Lilí "lil·y" is one of the human members of the Scarf Heroes. She is of Irish origins, with a heavy accent. She wields the Wonderland-Daggers and Pastel-Pistols as her weapons of choice.


Lilí lived with her father for the most of her life, and they had a stable father and daughter relationship. They would rent books and read from dusk to dawn, and listen to music and talk to one another frequently. Lilí went to any normal school, nothing special. She took normal classes, not achieving anything major except a few high marks. She did not have many friends, with the exception of a few close ones. However, she feels distant from them. She never did great when it came to school projects, she always had to improvise.

As she grew older, her father did as well, and along with age he grew terribly sick. Lilí simply could not watch him die, so she brought him to the nearest health center. After 6 months of treatment, her father managed to survive the illness he had encountered, but at a very high expense he could not manage to pay.

Lilí knew that if he never found a solution to slowly pay off the bill, they would both be punished so she set off looking for a job. The first career she had found was a simple, well-paid, full-time gardening job for some higher class individuals. They had a large garden, filled with rare, common, priceless and even illegal plants. She enjoyed the job for the most part.

One day while working, the owners had mentioned they were getting a plant shipped into their garden very soon, and she was not to touch it in any way shape or form including watering it.

Due to her personality, she had forgot that one simple detail. She continuously repeated to herself not to water the plant, however as soon as she saw it, she forgot the simple detail that could have changed her whole future.

At the end of the garden was a magnificent rainbow-like flower, its name was unknown to her. She could have sworn that she heard it whispering and calling for her. It began asking for a drink twice, then it wailed in a distorted voice. At first she was scared, however she then convinced herself that there would be no harm in watering the plant. She slowly tilted the watering can, a single drop landing on a petal, then suddenly a dart-like thorn landed in her soft skin. It shot into her wrist, she wailed as she watched the thorn sink into her bloodstream. Her blue veins, changed into an assortment of colors and then back to a lighter blue. Once the color had changed to that lighter blue, the pain had stopped. She looked back to the flower that once had a rainbow-like appearance, was now a dead grey. She suddenly shrieked at the possibilities of being in trouble. Tears streamed down her face.

That night, she was scared of the truth being let out. She went downstairs and told her father. He nodded and listened when suddenly he could not bear to listen. She said in a frightened voice,

"Father, I have to run away, run to Crestfall, as far away from our village."

He knew he could not stop her, and he already knew this day was coming. He sighed and unlocked a treasured box he had hidden away, andhe revealed twin daggers and dual pistols. Along with a white silken, rose embroidered scarf, in which belonged to the mother of Lilí.

"Use these to protect yourself, and use this too keep yourself warm. Seek out those known as the Scarf Heroes, they will help you, they have ties with your mother. Be brave."' 'her father said, and with that said, Lilí set off on a short journey.

On her journey, she had grown desperate and saddened. She suddenly collapsed whilst crying and begging to return home. Unexpectedly, from where the thorn had previously entered, a vine wrapped itself around her arm. The thorn began piercing her skin. A well-known distorted voice called out:

"Keep going child, you are my chosen one. If you fail to continue, I will kill you here and now."

She shrieked at the thought of the flower being inside of her. She wondered if it was her imagination. She questioned being the chosen one, and what it would possibly mean for her journey. She decided not to take any risk, and continued. While continuing, she had spotted a zombie attacking a villager from her own village, Steve McGurry. She despised him, as he was a sleaze who had on many occasions, attempted to scam her and her father. He yelled out to her for help. She did not know what to do herself. Then she questioned what the flower would do. She then tackled the zombie, giving Steve a chance to run. She yelled as he had ditched her, the zombie attacked near her neck whilst growling and drooling. She thought it was the end, until she raised her hand unconsciously. After she had done that, a large vine bursted through the ground, stabbing the zombie and killing it.

