The Beginning

He was patrolling the Commercial Area of Crestfall, there was hardly ever any kind of trouble in this area other than petty crimes. There was no true need for an Honorary rank like Majora to patrol here, but he enjoyed seeing all the people living peaceful lives. Not everyone was exactly happy today due to another of the tax increases by King Bard. Oftentimes, he heard whispers among the people of rioting and rebellion but this thing was common whenever taxes went up, today was no different. After a day or two they would forget all about it and continue with their lives until the next tax increase. One of these days, he’s going to push it too far Majora thought Oh well, as long as we’re here, and the walls don’t collapse everything will be fine. But even with the corrupt government it’s still safe, it’s still home… Home… Hmm where was my old home at? He began thinking about before he came to Crestfall, about his days traversing the Old World, constantly fighting to live. During that time his only constant companion was Vanhashiron, the sword he found so long ago. Things have changed much for him since then, now he was a Scarf Hero and was surrounded by friends.  Ech, now isn’t the time to be in the past he shook his head and continued walking down the street. As he walked he noticed a young boy with his mother shopping for food, while this sight was common he suddenly felt sad my old home… I wonder what happened to it. He stopped to look up in the sky, the sun was getting pretty low now. “Time to head back” he muttered, he then turned around and started on his way back to the Citadel. Majora was always baffled by how big the Citadel was and that it was still standing after the war. He was also amazed because he now lived there. Before coming to Crestfall and before becoming a wandering mercenary, he remembered he lived in a very small house with his mom with only the means to live. Now he had almost too many pleasantries at his disposal, half the time he didn’t even know what to do with himself. For now though, he decided he’d setup one of the robotic dummies in the training room and get in some practice before heading to the Throne Room where the rest of his comrades would gather nightly to share stories and the like. On the way in he saw some of the other Scarf Heroes coming back from whatever duties they had for the day and were heading to the Throne Room. Majora held himself back on his desire to join them, he wasn’t one to skip out on his daily training. While he was fighting one of the training bots, the thoughts returned to him, my old home… I wonder if I could go back… just to see what happened to it. Suddenly, he froze up. Wait… what ever happened to my parents?? He then realized how usually little memories he had before obtaining Vanhashiron. In that moment the bot nearly hit Majora, if this was a real fight Majora would have surely been killed right then.He continued fighting it once more but with more focus and a little anger. 

 Later, as he walked past the Throne Room’s entrance he could hear everyone talking and having fun. The sounds coming from there were like an invitation, but that one thought kept coming up, (what happened to my home? My family?) He stood in front of the door for a moment considering whether or not he should go in... Finally he just decided to go to bed, he need some time alone to figure out what the deal was with that strange, clouded part of his past.

His room looked to be that of a wealthy man, it was more than big enough to be a whole house on its own, it had a small cooking area, bathroom, dining area, and a bedroom… everything a house would have. He put Vanhashiron on its rack, removed his coat and got into more comfortable clothes and plopped on his bed. He considered getting some dinner but he decided that his own refrigerator was too far away for him to get to and quickly fell asleep. That night he dreamed of his old home, he seemed at first to be reliving some memories from back then, he remembered learning about washing cloths with his mother, spraining his ankle in the back yard from chasing a small bug and her teaching him how to tend such a wound.  But then there were some things he didn’t recognize, He didn’t remember his house being in a small village yet it felt familiar, nor did he remember having a best friend there ether, perhaps this was just part of the dream and not part of his memories. But then, he saw himself lying on the floor in an empty room, he looked around and saw symbols drawn around on the floor around him, and a person facing the opposite direction fiddling with something on a table. The person was saying something but the words were faded into something that sounded like static too, Majora could only make out a few words, “…everything will…together…Majora? We are…Embodiment… Suffering…” The person turned around but his face was static and unable to be seen, some parts of the symbols and fragments of everything around him were static, it was like the room was a broken window with the broken parts being filled with static. The man came over with a knife that had a dark purple blade, he said something but once again Majora couldn’t understand anything. He then began to make small cuts in Majora’s chest eventually forming a symbol. During this he could feel the pain but he wasn’t scared, something told Majora that what this person was doing was necessary. When the symbol was finished Majora’s vision went blank, he suddenly felt something like bugs crawling out of his mouth, ears, eyes, and soon everywhere. There was no physical pain but something else something so familiar and sad, yet it was so intense, more intense than anything he had ever felt. He couldn’t help but cry from the sheer feeling. (What is this?! I know this…!! I-I… it’s hopelessness… why??) Then all of it just stopped, nothing but pure emptiness.

