been his partner. As such, he showed hospitality and brought his newfound friend to his house.


Pyran is a short to slightly tall adolescent of Japanese-American descent; he is extremely fit for his age group, appearing to have the muscle definition of an 18-year old, according to Haru's observations. He is relatively light-skinned compared to Haru, being light enough to be considered complete American. His eyes are of a vivid reef blue color, his hair being predominantly dirty blonde with a single thick, blue streak of hair above his left eye.

All of his clothes had to be specially checked by Haru for flame-resistance, as Pyran's ability may cause his clothes to burn.

His usual attire consists of his flame-motif sleeveless half-jacket, which still has a hood despite being a half-jacket. He wears tattered jeans with black high cut boots. He wears a single earring on his left ear, as well as a ring on his left ring finger. He usually sports a red bandana tied around his right bicep.

Though Haru has been asking him to join the Scarf Heroes, he does not have many scarves. His only scarf is a blue and red flared scarf, a present from Haru before they went their own separate ways. He does not wear it a lot due to him not wanting to mess it up.


Pyran is generally a headstrong, carefree teenager. Though thought of to be a bit too carefree, Haru keeps him in check every so often so that he would not procrastinate. He is very chipper, always maintaining optimism and a smile throughout all his jobs. He has a strong sense of friendship, as Haru is generally his only friend since he was young.

He is rather vain, always adjusting his hair so that it would not cover his eyes. Despite that, he loves a good fight and would always be prepared to get dirty. He is extremely flirty, always trying to get together with any girl he can. Haru admits he can be a brat at times, as well as headstong; despite that, they are good friends. He is really obnoxious, though he has a soft side as well, being rather quiet in his household.

He cannot easily feel pain or bleed, something considerably interesting to Haru. His slightly naive nature contradicts his knowledge of common slang. He is rather average in terms of intelligence, but is quick to react and change plans whilst fighting. He can be really frustrating to live or work with due to his perplexing nature.

Though he may not show it, he is actually slightly depressed due to his past. He is very hardworking and sticks to most of his principles; the very principles he believed his parents had broken. He maintains a calm composure unless provoked, being hot-headed. He takes challenges as something fun, never admitting something is too hard. He also forcibly starts fights as a sort of relief due to his rather weak pain reception. He cares deeply if he sees people being hurt or offended, and would always help to the best of his ability.


Pyran, despite being a seemingly normal human, can manipulate fire to an extent, being able to fire relatively small orbs of fire at his enemies; other than that, he can immerse his hands in fire, though he has been known to fully immerse himself in fire when truly mad. Pyran's fire is also able to engulf certain objects without causing any damage; the only item known to be able to do so as of now is his dual-bladed scythe. Aside from his ability to weild fire, Pyran also has increased durability. He is able to take attacks with relative ease due to his ability to remain unscathed to an extent; alongside this, he lacks the normal extent of damage required for a person to bleed, opposing Haru and his weak nature. In general, Pyran is able to lash out melee attacks whilst taking less damage from attacks.



Pyran's friend, housemate, and presumably his former ally, the two always look after each other. What Pyran lacks in terms of intelligence, Haru tries his best to teach him; likewise, Pyran tends to teah Haru how to keep fit, usually by terms of either makeshift fitness gear or salvaged exercise equipment. Though generally seen as brothers, both of them disagree to such statements; this is rather odd, as Pyran refers to Haru as "Bro'." It should be noted that Pyran is only hours older than Haru, having been born the day before Haru's birthday.


Pyran has romatic feelings for Lilí, much to Haru's supposed dislike. He tries not to take things too quick, nor seem too casual, as some of his previous relations broke down due to a quick or casual response from his end. Pyran also tries his best not to be so loud when she is around, as he feels it may hurt her ears or, to a worse thought, make her leave. Pyran tries not to scare Lilí with fire, though Kay is generally more feared than him, and always helps her whenever he can.


  • Pyran is straight, which usually causes Haru to think twice about admitting his feelings of Pyran.
  • Pyran's diction consists of a lot of changes. Though not consistent, the most notable changes are:
    • Th becomes D (That to Dat),
    • A/I sounds becomes Ai (My to Mai),
    • -ing becomes -in (Lying to Lyin),
    • E becomes Eh (Me to meh).
  • Pyran has once been called an 18-year old, though Haru has had his fair share of age confusion.
  • Pyran currently works at the Stripe Club as a bartender.


Ashe's cover of the Len Kagamine original SPICE! is probably the best way to depict Pyran. With a really jazzy beat and really compelling vocals, this song basically sums up Pyran's flirty attitude. The beat is incredibly catchy, yet the cover makes this cover sound far more serious than the original song. It goes without a say that this cover was the best theme choice for Pyran, as he has a very strong relation to the song and its lyrics.

Vocaloid Spice!【Ashe】

Vocaloid Spice!【Ashe】

Pyran's current theme.

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