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Daf is an Official who joined as the 24th Scarf Hero. His personal favorite weapon is the Dimensional Blazer. Daf is a multi, which means he has a portal ability and immortal blood. His scarf is striped tan and brown.


 He is slightly egotistical and sometimes will not think a problem through before fighting. However, he has a kind heart and will always try to help a friend out. He prefers not to fight, but will in order to help his friends. Being extremely friendly, he can hit it off with most people.


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Daf has brown spiked hair and brown eyes to match. He usually wears a grey T-shirt with a lighter grey jacket and tan cargo pants. He wears black tennis shoes with a gold stripe. He always wears his favorite tan and brown beanie. His eyes are a blood red, and steam when he gets mad.


Daf wears the same dark grey T-shirt, cargo pants, shoes, and grey jacket, but instead of a scarf and beanie he has a red bandana and shades.


Instead of wearing a suit like any one else would, Daf wears a blue flannel over his dark grey T-shirt, he also wears denim jeans.


Daf swims in his T-shirt and red boxers.

Powers and Abilities

- Daf has multi healing blood which can heal any wound.

- Daf has a portal

Soul Ability

Stage One (Multi Rage)

It's something spicy



the best, the best, the best, the best, the best.


Best Friend from Treaion, left Daf and Chain at the age of 15. Ended up getting refound in Crestfall and became Dafs partner.






Daf tries hard to becoming friends with Janet, but fails to. He's not sure if it's his bad jokes or if she doesn't like ginger ale. He tries anyways though.


Daf respects Joey, even if most of his orders annoy him. Daf believes there's always a better way to a mission, unless of course Joeys plan is really good or Daf can't come up with an idea. Otherwise he wouldn't mind grabbing a drink with him.


Daf doesn't talk to Haru much, but enjoys his company. He tries to make Haru feel comfortable due to


feeling tension between them. This doesn't work all the time and makes things awkward.


Daf sees Kays on and off relationship and tries to be calm about it. Sometimes he can't and he'll react sarcastically until Kay stops in frustration. It is truly an annoying brother and bratty sister kind of relationship but they love each other regardless.


Daf looks up to Majora like most Scarf Heroes. He enjoys bits of wisdom Majora has to say, even if it isn't directed towards Daf. He doesn't get to close because he sees that Majora is a bit hostile and afraid of him. However that doesn't stop Daf from listening in.


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