Once she stepped into Crestfall, she noticed several people in well-noticeably colored scarves, and she inquired their reasons for wearing them. They revealed that they were Official Ranked Scarf Heroes on duty. She told them her story and they happily agreed that she could stay within the Citadel. In return, she offered her gardening skills and her knowledge that she had on healing, science, history.


Lilí is a small female human, standing at 5'0 but given an extra boost with her high-top-boots, bringing her to 5'2. She has a well rounded face with chubby cheeks, while the rest of her body staying moderately skinny. She has a scrawny build, and also not able to take many hits.

Lilí is more on the "girly-girl" side, wearing a white dress-top with several blossom looking petals falling on the silk. She wears light, baby-pastel-blue shorts, that are barely seen due to the length of her dress, along with white socks, accompanied by baby-pastel-blue high-top-boots, that have shell-pink roses embroidered into them. Her hair is a mainly an oaky-brown color fading into blonde, which is quite long yet not too long as it gradually ends at her waist, her hair is held back in a pink,white, yellow and red rose-like flower crown,leading it into a long high pony-tail. She has shiny yet soft pastel yellow eyes, that go well with her always peachy-rose blushed cheeks.

She has her daggers hidden along with her dual pistols under her dress top, clinged to a belt.


Lilí is an introvert, quiet, reserved, and calm. She is not one to stand her ground very often, and she could also be known to be a book worm. She enjoys reading most of the time, from science, history, and fantasy books. She also highly enjoys classical music with the odd pinch of dubstep. She also likes taking care of the outside garden of the Citadel, due to having worked as a gardener for a rich family in order to pay off the hospital debt for her father.

She takes care of plants every-day. Normally sitting in the Royal-Gardens owned by Alyssa. She cares after any plant Alyssa gives her for the garden and of course, if any stray animal finds it way to her, she'll take care of it.

She rarely speaks and when she does her voice has a stutter and it is quiet, mainly because she is scared to embarrass herself or say something wrong. However, she is constantly singing in her free time, mainly to plants since she believes music helps plants grow.

However, she can be serious and stern when she needs to be, mainly when she worries over someone dear to her. She constantly worries over worrying people so she tends to keep things to herself.


Lilí wields dual pistols and twin daggers which were both previously owned by her mother.

Pastel Pistols-

The Pastel Pistols are small dual pistols with pastel colored metal covering the regular material that the guns originally had. The Pastel Pistols also shoot bullets that explode into pastel paint shards on impact, giving the extra chance of injuring an enemy even if the bullet misses.


The Wonderlandaggers "Wonder-Land-Daggers" are twin daggers that are hidden under Lilí's dress-top. They are magnificently designed with golden swirls and crests on a silver blade. They were inspired by her favorite fantasy character, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland by appearing from one area from another.

An example of this would be when Lilí threw the Wonderlandaggers from behind her hiding spot such as behind a tree, the daggers passed from behind a tree, only to appear from another tree, 2 meters away. They would then efficiently stab the enemies upper torso.

The issue with these is that they must be grabbed back after throwing them, which can leave Lilí unarmed. Another problem is that the daggers sometimes miss the enemy. Then aggressively returning to either hit Lilí or to fly off far away.

Abilities and Weaknesses


Lilí's new found powers are because of the flower. She can summon vines from nowhere, or grow plant like barriers with the help of her new companion. She also gains the help of the flower to heal small wounds, and major wounds, however major wounds would be draining her very own strength.

When Lilí is depressed or saddened, the vines will be summoned again by the inner flower to discipline her. As stated by the flower with death threats to end her life. The flower has just as much control over Lilí as Lilí has over herself. The only thing it cannot do is move her regular body movements, and speak for her. Its voice is only heard in the head of Lilí, and it tells her what to do.

When Lilí is angered, the same effects happen as when she is upset. However instead of hurting her, they give her extra power, considering the flower feeds of her negative impulses or as the flower calls it, "red emotions".

Summoning Plants, Flowers,Insects and Water

Due to Lilí's new powers she can easily summon plants and flowers, either for gardening purposes or fighting. She tries her best not to use it too often as it tires her out easily. She can call upon small insects such as bee's, butterflies, wasps and spiders. (She prefers butterflies since they're prettier in her eyes). Lilí can also summon very small amounts of water.


