The Meepisizer is Meep Man's primary weapon, able to fire off the onomatopoeia meep as a form of ammunition. It is a prized possession of Meep Man, and damaging so may causes him to lose his common sense and slowly fall into insanity.


Created within the very walls of the Old City, the Meepisizer was a take on a new weapon type, one that would be able to use words as weapons. Unfortunately, the idea was scrapped, and all weapons created with such a purpose were eventually destroyed. Meep Man, otherwise known as Haru, found the blueprints of such weapon in the halls of the abandoned vocal labs, and thus began to create the Meepisizer.


Hailing from the same general color scheme of Meep Man, the Meepisizer is of a black-orange coloration with red highlights. Its design is akin to that of current sniper rifles.


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  • The etymology of Meepisizer are the words Meep and Synthesizer. It should be noted that it was merely named Meepisizer because he was listening to the VOCALOID song Happy Synthesizer.
  • Having found blueprints in the same area, ReMaRa and Meepisizer were planned by the same people.
    • This could explain why both are based on the use of sound as a form of fighting.
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