These are the current and past Members of the official Scarf Heroes group.  Click here to see the Ranking System

Inviting Regulations

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If any  Scarf Hero would like to recruit any new member, there are particular requirements that we would want checked up on. At the moment, Registration is currently invite-only from Official or Honorary ranked Scarf Heroes. Message one of them either in the live chat or on a message wall if qualified. 

Please list in numerical order. e.g.: (Number 1), (Number 2), (Number 5)


User:Pastel Dreamer Kay (Number 46, Active)


Character: Alyssa [The Mad Queen] (Number 2, Fictional)

Character: Bruno (Number 3, Missing)

Ambruh (Number 6, Active)

Sheepalicious McBigbutt (Number 7, Active)

JoeyTheN64Guy (Number 10, Active)

BadmininaIsEw (Number 11, Away)

IsaChan98 (Number 15, Active)

LordXcano (Number 28, Active)

Harucarioreturns (Number 44, Semi-Active)


Okaminarutofan999 (Number 62, Active)


JustChain (Number 25, Semi-Active)


Skiddoozle (Number 81, Active)


MyChemicalRamen (Number 22, Active)

SoulCatTheLink101 (Number 50, Inactive)

MrBreada (Number 55, Inactive)

VeryAmused (Number 58, Inactive)

Dom The King (Number 69, Inactive)

Czar Dank (Number 75, Inactive)

Player Two (Number 77, Active)

ChevronLotusIota (Number 78, Inactive)

Sinneroni (Number 80, Inactive)

BlueSoul5 Number (82, Inactive)

Former Scarf Heroes

To the friends we've lost... regardless of the reasons you will be remembered.

Hikaru (Number 1)

Izzy-Scarf-Hero (Number 4)

PheoKen (Number 5)

AstroMeow (Number 8)

Caulynn (Number 14)

FinnTheXenobladeFanboy (Number 16)

HushedMemeChild (Number 17)

MaxiGamer WiiU (Number 18)

ToastLogic (Number 19)

Mr. Left (Number 20)

Hotdogmaniac2 (Number 23)

LeGritz (Number 26)

ALPACAAA (Number 27)

Grell Bloody Sutcliff (Number 30)

Spookjthemerciless (Number 31)

Atael (Number 32)

Claoose (Number 33)

Masked man-mother (Number 34)

TheRealGrord (Number 37)

Waddadub-a-dubdub (Number 38)

Radmin (Number 41)

RichardLamborghini (Number 43)

Ant (Number 51)

RichieThePsycho (Number 52)

Eddiethecomputer (Number 53)

Goldminer (Number 59)

SparklyUnicorn23 (Number 60)

Character: Scarf Bot (Number 61)

Gorriow (Number 65)

Emi-Hana (Number 66)

FredTheAlchemist (Number 67)

ClydeTheCoolCat (Number 74)

PastelLoser (Number 79)

Sakuraichu (Number 76)

AquaticHalo (Number 71)

LilacRose1 (Number 70)

Mistr.Satrn (Number 64)

The Z in Glasses girl (Number 63)

VGCinema (Number 56)

IceFoxZero (Number 54)

Jaylee (Number 48)

Koujo (Number 45)

Nikokiro??? (Number 40)

月の天使 (Number 39)

User:DooplissDuplighost (Number 35)

Arctic Ice (Number 12)

FaxBrood (Number 27)

NukenZack (Number 73)

Daf The Multi (Number 24,)

ShinemanSpaghetti (Number 42)

Digit03 (Number 57)

Sal3 from Miiverse (Number 72)</p>