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Drawn by Amber


Majora with his coat by Amber


He's Generally a very nice person unless one were to threaten or insult himself, his friends, or the Scarf Heroes other than things like that it's pretty difficult to get him mad. He keeps his opinions to himself when it comes to conversational topics as that he does not like to start unnecessary arguments. Majora is also very open minded to new ideas. He doesn't like to have to kill any humans, though he will in order to protect what matters or to full fill an order given by Alyssa. He's also his loyalty to the Scarf Heroes, his convictions are unwavering, this being said he is also very protective of Alyssa due to her being the queen and the one that brought him into the group. Majora also has a very high sense of honor, he made himself a code that gained in popularity with the other Scarf Heroes and they now try to follow it to the best of their abilities. Lastly, Majora is usually upbeat and takes things in stride.


Majora is actually a normal human, he has no special powers alone besides his soul ability, (not yet decided) it's his sword alnoe that allows him to do the super human things like jumping high up and taking large amounts of damage. He is quite knowledgeable when it come to health issues, he knows how to bandage and close a wound as well as make medicine for minor illnesses. Majora is also skilled with his sword even though it is all self-taught. The Sword still has secrets that can be unlocked but what these powers are as of now unknown.


  • Majora's sense of Honor is based on Zack Fair from Final Fantasy 7.
  • Majora in Latin translates to, "The Greater".
  • He has near to no memory about his life before he found his Vanhashiron.
  • Majora was only 7 when he found Vanhashiron, he wasn't strong enough to wield the whole sword so he would split it and only use one piece of it while the other remained on his back, and even then he still had trouble using it.
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