The Messiah is a .357 Magnum revolver that was given to Joey by his grandfather who he was named after. It holds much meaning and significance to him, and is a piece of law enforcement history. Sadly, a long time ago when Joey was adventuring to find the remaining materials to his primary weapon, Justice, it was smashed into pieces by an unknown enemy. He managed to gather the parts but is unable to repair the gun as the parts are too severely destroyed. However, he does have each key component in reconstructing it and plans to restore it one day.


This is Joey's secondary weapon that he withdraws at his hip. It is composed of titanium and silver, a strong metal for the durability, and silver for style. He has thousands of rounds locked away in Club 64's hidden safe, and will equip himself with the ammunition needed if he manages to ever restore the weapon. It is marked for each individual kill and has so far stopped at 10.


  • It is named "Messiah", mainly due to its definition: "[...]come to be seen as a saviour or liberator of a group of people, most commonly in the Abrahamic religions." - Wikipedia's definition.
  • Joey always holds good values and faith very close to himself.
  • The revolver holds 6 rounds as a typical revolver would hold.
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