When Majora woke up his face was wet, but he felt as if he had a restful sleep despite the very strange dream he had. He remembered it immediately, he got up and looked in the mirror and saw the scar from the cuts that he felt in the dream on his chest, whatever he saw in his dream DID happen at some point but he still could not remember… But the part that disturbed him the most was the feeling he had at the end. He knew the feeling but this time it had a different element to it, at times he couldn’t help but feel that way like many others but in the end they were HIS feeling, he knew he could push them back if he so willed it. This time though, it felt like they were something different because he had no control over it. Like this darkness was not from himself but from another being. That’s when Majora began to think, what was the purpose of this dream? What is my mind trying to tell me…? I remember home… That’s it! My old home, I have to go back. That’s what it’s trying to tell me, I need to go back in order to remember everything. He rushed and made himself some cereal, and after finishing he started packing things into a backpack. My mind is trying to tell me to go see home, what if mom needs me? What if… he stopped, what if it was all gone?  He sat against the wall next to Vanhashirons rack and slouched. Damn I’d hate to waste a trip… AND supplies… plus what if the others need me for a fight? Sadness stated to set in, Majora hadn’t been to his old home in years and now he couldn’t even remember why he left it in the first place nor was he sure if he could even go back or if he should and even if there was even a place to go back to. Why can’t I remember?? I remember finding Vanhashiron then I never returned but why? Why did I not go back home to mom? This was whole thing was eating away at him, this wouldn’t just go away he had to know what happened to his family. He got up and began getting ready anyway, he put on his coat and put his sword on his back, I suppose I should speak with the queen before deciding anything, I need to make sure my absence will be okay for everyone else. He left his partly packed bag in his room and headed toward Alyssa’s room it was still early so she’d still be there rather than in the Throne Room.

He walked up to the door, the guards knew that they didn’t need to question Majora, he had proven countless times how loyal he was to Alyssa and the Scarf Heroes. As he knocked he felt a little nervous, usually he would only disturb her like this in a serious situation but this was only a personal matter, Majora started to regret bugging her but right then the door opened. She was wearing her elegant attire along with her crown. “Oh hello Majora, I was just about to head down to the Throne Room.” She said. “Err yeah… I wanted to talk to you about something.” Majora responded nervously. “?? Everything alright? You seem different…” “Well you see it’s about something personal, a request for something.” “Ohh ok! Well come in for a moment so we can be alone for a moment.” The two walked in and over towards a small table with a tea pot and cups, Majora sat down and Alyssa took the pot and filled up both cups. “Ah thank you” he said, Alyssa always made the best tea, it had a certain taste to it that couldn’t seemed to be replicated by anyone else Majora had met. As he took a sip he realized that the taste was actually very familiar, sure he has had some before but he just realized that it tasted very similar if not exactly the same way as the way his mother used to make it. “So then, what did you need to ask me?” Majora put down the cup, “Well, yesterday I realized that there’s a lot of my past that’s clouded, much of it I don’t even remember. I just know that I lived in a small house out in the middle of nowhere with my mother and one day I left to go find my sword and I never went back and I can’t remember why I did that. Especially with being as young as I was.” “How old were you?” “I think I was… 7? Yeah 7.” Alyssa choked on her tea a little in shock. “7??! How did you survive in the old world that long? I-I mean there’s no way a 7 year old could do that all alone!” Majora couldn’t help but take that as a complement and smiled, “well I’m not 100% sure, but I think it was my sword, despite it giving me some powers, it sort of taught me how to fight.” Alyssa just stared at him with a look that gave off an ‘I want to hear more’ look. Majora took another sip of the tea, “well in any case,” Majora continued, “the point I wanted to talk to you was to ask you if I could leave for just awhile to go see my parents, I’d be back within at most 3 months. The place is a little ways away to the north east.” Alyssa looked somewhat disappointed not hearing more about how a sword alone could teach him how to fight like he does now. Then she nodded “I don’t see any problem with that, not being able to remember all that must eat away at you… I think you’ll find the truth you’re looking for. But you’ve got to promise me and the others you’ll make it back safely.” “Well yeah of course! I don’t intend on dying out there, when I come back I’ll tell everyone about it and if I’m lucky Maybe you’ll get to meet my mom.” Majora finished the tea and stood up, I’ll be leaving really early tomorrow morning it might be best if I just left without everyone knowing, I’d rather not have a long teary good bye or anything.” “If you want to do that way then sure, but after you leave I’ll tell everyone otherwise everyone will just get worried.” Majora nodded and walked out of the room.

