The Journey

Four days had already passed, Majora was well out of sight from Crestfall now. There was no going back at this point but he was prepared to finish his personal mission and only once he found out the truth would he return. He was now walking up a hill to try and get a good view of the area to see where he was going and if he recognized anything. Once he reached the top he took out his now damaged compass and an old map, this isn’t right there should be a coast over that way but it’s just more trees. He thought. Majora looked at the compass and saw that something was wrong with it, he had been in an ordeal with an uncivilized person the previous night in which they found the compass that had fallen out of his pocket from a tree that Majora was sleeping in. The feral human thought it was food and tried their best to chew it up and eat it. He was able to get it back without much effort but the damage was already done. Majora realizing that the compass was now useless tossed it aside and started walking in the direction that he felt was right, he didn’t remember the area too much so he just tried to go off on instinct.

Later that night, Majora was preparing to find a place to rest but then out in the distance he heard a loud noise… a roar maybe? It sounded so familiar… wait, that couldn’t be… out here?? He immediately dashed off in the roars direction, it sounded far away but if he ran he could get there within a few minutes, the roar went off again he was getting close, he could also smell smoke as he got closer. Yep, there’s no doubt about it that’s got to be Kay. Kay was another Scarf Hero, although she came from a distant kingdom in which she was royalty, Majora never got into the subject with her but he knew well enough that she had a very rough time over there and she left for good reason. As he got closer he could see fire, probably from Kay being in her Dragon form, but Majora also heard other people fighting, the other voices sounded familiar too. Then finally Majora was in sight of the battle, and it wasn’t just Kay that was there, Amber and Isa were fighting as well. They were working together to take down a big group of Faded, Majora took out his sword and jumped into the battle without a second thought. Isa looked over at him, “Wh-whaaa?” Amber was focusing on all the Faded in front of her didn’t turn around, “what’s wrong Isa?!” she yelled. Kay turned and looked at Isa and then Majora, “What are YOU doing here?” She said sounding a little angry. “I was just stopping by! I’ll explain after we’re not dying!” he said as he took the head of a faded clean off. Amber recognized the voice and turned to look just for a quick second and then turned back to her opponent, “Maj!”

About only 5 minutes later the battle was over, they sheathed their weapons and Kay reverted to her human form. “Majoraaa! Where have you been?!” Amber said. Both Isa and Amber looked worried and somewhat confused but Kay still looked angry, like as if Majora had just stolen her kills in a video game even though she had killed more than him. Whelp, can’t really hide it now. “Well… I’m trying to find my old home, I realized a while before I left that I can’t remember a lot of it, and it’s not that I was too young for it, I left when I was 7.” Kay shook her hands, “wait, wait, wait, you were alone out here when you were only 7?!” “Yup! But that’s a story for another time, anyway I’ve got to get going, I promised the queen I’d be back within 3 months but I’m hoping to be back within one. See ya!” Majora started to walk away but then, “hey hold on a moment, w-we could give you a lift…” Isa said quietly. Kay turned around to her, “did you seriously just volunteer me?” “We can’t just let him go alone! What if something happens?” Kay looked to Amber and she just gave a look that said (come on Kay…) “uggh ok fine… how far is it?” Majora pointed north, “All I know is that it’s that way.” “Oh my f- are you kidding me?! You really don’t know where it is?” “Nope not at all! I’ve been going on pure instinct and what little memory I have.” Majora said smiling. Kay looked down for a moment and thought, “…ok how about this, you help us out with our mission first, THEN we drop you off?” “Alright sure! Sounds easy enough.” “? You don’t even know what we’re doing doofus! How do you know if it’s easy or not?” Majora held up his finger for a moment like as if he was going to give a good reason but the he let it down and shook his head, “yeah I don’t… but if you guys were the ones sent it must be an easy mission right?” he said teasing. Oh god why did I do that? “Hey!” “aw hell naw“ Isa and Kay said, Amber just smacked him on the back of the head “anyway who wants to tell him?” Amber said as if nothing happened. Majora rubbed the back of his head I had that coming. “ohh I ‘ll tell him” Isa said happily, “Ok so Alyssa sent us over here to look for an abandoned place… somewhere out here. Some scavengers came through the market district and one of the others overheard them talking about a person they saw a long time ago that sounded like it might have been Alyssa’s dad, when she heard about that she sent us out here immediately to see if it was true, I got all of it right??” She looked at Kay and Amber for approval. Kay nodded, her arms folded, “yeah except you forgot about the building we’re looking for, it’s supposed to look like a small hut, like this.” She pulled out a rough sketch of a shack of some kind, it may have been a tool shed long ago. “Wait, I remember that!” Majora looked up from the sketch and around trying to remember “I think it was…… that way!” he pointed northwest, it looked like the dead tree’s would start to thin out in that area and that beyond it might have been a clearing of some kind. Amber started to say “huh? How would you-“ Majora interrupted “I stayed there one time, you know before I came to Crestfall, or at least I’m pretty sure I did, come on it’s not far.” He said leading the way. The three just shrugged at each other decided to trust and follow him.

