Meep Man, Haru's opposite self, is a vigilante-turned-mercenary who roams Crestfall in order to help others. He dislikes the Scarf Heroes Ranking System, a personal preference which had made him into the vigilante he is today. His weapons, not including that of Haru, are the Meepisizer and Oriter.


Meep Man was never intended to be a person. He was merely a figment of an Otaku's imagination, a thought to have never been taken seriously. Such thought resulted from the mixed emotions Haru felt when his mother had given up her status to save him; fear, hate, pride, such feeling were merging with each other, leaving Haru emotionally confused. Without much to do to take his mind off of the pain, Haru took to learning sewing. He begged his father to buy him fabrics, who gave in and saved money for blue and yellow fabric. It was his only way to ever take his mind off of his mother, as he never saw her sew. With a surplus of failed attempts, he eventually managed to make the full-fledged costume of his ideals.

With a completely new costume to try, Haru wondered how he may use such to forget about all the pain. Putting the costume on and running out of the house late at night, Haru tried to work as a mercenary, despite his lack of skill or knowledge. He failed his first job, being called an, "Idiot with little to no knowledge of weaponry or battle." Despite this, he never gave up and kept failing, almost getting killed every so often. Haru was grounded at the bottom, the weakest of the weak.

Once every so often, between his normal life and failing reputation, Haru would begin attempting excursions around the Old World , armed with only a bolo knife. It was always a surprise to Haru that he never died, despite the odds being stacked against him. Desptie that, the Old City fascinated him greatly, as it possibly held some fascinating relics of the past. The excursions made him desire to be strong enough to leave Crestfall without having to keep swinging a knife around, and he swore to himself he would become a mercenary of high status. No one ever stopped his dream, and no one ever knew; his father was almost always working in order to provide income, and his mother's fate had been sealed when she left.

~To be rewritten~

On one such excursion, he drifted too far southeast from the Old City, eventually coming face to face with zombies. Having been unprepared for such event, he was simply armed with a bolo knife, a type of knife common to the long-gone country Philippines, of which he stole from his dad. Slicing his way through the hoard, he came upon a building, by looks in the process of repair. He entered it, hoping that he can stay there without harm.

A quick sweep of the general layout showed it was a university of some sort. Intrigued, he walked around the halls, hoping to find weapons. Upon reaching a certain room, filled to the brim of blueprints, he began to inspect them for ideas. He found ideas for weapons requiring sound, one as a sniper rifle, the other as a small, portable power source. He grabbed both, ran to get a staple gun, loaded it with staples, and ran out again; bolo in one hand, staple gun in the other.

Upon his arrival home, Haru decided to make each blueprint a reality. His mind went serious, tinkering with each part he could get to see how they would work. He managed to create both weapons within three months each, albeit the amount of fails he committed. Considering he was about 12 or so, this was considerably fast for such child of his background. His invention was named Meepisizer, a weapon meant for Meep Man. The other, more recreational object of question would be ReMaRa.

Alongside the new weapons, Haru managed to design another costume for himself, as if he wanted to turn over a new leaf. With all the embarrassment he received from being thought of as crazy, he desperately tried to edit his original costume to something different. His costume was redesigned with an orange scheme to be more standoff-ish. With that, Meep Man had been reborn.

Within a month or so after making the Meepisizer, Meep Man was slowly rising up in the mercenary world. Every morning, he'd stay at his house to watch his sister, a rather annoying task of which he really disliked; the night was a time for him to be natural, helping others in the form of a mercenary. His rise in the ranks led him to a mercenary guild, of which mercenaries may relax as they await a job. There, he met another person, of almost identical age as him.

Haru could never fully explain him, but he ended up trying his best to explain in his journal;

"His hair was blonde, a streak of blue protruding from it. His apparel was rather... revealing, for a male. His half-length sleeveless jacket was never buttoned up, and it looked rather icky, yet it was a magnificent mix of many warm colors. He specialized with something in fire, for sure. It was obvious, not just seeing his attire, but also in the fact he always felt warm to be around... not that he was nice or hot or anything, I mean that he literally was warmer than his surroundings."

The two became rather acquainted with each other, eventually forming a team together. On normal days, the two would meet up, looking as their usual selves.On nights of which they are needed, they would go to the guild, fully dressed as they did at their first meet-up. It should be noted that Meep Man's only friend was also an astounding user of fire-related skills, in both ranged and melee ways. The two were always looking after each other's back, making sure neither one was left to face the world alone.

After the grueling ordeal known as work, the two had a break and were able to explore Crestfall more. Having been accustomed to the Farmlands, Haru wanted to explore the Old City. He pitched the idea to his partner, who agreed. They met up, Meep Man and partner, and explored the area.

Meep Man, having been looking around for anything new, came across an old house, lost to time and wear. He looked in it to find completely unscathed on the inside; quite a feat, to have discovered that looks are not always the truth. He looked around the room, only to find a small notebook lying on a bedside table. He took it and continued on his way, no worry as to who owned the book. Within the next two years, Haru had written oc after oc on that very book, dubbing it Oriter due to such reason.

