Mortimer Bank Co. is one of the only last remaining intact skyscrapers in the center of the Old City. It is the home of the Fading population, and it is one of the most fortified and heavily defended areas in the Old World. This establishment has stolen the majority of the leftover military and medical equipment. The company was the leading bank that people from all over the world had chosen before the nuclear warfare. Mortimer himself is the leader, and has chosen to fly over to this particular bank to be a part of the action. Innocent families and children were slaughtered for their scavenged food, water, money, and medicine.


The empire was the leading bank before the post-apocalyptic nuclear war occurred in 2164. The first and most successful Mortimer Bank Co. skyscraper was situated in the presently acclaimed Old City. After the war ended, Mortimer migrated from his residence in Argentina to the Old World, and now resides in his very first company tower. Even before the war, Mortimer aspired in owning the entire city, but due to environmental laws and the mayor’s stern behavior towards placing a price on his pride and joy – he never earned it.


The building is 42 stories high, and has been perfectly restored back to its original state. Mortimer even salvaged solar panels so that the skyscraper could have electricity and illuminate at night. This attracts traders and survivors, however unfortunately, these people have a terrible fate; they are brutally murdered. The company only hires working adults, and so far has an outstanding 6,800 members. Every member named the Fading, is equipped with a fully functional 5.56mm assault rifle and 12mm pistol. The company pays everyone in food, ammo, shelter, and drugs. Mortimer has knowledge of Crestfall and the Scarf Heroes group. He wishes to plow everything down to scavenge materials to build a wall to his growing empire. His dream is to fully barricade the Old City with walls similar to Crestfall's. Mortimer has knowledge of the Crows in the Metro Tunnels as well, and would like to take their tank, the Liberator for future aggressive attacks.


  • This group was inspired by Tenpenny Tower and Talon Company Merch. from Fallout 3.
  • Mortimer flew in with his private jet. It rests on the very top of the tower, and only he has the keys to the many locked armored doors to the top.
  • Mortimer flies in his own personal armed guards from time to time when the population decreases.
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