Before long they reached a place that looked like it may have been a farm. Where the barn and house would have been was just little bits of wood and ash, the fence was partly still up where the cattle may have been kept,  and across in the back area was the shed the group was looking for mostly still intact. The sun was setting and the dark perpetual clouds were getting darker fast so they went over to it quickly. They all drew out their weapons just in case any Faded or feral humans were inside. Isa, being the one with a pink assault rifle called Pumpkin, took the lead. She opened the door very slowly trying to not make it squeak too loud in case any thing were inside. She pointed the gun through the small opening and then looked inside. “Nope! There’s nothing!” she opened the door fully. The group walked in and saw that the shelves were picked clean by scavengers and the like. It could be seen that in the center of the room a fire had been stated there multiple times but looked like it hadn’t been used for a long time. “Yeah this is the place I remember starting a small fire here, but I wasn’t the first, this little pit was here even before I was and it looks like it may have been used a few times after I did.” Kay went back outside to look around more for anything that might be related to Alyssa’s dad, Isa stood there and looked around to see if there was anything that they might be missing and Amber walked up to the walls and corners feeling them as if looking for a secret compartment or just anything hidden.

“I don’t think you guys are going to find anything this place seems to be, or rather was, a rest stop for travelers, if Her dad was here I don’t think he would have left anything of importance behind.” Isa looked sad, “what are we going to tell Aly? She was so excited…” Amber dusted her hands off and walked over to Isa. “Yeah… she would have had a lead too.” Kay walked in “how the hell is there just nothing? I mean even if it’s not related to her dad this place has nothing to take back at all.” Majora turned to Kay “scavengers, they somehow manage to find just about anything and everything, think about it, that’s what they need to do in order to live out here. I had to scavenge when I was out here too now and again, but I got most of my earnings and food from odd jobs from  a few small settlements more to the west though so I never learned the uh, ‘Trade secret’ to scavenging I guess.” Kay sighed “Well anyway this was a waste… so uh… are you sure you want to keep up with your journey Maj? I mean, I could just take us all home to the Citadel right now.” Amber looked at Majora already knowing what his response would be. “Yes I need to know what happened to my old home, if I don’t my mind will never stop thinking about it and my memory will never come back, I feel like there’s a block… something there that’s just not allowing me to remember and that’ll drive me crazy if I don’t ever get those memories back.” Kay knew better than to argue with Majora when he had his mind set on something so she just gave in. “ok fine then let’s go.” They all walked out of the Shack and Kay took on her dragon form, they all climbed up onto her back and flew off in the direction Majora felt was right.

After a mere hour of flying Majora saw it, “there that’s it!” off in the distance they could see larger than normal settlement, it was surrounded by a large tall chain link fence which the top rims of it glowed with electricity flowing around it. There were only about 12 short buildings but had a sizable town center. At first Majora was confused, he didn’t remember a fence or a bunch of other houses and stores, he only remembered his house alone. But the moment he saw it he knew that was the place. “Land a little ways away from it Kay, I wouldn’t want them being scared of you and shooting us down or something.” Kay flew down and hovered in position over some trees, Majora slid down Kay’s tail and then waved bye to his friends, they all smiled at him knowing that they would see him again. But… Majora for some reason felt odd, for once he didn’t feel the same, it hit him so suddenly it was like he knew all along that would never see them again and he was just now accepting it. He shook off the feeling, waved back and headed to the place he once called home. It’s time to get answers, and my mother, I hope I remember her better once I talk to her.

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