As he was walking out of the room Alyssa called out to him “we’ll be waiting for you.” Majora turned around, smiled, and put his fist to his chest as a way of reassuring the promise, and then continued back to his room. That night, Majora went down to the kitchen to get a few snacks, he already packed his own food but he thought he might as well grab something on the way out. Let’s see… oh! These are pretty good, healthy too. He thought as he grabbed some snack bars. He suddenly heard movement in the room he dropped the food and bag and pulled out his sword within a fraction of a second and pointed it at the noise. It was Tales, she was standing right by the fridge with a tub of Ice cream and a spoon in her hands, she had a look of absolute horror on her face, “I just wanted a bite I swear! I wasn’t going to eat the whole thing!” Majora looked at the Tub and saw more than half of it gone. He let down his sword relieved, geez how did I not see her there? “Damn Tales you scared the hell outta me.” He said.  She looked down for a moment at the remaining Ice cream, “so… you’re not mad about the ice cream?” Majora laughed from the relief and silliness of the situation, “no of course not although I think Amber might be a little upset about that. I think she had something special planed for that ice cream.” ‘A little upset’ was an understatement… “Oh no... I’m doomed aren’t I?” she said as she took another bite. “Wait,” she said looking at the backpack on the floor and the snack bars. “What are YOU doing down here?” Majora picked up everything and put it in the pack, “well... I have to leave for a while.” Tales put the Tub down on the counter Majora then explained where he was going, how long he’d be going and that he already talked with Alyssa about it. “Oh wow that’s pretty rough.” She said. “Hmm… now that I think about it, I’m pretty thankful but I feel kinda bad.” “About what?” Majora asked. “Well compared to everyone else I’ve had a decent life but then you, Kay, Alyssa, almost everyone else has had a hard life, sure I’m thankful but I feel bad about it…” Majora had his arms folded and was leaning on the counter, “Feeling left out?” He smirked just a little. “No, I just think sometimes… why can’t everyone have a happy childhood?” Majora looked down for a moment then said, “Well our pasts are always different, but you know what? Maybe we shouldn’t always look to the past and think that, that’s what makes us, who we are. What matters is our present and our future. Look Tales, the fact that you had a good Past just shows that in a darkened world like ours is getting better, it’s slow but we’re getting there, little things like this can give us hope that’ll go for miles.” “Huh… I never thought of it that way!” She smiled, I wasn’t expecting to hear something so corny tonight.” “C-corny? That wasn’t corny!” the two laughed a little, Majora looked out the window and saw the light starting to come up over the hills. “Well I gotta get going, I’ll be back before you know it!” Tales waved to him as he walked away, as soon as he was out of sight she grabbed the tub of ice cream and proceeded to finish it off.

When Majora got to the exit, Alyssa was there waiting for him, “good morning Majora.” She said. “Morning! You here to see me off?” “Well that yes but I also remembered something, you said you were going to be heading northeast right? I remembered the Citadel has a few secret escape routes and one of them leads right out of Crestfall to the northeast it might save you some time.” Majora looked a little confused, “wait, escape routes? Why was I never told about these?” “I only discovered them a few days ago, some of them are actually broken down and impassible but the one that’ll help you is perfectly fine! Here, I’ll show you.” She lead him to the Throne Room and went behind the throne, she very lightly put her hand on the wall behind it, she then removed her hand and put only her finger on the wall and lightly dragged her finger around the wall like as if she was drawing a complex symbol of some kind. Suddenly, there was a click over in the corner, the corner sank into the ground and revealed a passage. “W-w-how did you figure that out?!” She just smiled and shrugged, “I dunno, Come on lets go” she said. As they walked down into the secret tunnel Majora saw the light of the sun coming up as the door was closing. Oh good, left just in time they went down a flight of stairs then into a long hallway. Before they got too far Majora could have sworn he very faintly heard someone above yelling about Ice cream. Soon enough, they reached a flight of stairs that went up, once they got to the top Alyssa pulled a lever and a door opened above them, some dirt fell down from the opening. Majora stepped outside and saw he was actually well away from Crestfall. “This is where you journey starts Majora.” Alyssa says still standing behind the door. “You better make it back, if you’re not within that 3 months or if no word is sent I’ll send out a hug search party for you.” “Don’t worry, I’ll make it, hell I live in these lands most of my life, I can make it back without a doubt.” “Good! Also, when you do come back don’t try to use this to get back in, it can’t be opened from the outside at all.” Majora Nodded, “alright I’ll see you later.” She turned the lever down and the door started to close. But before it closed Alyssa took out a rose and tossed it to Majora. “Tell your mom the Scarf Heroes said hi!” The door closed. He put the Rose and put it in a place in his Pack so it wouldn’t get crushed. He then noticed that he couldn’t tell where the secret door was, it were almost as if it completely disappeared. He stomped around the area he thought it was and it all just felt like dirt. Weird, well that’s good no one can find it then. He looked around, he seemed to be in a forest of dead trees, no sign of radiation though. Majora took out his compass and looked towards the direction he felt was right, the compass showed northeast, just as he remembered. Well here we go! And so Majora's journey home began.

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