Kev is the primary weapon of Kevin Karvington. It is a chainsaw-projectile launcher that can also be used as a regular chainsaw. He had built and customized Kev from picking up scraps in the trainyard in his early twenties. Due to the wear and tear on the blades and machinery, the contraption has a chance of being jammed. Kevin continues to modify and upgrade his precious Kev whenever he can, and has a passion for traders that arrive with the particular parts needed.


Kevin Karvington has sliced through more zombies and humans alike with this weapon. Kev requires a lot of strength and usage to master, if one desires to chop torsos in half with one swipe. The Crows are known to praise the threatening vibe Kev has on individuals. Travelers are highly recommended to avoid getting on this leader's bad side, or suffer the gory and horrifying consequences.


  • Kevin named this weapon to make a ridiculous pun, which means he is not egocentric.
  • He also calls his weapon "Mr. Kev" at times.
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