Lilí is very basic in combat and when it comes to any human weaknesses. She lacks speed as well, making her an easy target. She has any possible weakness that a human has.She also hates fire.


"Flowers are truly wonderful, too bad most of them have died..."

"Oh no, that wasn't me - that was the Flower."

"The Flower? Oh, it's just a little companion I have."

"Ahaha, I know it must be boring to listen to me go on and on, but I found an old history book~!"

"Yes, I am 17. W-wait, I'm not that small am I?!"

"Flos potestatem , mihi concedere tuus sanatio, potestatem!"

"Just because I'm an Irish Gardener, doesn't mean I grow potatoes."

"There seems to be a lot of Gardeners and Botanists... Oh well~ Some friendly competition never hurt anyone."



Haru and Lilí are little plant pals, they enjoy speaking about nature and animals, and both share a mindset when it comes to choices in manga and anime. Even if she might be scared of hurting him due to her fondness of Pyran, she still makes sure to put him, as a friend first- even if she's not that great at doing said job.


Tales and Lilí's relationship is a good-buddy one. Tales seems hyper and fun, and Lilí complete opposite, being shy and a book worm who keeps to herself. Tales shares good books, and if Tales suggests them, Lilí will read them. If Tales suggests a plant to study, or finds one, Lilí will study it. Lilí likes to watch Tales battle, mainly due to how fascinating it is, her and her fighting style. Even though Lilí is older, she really does treat her like a 'senpai'


Daf and Lilí don't talk much, but Lilí likes observing his powers and strength mainly since 'Multi's' are awesome in her eyes. She prefers Daf out of them all, mainly since Kay hangs out with him, so she knows he's safe.


Lilí like Janet, she finds her very respectable and a great guardian for the queen. She sees Janet as a dedicated and trustworthy person. She'd kill (not really) for the respect Janet has from the team. She says Janet is as loyal as a German Shepard. (Ha, get it? German Shepard is a Guard Dog- Janet has a German name and accent and is a Guard )


Lilí finds Alyssa; or as she secretly calls her 'Rose Queen' ; an amazing leader, who she'd protect with the best of her newfound ability. She knows she can annoy her with her cheery attitude; "but maybe some cheer in Alyssa's life would do her well."-Lilí to Janet. Lilí doesn't mind this though, since Alyssa normally lets her into the Royal Gardens to help fix her plants and keep the CItadel lively with colorful flowers.


Kay and Lilí speak quite often due to how she likes to be on Kay's safe side due to being scared from her fire-powers. She respects her, due to her strength and wisdom. She calls Kay several flower names, such as 'SnapDragon','Purple Rose', ect She strays away from Kay when she's grumpy or mad, mainly due to her main fear. She wishes she had Kay's bravery.


She thinks Joey is a respectable man and hard-working. She strives to be like him, even though cowardly, she will also strive to be brave and leader-like, like him.


  • Her name originates from the name of her creator, Kayleigh. Kayleigh Mary-Ann Lilí ní chairealláin.
  • Her name means Lily Carleton.
  • Her full name is 'Lilí Gladiolus Chrysanthemum Ní Chairealláin'
  • Her nicknames consist of "Lily", "Chair-Chan", due to last name.
    • "Beauty" due to 'Alláin' meaning that in English, and
      • "Butterfly" due to her small height and weak and fragile appearance.
  • She prefers pastel colors.
  • Her souls color would be a pastel red.
  • The connections of her mother to the Scarf Heroes are never actually elaborated on.
  • Her sexual orientation is bisexual, yet she constantly states that she is straight despite her manner.
  • She speaks Latin, Irish, English and some pieces of French and Spanish.
  • Lilí's plant, of personality is ; 'Gladiolus/Sword Lily' and or 'Water Lily'
  • Gladiolus callianthus 1345579492