... P'rhaps the timeth hast cometh.
— Moonlight, in her dark phase

Moonlight is a 14 year old adventurer that has a passion in discovering the mysteries of the Reborn Shadows. She finds solace in uncovering unknown truths about the Old World, and travels all over the map. She wields her enchanted greatsword, Doloranguish. This hooded girl is a mystery among the known groups within the Old City and Crestfall.


Moonlight is a tall teenager with dark blue hair with light blue highlights, and dark blue eyes with some faint designs visible in them. She also wears oval shaped glasses. She has a pale soft and fine featured face, a dark purple hooded cloak that shields her face and her body, with a moon in the middle, with stars on the sides. She also has very dark purple pants. She has black boots with purple laces with stars on them to stand firm with her weapon.


Moonlight is mysterious, and has a changing personality similar to that of Alyssa. She is normally a very joyful, eccentric, and optimistic adventurer, but can also be very demanding, obsessive, forceful, and even sadistic when it comes to her knowledge and experiments.

She can also be a despondent, saddened, and threatening individual if pushed too far. The unique trait of Moonlight's personality is that it changes depending on the time of day. She will also change her vocabulary entirely depending on the time of day.

Traits & Abilities

Moonlight is migratory, and refuses to stay in a single place for a period of time. She takes advantage of the time of day, and has several secret cache stashes scattered across the Old World. To the dismay of the weary adventurer, many of them are looted which is why she now enjoys staying in heightened locations such as mountains or skyscrapper rooftops. Moonlight has several abilities with her greatsword, including sorceries and powerful enchantments and incantations that buffs her strength and agility or protects her.

Innate Protection

A cast of light that acts as a protective wall, blocking most ranged attacks.


Moonlight has the ability of sensing waves of negativity, which helps her encounter Reborn Shadows, and in particular, Mineko.


  • Moonlight was inspired by the characters of Solomon Volney and Kindling.
  • She represents an undisclosed stage in someone's life.
  • She is vastly skilled and knowledgeable in astronomy and the Moon's orbit.
  • Although Moonlight has an obsessive interest with the Reborn Shadows, she has no interest in the Necrocrawlers.
  • Mineko has given Moonlight a nickname, which is "Lumi". At first, Moonlight despised this nickname, but eventually got used to it, and learned to like it. However, she has sworn to "kill" anyone else who calls her by that nickname.
    • Mineko came up with this nickname by knowing that another name for moonlight was luminescence, and she thought that the "Lumi" part was adorable.


Moonlight2 Moonlight x Mineko Sketch MinekoXMoonlight (2) Miiiinlightttt

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