The Liberator is an M1A4 Abram's owned by the Crows. This military vehicle will be featured in the Scarf Heroes Anime. It is currently being worked on by Kevin Karvington and Vroom in the Crow's Nest, laying dormant. The current issues the Liberator has are engine jams, inaccurate tread movement, and very little gas. The cannon is fully functional, and fires with a 100% accuracy rating.


It has a light fainted green coloring scheme, and a very faded old pre-war United States military logo on the side. The Crows have spray painted their emblem beside that logo, rather than on top of it, as they have respect for the veterans whom have made it. This tank was built to clear out large hordes of faded while the civilians attempted to escape.


  • The Crows found this tank crashed within the Crow's Nest, it used to lay on the road surface above until it crumbled down.
  • The group may use this tank to destroy Mortimer's Bank Co. or Crestfall.
  • The engine is very technical, and is currently their biggest concern.

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