Icefox's Pearl Sword is a sword made out of pearl, as you can guess. It's oddly charming, even in combat it seems graceful. The Pearl Sword may give off certain auras, which could explain the Super Salt Combo and why people seem to calm when they look into its blade.


Physically, it's powerful enough to fell an enemy in two swings, more powerful enemies may be knocked down easy if Icefox can land around ten to twenty good strikes.

It has a special move that aggravates enemies called the Super Salt Combo.


The blade of the Pearl Sword is smooth, sleek, and shiny with a razor sharp blade. It has a light silvery pink tint and tends to shine light blue in the light. The blade glows brightly when using the Super Salt Combo. The silvery handle is rough and easy to grip albeit difficult to clean because of nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach down into.

​How icefox got this weapon of such salt

In the days before Icefox was a Scarf Hero, he lived alone in the Irradiated Forest. One day he was asked to fetch a rare jewel in the Deep Caves within the forest, Icefox did not know this man, but he obliged. Inside the Deep Caves Icefox faced many dangers; however, as he hid inside a small cranny to catch his breath and hide from the monsters, he saw a tiny opening further in. He squeezed through the crack, thankful he was so smol for once, and saw it, the mysterious Pearl Sword. Taking the sword, he was able to cut through the masses of enemies and reach the jewel. Defeating the three monsters that guarded the jewel with the Super Salt Combo, Icefox was able to take the jewel back to the mysterious man. 

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