Oriter is the secondary weapon of Meep Man; it is a small pocketbook containing bits and notes of all of Haru's original characters. It possesses enchantments that, when chanted, summons one of Haru's original characters. With Meep Man's willpower, he can only summon a total of three without wearing himself too much.


Haru was a man fond of original characters based on anime. On one of his excursions as Meep Man, he came across an old, worn down house. Inside the house were some items, most of which were related towards the thought of summoning. In a small drawer, he found a pocketbook, slightly worn down, but completely empty. He looked around to find the owner; unable to find anything, he discovered a small note left at the end of the book.

"This book was meant to summon, but those with a true heart will be able to use it. I've sinned too much to use it, but I leave it here in hopes that someone can use it to help others."


As mentioned, Oriter can be used to summon any of Haru's original characters which were clearly described within the pages. This allows Meep Man to cleverly use the different abilities of the characters wisely. Sad to say, they retain their given personality, so it can be rather... crazy. From melee swordsmen based on Ao no Exorcist and Shingeki no Kyoujin to more music amplification based on Fairy Tail, Haru's original characters can surely spice up a battle.


  • Oriter originated from Original Character.
  • Haru's Fairy Tail original character has music-based magic, which actually controls music similarly to ReMaRa, albeit better and in a slightly different battle style.
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