Mira Nyx is a 19-year-old female, and leader of the Vultures. She is not of average height yet strong. She looks much younger than her age, allowing her to trick people easily into doing what she wants. She is a master of manipulation and a strategic genius. She specializes in melee/close-ranged weapons but has managed to learn from Chronos Apóvlita how to use guns like he does.


Mira's background is not a dull one yet is never elaborated upon much within the anime - except a few flashbacks.


Mira's childhood was one of the main reasons she is what she is now. As a child Mira was known as Arina Phoenix, her birth name given to her by her parents. Back then, Arina was a simple child- yet her home-land and her parents were not simple. Her mother was a "Ace Strategist" and her father a soldier, living in a military base. Chronos had visited the base several times, gaining supplies as a survivor or to help the soldiers train. Mira/Arina had taken great interest with Chronos and decided to stay near him when he was around. He gave her the nickname "Nyx" which meant "Dark" due to her dark hair and eyes, and "Mira" due to her love of bitter foods. Mira never used this name near her parents due to knowing how they disliked him and how close their child had gotten with him, and he left. After that, Mira/Arina had started training with her parents as she got older, yet was never allowed to go on missions. Her parents taught her all she needed to know about what was to come- and soon while on their "mission" the war had broke out, Mira/Arina still within the war base.

Teenage Years

Once it was safe to go out again, Arina/Mira had grown up, hating her parents for dying without any notice, even though this was selfish of her, she loathed them. Now that they were dead, she had grown cold without the love of her father, and without Chronos Apóvlita she had nowhere to go. She adapted her nicknames "Mira Nyx" as her new name and started out fresh. She went through the wasteland with a radiation mask- however, the eye pieces had been shattered, (her eyes were out in radiation) and water- hoping she would find supplies on the way. She had encountered a village, most of which was destroyed, and people dead. She had scavenged for leftovers of anything- much like a Vulture and had gained supplies and even better for her, clothes and what seemed to be hair-dye. She adapted to her "pastel goth" look as her signature look now. While on her journey she met Talon Pandareos and in an event they both disclosed to themselves and have not spoken about since she saved him, gaining his loyalty and friendship-both soon becoming good friends they traveled together, only to meet Chronos once again and a spiritual man- Solomon Volney. Once Mira explained to Chronos what had happened and she was indeed the little girl he once knew, he and his "gang" had agreed to allow Mira join- knowing they would benefit from her intelligence. Mira had grown up with them, and had soon gained her title as leader. Mira has however become somewhat distant from Chronos, and Solomon, became a new father figure to her.


Mira's appearance changes from when she was younger. While she was younger she had tanned skin from being in the sun often, and jet black hair.

As of now Mira is different. Mira stands at 5'0" with pale- near snow white skin coated in freckles. She has several piercings in her ears, a minor one on her eyebrow and two minor ones in her lips. Her once jet black hair now dyed in a pastel blue- making her skin look even less colorful. She has bright pastel green eyes from radiation- (changing from what was her once black eyes) that can glow due to being out in radiation, giving off a glowing green particle effect when angered. 

Mira's make up consists of mostly ink, black lipstick and eyeliner. Of course painful to put on, Mira likes the pain she must bare through to look presentable- beauty at a cost.

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 Casual Outfit

Mira normally wears graphic pastel or black sweaters which have religious crosses upside down or skulls. She wears them along with leggings, or skirts. Normally black or pastel colors. She does look very young in them however.

She normally wears a spiked headband and choker chain with it.

Wastelander Outfit

Mira wears a black leather jacket with chains hanging loosely and daggers hanging off said chains. She wears pastel blue jeans that have several rips in them, showing off some of the many bruises on Mira's legs. She wears black combat boots, laces missing. A bandanna that covers her mouth is worn along with an upside down cross necklace, and her well known black hair band with spikes. Her long silky blue hair is pinned up into pigtails, creating an even more innocent look for her.


Her biggest personality trait is that she has an apathetic attitude.

Mira can care deeply about something and not really be bothered with it the next moment. She is indifferent for consequences since she rarely faces them.

