Matheus Gaiana is the 77th Scarf Hero Recruit .


He's a user who has been in Le Miiverse Resource for a long time, and is one of its earliest members. During some days, people would discuss SH, with many often saying "they're evil" and stuff of the same level. He decided to check out one day, and was surprised by how well he was welcomed. A few months later, he decided to register, and became an Scarf Hero.

History (SH lore)

A member of a high ranking priest family in the kingdom of Graia (A kingdom where everyone believes in Greek religion), he was destined to be the next priest of his family. However, he disagreed with that notion - He wanted to be a Judge. This disagreement caused him to get grounded.

He lived in the highest tower of the castle, in the city of Gaianito. He escaped by throwing a mattress and jumping on it after it landed. He sneaked through the corridors, until he found a room with a golden safe. After throwing the guard out of the window, he opened the safe and grabbed the Divanus, and decided to kill the guard with a stalagmite, to avoid him being a witness.

He went to the reunion room, and realized that the family was making a meeting, deciding to prohibit judges. Infuriated, he kicked the door open, and threatened the family, who were forced to flee, causing him to faint.

When he woke up, he realized the castle he lived in was on fire. He ran to the roof, and noticed that the cause of the fire were civilians angered with the family's departure. He sent a wave of water to make the fire stop and make the civilians flee.

The results were worse than what he wanted. The fire stopped, but the strength of the wave made the castle crumble to ruins, along with everyone inside - including his family - and killed all the civilians.

Walking through the mass of dead bodies and ruins, he found the body of his best friend - A girl of the same age as him named "Elise". Next to her body, was a .44 caliber revolver. In order to honor her, he named it "Elisa".

He set off to look for resources. He knew that if he showed up anywhere in the Kingdom, he would probably be murdered. So he wandered until he found the Citadel and the Scarf Heroes.


Matheus is usually very formal, even on unneeded occasions. The reason is because he likes treating people respectfully. Even when angered, he'll rarely resort to insults, and will instead use an icy glare and resort to intimidation tactics. If an enemy is unfazed, he'll resort to a last tactic, that being acting flamboyant, in order to anger an enemy. He has an angry side, which can make him explode on any minute, but he also has a sensitive side, which can make him cry anytime.

However, he's not all just the sensitive to angry guy. He also possesses some psychotic actions: He's not scared at all in the sight of blood; instead, depending from who it's from, he might even smile.

Despite being this formal, he actually prefers Soda instead of tea, and he absolutely hates using formal clothes, instead using jeans and white T-shirts. He spends his spare time playing video games or reading large books. He calls Earth "Mother Gaia" most of the time, due to where he's from.

In combat, he'll think before he goes to attack - Thinking which element would logically be better for the situation, but also thinking if his allies are going to be hurt by the attack.


Matheus wears mostly T-shirts, with an occasional hoodie on cold days. He wears mostly shorts or jeans, and has a somewhat long brown hair. He wears black glasses and black sneakers all the time. He has brown eyes and has a neutral expression most of the time, and his scarf is light blue with light green stripes.


His weapon is the Divanus, a weapon that looks like a bracelet that can use the five elements. Each finger is associated to one element. He can give more fingers the same element and make it stronger, but with the consequence of losing the respective number of elements. He can also mix elements to form new ones. If he decides to leave a single element on the bracelet, he'll enter the "Postatem" form of that element. The element will become stronger, but it will take some time to remove that form and enter a new one. He'll always use it on his left hand.

There's a consequence: Trying to remove the Full Hand form will cause a huge loss of energy and will fatigue him, so it only should be used on huge battles. The forms will also change his scarf color. The Full Hand form name is based on the strongest attack on that form.

He carries a revolver named "Elisa" to use when attacking with defense elements, which he found after the Graia Disaster.


Lore Related

  • "I-I didn't do it, right?" (Finding Elise's body)
  • "I'll at least be able to honor her." (Grabbing revolver)
  • "Mourning won't get me anywhere. I better get going" (Setting off)
  • "Whoever you are, I won't let you scar Mother Gaia's face." (Meeting a Crow member)
  • "The less ticks the clock makes before your death, the better." (Trying to intimidate)
  • "For Elise!" (Shooting revolver)
  • "I have sinned against Graia. I'm nothing but a empty shell." (Mourning Graia's population death)
  • "I killed my family."
  • "The kingdom."
  • "My friends."
  • "I can't be forgiven." (Continuation of above quote)
  • "I-I killed m-my best friend..."
  • "Mother Gaia, please forgive me."


  • "Heed the trail, cowboy." (Attacking with Elisa)
  • "This will get hotter than a thermostat." (Using fire)
  • "Tell me, can you hold your breath for a long time? No? Too bad." (Using water)
  • "I'll block everything you have." (Using metal)
  • "Can you withstand the power of everything that's around you?" (Using air)
  • "Your cause of death will be what you're standing on." (Using ground)
  • "You'll soon burn." (Ignis Spiritus)
  • "Don't worry, your thirst won't last long." (Oceanus Ascensionis)
  • "These can cut through everything. Including your flesh." (Diamond Impetum)
  • "Everything around you is revolting. How does that make you feel?" (Satis Vixi)
  • "Mother Gaia's giving me some orders. I better obey." (Gaia Mandatum)
  • "Sum dea successore heres throni" (Elementares Princeps)
  • "Heres regni eius ascendit." (Elementares Regis)
  • "Nam finis dicere vale" (Vastabat Omnia)


Divanus' Weaknesses

The Divanus takes a ton of energy away from the user. As a result, they can get extremely tired quickly. That without counting the extreme recoil many attacks have, and because of that, allies can be hurt.

Elisa's Weaknessess

Elisa's a standard revolver, and as a result, can run out of ammo very quickly.

Personal Weaknessess

Matheus gets distracted easily and has an extreme anger "fountain" that bursts out whenever he gets slightly irritated. And to top it off, he may attack allies that annoy or bully him, along with being easily teared.


The Vultures

He's neutral towards them, due to them having some sense of nobility. However, he hates the fact that people living in their base are highly taxed. When he meets a Vulture, he never attacks first.

The Crows

He absolutely despises them, due to them resorting to cannibalism and not "being as useful as any human being in their situation should be". He still doesn't attack first when faced with a Crow.


He hates him purely because of what he did. He wishes him "To be dead. The less times the clock ticks before his death, the better". He'll always attack first when met with one of his Fading.

Scarf Heroes

He maintains a friendly relationship with most of them, but due to his anger, he can get irritated when contradicted, or even attack them. Although, he'll apologize shortly thereafter.

Theme Song

His theme song is "Can't Let Go", by DJVI. It's a somewhat sad song, while keeping an heroic vibe. The name references how he cannot let go of his past sins.

DJVI - Can't Let Go

DJVI - Can't Let Go


  • "Divanus" is a mix of "Diva Manus", or "Hands of the Goddess".
  • He suffers a fear of insects.
  • Due to him being from Graia, he calls Earth "Mother Gaia"
  • Matheus means "gift from God".
  • Elise is supposed to represent everyone's feminine and mournful side, while the Divanus is supposed to represent ancient philosophy.
  • There's the possibility of him being a perfeccionist.
  • He has a habit of biting his nails.
  • He considers diamonds the "symbol of perfection", and likes them a lot.
  • It's likely that Divanus' power isn't a blessing, but rather well-done weapon manufacturing.
  • His "Heed the trail, cowboy" quote is a direct reference to Erron Black's quote in Mortal Kombat X ("I suggest you heed the trail"), aside from being a general reference to western movies.
  • His Scarf Color is a direct reference to the Earth - Its colors are green and blue when seen from space.
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