Nightfall is the self-proclaimed God of Darkness and Perfection and former Scarf Hero (Scarf ancestor). While he may not be an actual god he is immortal to time and has the limited ability to bend reality to his will using his telekinesis. Nightfall is technically the very first Reborn Shadow, he is able to fully remember his life as a human which is what allows him to keep his sentience.


Long ago in another time Nightfall was a Scarf Hero, he was actually one of the very first. He had little self-confidence and was pretty shy, the only people he could talk to were his very close friends which were all Scarf Heroes as well. One day a chain reaction started in which one of his friends died on a mission, later on other missions others died one by one until by the end of it Nightfall was the only one left of his childhood friends. While there were still other Scarf Heroes that tried to comfort and encourage him he still gave up on fighting for a time, he instead began to look into the essence of emotions, particularly the feeling he felt constantly, despair.

After years of research and experiments he finally made a breakthrough. He had found a way to extract his own despair and surround himself in it preventing him from feeling it while also using it as both a weapon and armor. He would later learn from the other Scarf Heroes that they could feel the feelings radiating off of him, not a single one of them liked his new found power and urged him to stop using it and find another way to deal with the feelings. After a long argument with the group he decided that they should be able to feel at least for a moment what he felt while in his shadowy form so they could understand. He transformed them all into the first Reborn Shadows, the only thing he didn't expect to happen was that they did not retain the same sentience that he had, they had lost all memory and care for each other. Nightfall immediately regretted his decision and tried to turn himself and them back to normal for good but it was too late, the last of his comrades were forever changed and his new form had consumed his body, he could no longer revert.

At this time Nightfall had not yet learned how to have a controlling influence over other Shadows. The new Scarf Shadows began to simply follow the last instinct they had, the want for empathy, for others to feel the way they did, just the same as the one who created them. They went to their own village and either killed or turned everyone of them into shadows, by the end of it the village became one of the most dangerous places in the world. it is now the gathering place for all reborn shadows and the building that, that group of Scarf Heroes used to meet and live, in is now Nightfall's castle. While it didn't before, Nightfall has made it look very similar to the Citadel but with his own personal touches.

When the Reborn Shadows started to decline, he gathered up the last of them in the old village and hid for a very long time. It is only when a particular event occurred during Majora's Journey that Nightfall decided to make a comeback.


His appearance is as a soft black flame in a human shape, similar to that of a Reborn Shadow. But depending on his mood the negativity that flows off of him can become either wild looking or calm. (His looks can be compared to Wilfre from Drawn to Life)


His only goal is his idea of perfection, the complete removal of all emotion. To accomplish this, he believes the world and mankind must be utterly destroyed and remade without these “imperfections.” When confronted he likes to try to either convince his foes to join his side or say things that would make them depressed. He normally never shows his anger unless provoked, he generally acts civil and polite yet he can be very creepy at times, he is also very confident of his abilities but with good reason.

Abilities and Traits

His main offensive powers are advanced telekinesis, and summoning/ commanding other Reborn Shadows. his psychic power are so well concentrated that, if he wishes, he can warp a persons perception of what going on around them, though he rarely does this because when fighting he likes it to be fair. Not only can he move people and objects with only his thoughts, but he can also generate elements, although using the elemental abilities can wear him out mentally if used extensively with no source.


  • Nightfall’s age is unknown, he claims to have always existed but this isn’t consistent with him being a human in the past. The reason for this is because he believes that he is a God reborn into a mortal to observe the world and ultimately judge it. (it is up to the individual to decide if this is true or not, it very well may be false)
  • His current goal is to turn the most powerful Scarf Heroes to his side and name them a general of darkness to help command his Reborn Shadows.
  • His title as a Scarf Hero was a "Scarf Knight"
  • His unique weapon as a Scarf Hero is unknown, it is possible that he may not have had a weapon at all and used his physic and elemental abilities even back then.
  • Nightfall was actually born in Durbaefay but left when he became a Scarf Hero.
  • Nightfall symbolizes another thing the Scarf Heroes fight in the real world, hatred.
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