Lime is the adopted daughter of Dom. She is very rebellious and often goes against Dom's warnings. Though she doesn't listen to her father she definitely takes after him learning and gaining strength and an ego akin to his. Like Dom she can more than hold her own in a fist fight, but unlike him she prefers to attack with stealth. She fights to grow stronger and eventually beat her father. Her scarf color is Lime green with black stripes to resembled her fathers retired scarf and her weapon is the scorpion staff.


Lime is a black female with an undercut (half her hair is shaven while the other half is long), she wears a crop top jacket with Giuliana's body shop emblem on the back, two golden necklaces Dom gave her, a black tank top, black skinny jeans (that have a few holes), and a pair of black/gold converse high tops. Lime is 16 years old and 5'7. She can usually be found sparring with Crimson Blaise or admiring Mira Nyx.

IMG 20160321 120926


Lime has definitely inherited her fathers pride, and pretends she hates him even though she loves him dearly. She is likes to test her skills on any opponent she can. Unlike her father she has no problem killing anyone in her way. She sometimes tries to fix Dom up with women to get him out of her hair because he tries to protect her too much.

Traits & Abilities

  • Multi portals though she can barely them.
  • She has trained to make her presence unnoticeable by skilled trackers


  • Dom's daughter.
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