She dislikes social activities and prefers to sit in her dark room, preparing her teams next move. She does however enjoy Solomon's preachings and wise words much like the others within the groups. Or at rare times sit with Talon in complete silence while reading,while he talks, as she enjoys listening to his 'stories' of when he was out scavenging.

She speaks mainly in a calm soft monotone voice, rarely raising it. She speaks clearly and slowly most of the time. She has a high tendency to give off signals only her team understands, and even at that, the signals are just to fake people out, giving her team the upper hand.

She is very intelligent and independent and rarely asks her team for help.

She can also be very manipulative, leading to her acting like a child, in which people believe she is due to her height and soft voice, they see her as a fragile child- giving Mira the chance to get an easy kill, or to easily gain their trust.

Traits and Abilities

Mira is considered the main strategist and leader of her group. She normally stays within the main society when everyone is on patrol, taking control of the survivors.

She has high physical strength and speed, even at her height and uses it to her advantage.

She however has not much patience and can become easily frustrated if she fails in her plans, leaving her to get easily disheartened and her team must help her get through it, showing she still really is only a child in a way.


She is skilled with hidden weapons such as knives and daggers. She even in dire cases will bring a flamethrower known as "The Phoenix" in relation to her beloved yet abandoned last name. She is also well adapted to grenades, being able to throw them with pin-point accuracy. She uses another long ranged attack called Ginasin Genocide.

She also has several land mines strategically placed, only blowing up at her command.


Mira is speedy and strong, blowing several punches quickly that could knock out a full grown man in no time.

Due to radiation upon Mira's eyes along with glowing when angered, she can easily read her opponent's movements in slow motion, giving her the upper hand. This ability strains her eyes making things blurry if used too much. Chronos had mentioned that she will need glasses in the near future.

She is also well capable at using chemicals and other materials to her advantage. She also seems to know how to ride a motorcycle ever since Talon had stolen Odie's one.

Her main and noticeable ability is her glowing eyes when mad/in combat.



She admire's Chronos's loyalty to her, and his protectiveness. She sees him near a father, or a very much older brother. She asks him on a daily basis to teach her a new skill with weapons.



Ever since she met him, they both grew a close and strong bond. She relies on him the most out of the Vultures. She always asks him to stay with her during the night to help her plan the next move, base or plan for the day to come, in which he gladly does. She has been seen worrying about him the most out of any of the Vultures.


Solomon is the father figure of the Vultures, also taking Mira under his wing and guidance to show her the beauty of the world and to help her create a paradise for all those banished out of Crestfall. She loves listening to his preachings and would one day like herself to have a big heart and soul like he does.


She sees them as trouble. They can be useful, and easily bribed with food, but more or less trespassing little pests that should be exterminated.

Scarf Heroes

The Scarf Heroes do not bother Mira much as she is on good grounds with all except Janet. She admires the queens insanity and leadership, but makes sure to note and correct the queen when she's in her grounds, normally saying; "You are the queen of Crestfall, but I am the queen of the wastelands."


Mira is normally completely silent unless in very serious conversations. She talks openly ONLY with her team and can feel an aura of distrust from anyone else.


"A leader is not the person who speaks the loudest, or who has complete control everyone. They are the person everyone aspires to be and has gained everyone's trust."

"*hysterical laughter*"

"You are the queen of Crestfall, but I am the queen of the wastelands."


  • She was based on Kay's Love for pastel goth.
  • Her nickname is "Lynx" as in the cat due to her small size but strength and size- or "Phoenix".
  • Solomon calls her "Little one" due to how much of a smaller build she has compared to the bulky men on the team.
  • Only Chronos is allowed call her "Arina Phoenix"
  • The name Mira Nyx means "Dark and Bitter"
  • Her previous name Arina Phoenix means "Strong Immortal Bird".
  • Her insanity levels are near Alyssa's but she hides it easily.
  • She hates being called small and will brutally kick anyone who makes a comment to her about her height-normally being Talon.

Artists interpretation & Drawings

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