The volted outpost

"S-snow?" He thought, it began snowing as he got closer to the place he once called home. He could see the glow of electricity from the top of a fence the surrounded the village. When Majora was finally in view he could see a person standing behind the gateway to the inside sitting down and dozing off. He walked up and said, “Heya, I don’t suppose you could let me in?” The guardsman jumped up and grabbed a rusty old hand gun and pointed it at Majora. “Get outta here ya filthy bandit! Your kind aren’t welcome here…” He took a closer look at him. “You don’t look like you belong out here… in fact you kind of look like… what’s your name?!” he said suddenly with the look of hope on his face. “My name is Majora, I used to live here a long time ago but I don’t think I-“ “you ARE his brother!” he interrupted “You look so much like him you know that?”  Majora was confused, he didn’t have a brother, not unless they were born after he left. “I have a brother? Uhh… a-anyway could you open the gate?” The guard holstered his gun. “yeah sure, welcome back to the volted outpost Majora.” He put on a special looking glove and undid the latch opening the door. “I hope you plan on staying, we could use another fighter around here and that big sword of yours looks pretty nice!” Majora walked in and the gate was locked behind him, Looking around nothing looked familiar but out of the few structures there were he knew which one was his. It looked exactly like he remembered but smaller. He walked past the other buildings and under a few make shift lights made of desk lamps.

He now stood in front of the door. This is gonna be awkward he thought a little nervous he rose up his hand and lightly knocked on the door. He heard someone shuffling up from a squeaky mattress and angrily mumbling as they walked to the door. He heard them stop right behind the door and became silent. Majora backed away from the door in fear of whoever was behind it might burst out and attack him. As it turns out he was right, the door flew open and a man jumped out with a broken rusty katana, he had a wild look in his grey eyes. “I TOLD YOU ALL TO LEAVE ME ALONE AT NIGHT! NOW I HAVE TO KILL YOUUUUU!!” Majora drew out his sword, “wait! I’m sorry I didn’t know anyone lived there!” The man suddenly dropped his weapon, “are… are you real?? Is that really you brother???” Majora had no idea how to respond, I was told I had a brother… and I thought that maybe I had a younger brother since I didn’t remember… but this guy is clearly older than me so I should remember… “I Uhh what? I don’t… remember… anything” Majora said, ashamed of himself “Really? Huh… that actually makes some sense cause of what happened… but come on in we can talk inside.” He beckoned him in, Majora was a little afraid at first seeing how this person just tried to kill him, and that wiled look in his eyes looked so familiar, it was something that he sometimes saw in Alyssa’s eyes during her unstable times. Majora walked in and recognized most of the house, it was trashed everywhere with beer bottles and old wrappers that likely once had food wrapped up in them. The man sat down on an old metal chair and watched Majora looking around for a moment. “How much do you remember? You remember our house it seems!” Majora lightly kicked a bottle out of the way and walked over to a busted up old leather couch and sat on it, he felt the couch with his hands remembering sleeping on it long ago. “Yeah I remember all this… I remember mom a little bit, this whole village I don’t remember at all just this house and the back um… yard.” He looked through the one broken window that showed the back yard and like the house, it was trashed. “Love what you’ve done with the place” Majora said sarcastically. “yeeeaah this is ah well I’m kind of glad you don’t remember everything cause I have some… issues with being in full control… and the alcohol really helps keep it down when I’m alone.” Majora hearing that suddenly felt really bad, he could have been here to take care of his brother this whole time. “I’m sorry I didn’t know, that’s why you acted the way you did when-““it’s fine Majora. If anything I’m sorry for not seeing who you were sooner.” Upon hearing him say his name Majora felt even worse for not even knowing his own brothers name. “I-I really hate to ask but… I don’t remember anything about you… what’s your name?” The man leaned down and grabbed a near empty beer bottle from the ground and gulped the last of it down. “Minus” he said. Majora recognized the name as soon as he said it, he couldn’t remember anything else but the name and an image of what looked like him as a younger child popped into his head for just a moment, his eyes widened and looked at Minus. “That sounds so right! I… I think I remember you a little bit!” He tried harder to bring up old memories but it was like there was something there blocking his memory from going any further. He continued to try but then out of nowhere a voice came into his head, it was like a thought but not under his control and not in his own mental voice, it said Stop, no good will come from these memories. They must be forgotten. Majora stood up and put his hand on the hilt of his sword but looking around there was nothing. “Is something wrong??” Minus said looking confused. Majora lowered his hand and sat back down. “Sorry I thought I heard something must have been the fence outside, anyway.”

Majora took a deep breath before asking the question he had been dreading to ask, he closed his eyes preparing for the worst as he said. “Where’s mom?” Minus looked down at the floor. “I… don’t know, no one does for sure, she just left one day I think to go look for…” He looked at Majora “I’m sorry man… she’s gone ok? It’s best to just forget and know that she is in a better place now.” Majora opened his eyes, he was expecting this kind of answer seeing that she wasn’t here in this house. He sighed heavily, when he spoke there was a quiver in his voice, “I shouldn’t have hoped for her to be here… damn it I’m so sorry I literally don’t know why I didn’t come back. I don’t remember anything… why can’t I remember so much?! What the hell happened to me?! Why am I so fucked up?!?” Majora was starting to tear up, hearing all this and seeing his brother that he could still barely remember, he hadn’t realized how badly these questions had been eating away at him this whole time.

