"REV up the KEV!" - Kevin Karvington.
Kevin Karvington is the leader of the Crows, and a featured character in the Scarf Heroes Anime. He has named his chainsaw-launching device "Kev", not because he is narcissistic, but because he simply loves puns. Kevin would be considered a "chaotic-neutral" individual; if he finds no use in a person, he will simply murder them on the spot. His best friend is Vroom, simply because they both heavily enjoy fixing up the tank together.


He is very hyper and energetic, and has passion and care for his teammates so long as they obey his orders. Kevin has very little interest in Crestfall and the Scarf Heroes as he believes them to be people that hide from their problems. Ironically, this group established a hideout deep within the Metro Tunnels to avoid confrontation.


"Oh! You're not here to trade or bring something positive to us? Then why would I even let you stay alive?"

"Charlie? No. That's Willson. It's a better name because he had the WILL to live."

"Why are we named the Crows? Well... Crows don't give two shits about anything, and they eat the dead... even if it's rotting."

"Carly and Sasha are the complete opposite of each other, it freaks me out."

"I thought I was hallucinating when I saw a little girl wandering around the Old City, playing all by herself."


  • Kevin is the leader of the Crows.
  • He loves meat and hates plants, meaning he is in contrast of Esther.
  • He has the tendency to play the air guitar.
  • The more idiotic the pun, the more humourous it is to him.
  • The rule of cannibalism to survive was established by him.
  • Kevin was the one that had found the Liberator.
  • He had seen Alyssa wander the Old City when she was a kid.
  • He has a soft heart when it comes to children.
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