Soon growing bored of being a mercenary, he stopped going with his friend, who just so happened to fail well enough to lose such recognition they built up. Haru moved on to being normal, eventually running away and becoming a Scarf Hero; his partner took to the streets, looking for another way to earn money.

Meep Man slowly disappeared from Haru's mind, but it soon reemerged when Haru learned of the Ranking System. From Mercenary to Vigilante, as well as a complete outfit change, Meep Man would always carry around his Meepisizer and Oriter, never failing to help those who need it without such 'bias' from rank.


Meep Man's original appearance was a pair of blue pants. He sports a yellow jacket, complete with a small, white circle found in the center of the chest. The sleeves were in such a design that it looked as if someone had splashed blue paint all over them. His jacket was undeniably comfortable and warm, perfect for cold months but undesirable for hotter weather. His hair was covered with the hoodie of the jacket, designed in a similar way to the sleeves.

He wore white fingerless gloves, with black goggles. His goggles seem to have some sort of extension from the sides, which seem to have little to no purpose.

After turning a new leaf, Haru had changed Meep Man's outfit to quite a degree. Meep Man's current color scheme consists of orange and white, with black details. His jacket is similar to that of Len Kagamine Len in Super Hero. The jacket itself is white with orange, usually splotched on the shoulders and a strange zigzag pattern around the zipper. The hood covered his hair, which he could not dye due to him loving his hair the way it is. The pants are a very formal pair of white pants, which can be considered one of the greatest nuisances of any actively working person. His eyes have colored contacts, changing his eye color from gray/grey to red.

He wears fingerless gloves, darkening the white color scheme a bit. From his left pocket hangs a strap, mostly for design purposes. It is unknown whether it has any true meaning.


Meep Man is a rude, outspoken Haru. He tends to speak his mind with relative ease, sometimes stating things he things with little to no regard to other people and their feelings. He loves fights, need it be watching one or being in one.

Meep Man tends to be resourceful, using it to his advantage when trying to achieve his mindset of peace and order. He despises the Scarf Heroes, going so far as to offend Alyssa whilst his hood is down and calling the group the Scarf Zeroes. Despite that, he works to the same goal as them, though unaffiliated. Similarly to Haru, his temper can tend to burst unexpectedly, leading to rash and stupid actions. Though Haru would argue verbally when mad, Meep Man would prefer a physical confrontation, usually in the form of a relatively strong kick.


Complete Difference from Haru

It should be noted that, despite being the same person, Meep Man is very different from Haru in terms of personality. While Haru tends to shy himself away until he feels like he could be okay, Meep Man tends to be rude and obnoxious on his first encounter. Despite this, Meep Man starts loosening up if you've met him more times, similar to that of a Tsundere.

Personality Change

The reason of which Haru and Meep Man have different personalities is due to his costume. Could it be a morale boost, or perhaps have a magical enchantment or such? Either way, it causes him to be considerably different from Haru.

Expert Sniper

Simply put, Haru and Meep Man both use possible ranged weaponry as a primary weapon. Due to consistent target practice, constant battering of work, and the Scarf Heroes, Meep Man-and thus Haru-has become an expert sniper. Though one could say he is not even close to the experience of expert snipers such as Hikaru or Esther, he is still rather capable of fighting.


Haru~Simply, both are the same person. In any sense, they can be considered complete opposites. Meep Man despises Haru, but Haru doesn't really feel as such. How would one hate themselves, one may ask. It's all due to what they say to others. Despite their constant opposite behavior, both seem to be pretty neutral to each other.

Pyran~A valuable ally and his best friend. They would never stop bringing their abilities to others, testing them. Meep Man considers Pyran as the only person who believes him. When Meep Man was slowly disappearing from Haru, Haru asked Pyran to always remember Meep Man, in the hopes of reviving memories. To this day, Meep Man and Pyran tend to be very far, despite Haru being ever-so-close to Pyran.


  • Meep Man was already an idea in Haru's head, but Joobacca helped Haru by convincing him to make it a reality.
  • He really dislikes Officials of the Scarf Heroes, despite Haru being really nice around them, as well as Haru being one himself.
  • Meep Man can be considered a result of Chuunibyou, otherwise known as Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome.
    • His original design was based on Lucario, and the mere fact that he suffered Chuunibyou can lead to the idea that he thought he could manipulate aura.
  • His weapons have still continue the motif of Music and Anime
    • Meepisizer, similar to ReMaRa, uses sound as a weapon. Though this may not seem like music, take note the name is based off the song Happy Synthesizer, as well as the fact Meep Man tends to hum to himself.
    • Oriter, on the other hand, is a list of Haru's fanfiction characters, all of which are based on Anime.


Meep Man's theme represents not only his huge basis, but also his drive within the walls of Crestfall. His will to do what he believes is right, even if the Scarf Heroes or the government would say otherwise. He is a vigilante at heart, akin to Kagamine Len in the song Super Hero.



Super Hero by Len Kagamine