Minus had a look of pain in his eyes “Brother… what happened was… we made a promise, a promise that we would do whatever it takes to make the world a better place, like it once was maybe even better.” Majora wiped his eyes “what do you mean?” Minus held up his hand “I’ll explain everything, when we were little someone here in the village killed another person out of pure greed and jealousy, that person was voted to be put to death by everyone here, when we saw all the drama take place me and you couldn’t stop talking about how messed up the whole ordeal was, about how things shouldn’t have to be this way. One day one of the fighters that protect the village came back from a battle in some ruins, I assume, and had found some old history books, we were… heh, kinda known by everyone to be interested in these kind of things and so they were given to us to read. A day or two later, after reading about ancient wars and all the terrible things that humans have done in the past, we made a promise to stop all of it, that somehow some way we wouldn’t let any of these things ever happen again. That’s when I started to get into ‘science’ as they used to call it, while you wanted to try and reach out to people, get them to work together in these times and trust in each other more. Once I was old enough to become a fighter, which was a hell of an ordeal for me because well, you know my condition so naturally people were very afraid of what I would do if I were given a weapon…” He grabbed another beer and took a large swig of it. “Moving on! I was finally able to leave the gates and defend myself, so I went out looking in old hospitals and even a few labs.”

Majora interrupted “hold up why were you looking into science? How could that help stop people from doing hurtful things?” Minus looked annoyed, “Because I believed, and still believe, that the only way to achieve true peace all around has something to do with the flaws in our bodies and souls. Anyways please don’t talk until I say yeah?” Minus took another drink, and Majora shook his head. “I’m sorry go on.” “So one day I finally found something that involved the research of souls, it talked about how it could be turned into something else, something that couldn’t be damaged by our emotions, actions or even the radiation. I brought those papers back home and I started to replicate whatever it was that the person who made the procedure did. I got the equipment and all kinds of different things around which was mostly radiated plants and metals and a needle but I still couldn’t get a willing percipient… that is until you said that you would try it. I was a little afraid at first to do it on you because I wasn’t sure what would happen, especially because the papers weren’t fully completed I was missing some. I was so sure it was going to have positive effects regardless… but we were wrong, no I was wrong, we preformed the experiment as it was supposed to go but something not mentioned in the papers happened. Black ooze started to come out from your mouth and eyes covering your body, all of you veins turned black too, I could tell you were in pain but you didn’t scream… you just looked like it didn’t matter, like suddenly nothing mattered anymore. I was so scared for you Majora I thought that our promise was going to be what killed you, I started feeling hopeless and I regretted everything we did, in all honesty I wanted to die in that moment. But then once it looked like you were completely covered in the black ooze it suddenly just disappeared. I didn’t know what happened exactly, physically you were fine other than the mark I thought I had to put on your chest.

After that day you were very… different… you didn’t seem to care anymore about really anything, you never talked, Mom had to make you eat otherwise you would just lie down and starve to death. All interest in life was gone… Mom was very worried and I never told anyone what happened, what I did to you… I remember one day though you asked Mom a very odd question out of nowhere all on your own, something about a dream.” Majora nodded. “I remember that, I asked her what ‘Vanhashiron’ meant” Minus snapped his fingers “yeah that was it! The next day you got up and just looked outside the gate staring at nothing for a least an hour or two. The next day you were gone. I stopped looking into the research since then, Mom soon left to go find you and I was on my own with only this as my companion” He held up the Beer “So I’ve told you everything, Any questions?” Majora wasn’t sure where to start or if he even had questions. “Well… I guess… how did this experiment mess me up so bad?  And I feel fine now other than my broken memory so I have to wonder how I got better.” Minus started tapping his feet, “hmm, maybe it has something to do with that dream you had, what is a Vanhashiron?” Majora took out his sword, “it’s this, the way I remember it was that one day an old man showed up here and told me that I had to reclaim something that was mine. I ended up following him to a cave and in a box this was there. It’s allowed me to survive out in the old world ever since I left. Over time I let the sword guide me in combat, it’s like it taught me how to fight.”  

Minus held out his hand, “can I see it?” Majora, like with anyone that asked to see his sword felt uncomfortable handing it over but he allowed his brother to hold it.” Minus almost dropped it as soon as Majora let go. “Wow, how do you lug this thing around??” Minus ran his hand down the flat part of blade and to the jewel. His hand went back up the blade but he suddenly pulled his hand back in pain, he had cut his hand and it started to bleed profusely. Majora quickly took out some bandages from a small pack on his waste and wrapped up Minuses hand. “Yeah it’s really sharp, if you wanted to thank anyone for keeping me alive it’s that sword.” After bandaging up his hand Majora took the sword back and put it away. “Thanks… wow, you really are all grown up huh? I remember when you were small… it’s all so strange now though.” Minus smiled “hey so where have you been anyway? I mean you haven’t been out there all alone by yourself right?”

Majora then started on his story, about his days in the wasteland eventually becoming a mercenary, the story behind his Black and red coat, and how he had joined the Scarf Heroes. “Scarf Heroes? That sounds kind of familiar, I could be wrong but I think the one that made the procedure I spoke of was one of them.” “Wow really? Do you have a name? I may have heard of them.” Minus scrunched up his face trying to remember, “Ahhh damn, I really don’t think there were any names on the papers I’ll have to check tomorrow. I dunno about you but I’m gonna sleep. He got up, took one last swig and walked into the other room and came out with a blanket. “Here, just as before you can sleep on the couch little brother, I’ve gotten used to mom’s mattress in here.” Majora was about to say something but then decided against it, he realized how tired he was and decided to save it for in the morning “Goodnight Minus” he said Majora began to take Vanhashiron and his coat off. “Same to you” Minus flopped onto the mattress and fell asleep. Majora was just about to lay down decided to look around more and try and remember. He focused on the dream he once had about what had seemed to be when the procedure on him was done, the static figure must have been Minus… the black ooze, it was all as he said. What Minus told him had to be true, but what was that voice I heard in my head? Should I tell Minus about it tomorrow? He might know something about it. Majora laid back down and stared at the cracked ceiling for a bit before falling asleep.

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