Kay was born to a half human half doragonshifatú family, mother being human, father being a doragonshifatú. She had two older siblings, both human, while she, the only child born of dragon blood.

Her family and her lived in Drakaynea, who her father was king of. Her mother and siblings were welcomed in kindly even though they were human.

As a child, you could say she was the complete opposite of what she is now. She was a bubbly and happy child. She loved the comfy life being royalty, and things were normally done for her, however she didn't like it. She would have preferred to do things herself. She became independent while maintaining her cheery attitude. She befriended many other children in her area, and had many hours of fun with them.

She loved her parents very much. Her mother was very sympathetic, and warm-hearted. Her father was strict but also quite the caring man. As king and queen they had many duties, so Kay was normally left alone with the royal guards. She had requested to be trained in their ways, so even as a young child she could defend her country of kingdom.

She learned of her dragon like powers at a young age much like any other member of royal Doragonshifatú blood. She had been learning of mythology, and the differences between shapeshifters and subspecies. She admired the differences between each one, and loved reading about them, and all together loved reading.

Along with this she had a love for art normally venting in her art and if not that, drew pictures of her family and gave it to them. She found herself only good at art before that decreased. She had stopped once she saw her siblings copying her, and without any warning she felt useless and that they were better than her.

Kay being the youngest was normally pushed around by her older siblings, even though they were only human- she was too scared to do anything to them. She never told her parents about this and accepted her harsh beatings and verbal abuse from her siblings, being called; "Freak", "Monster" and so on, for being different. She also had been called "worthless", "useless" by them, saying even though she was of royal dragon blood, she'd be the reason the kingdom would ever have a downfall if she ever sat on the throne.

After this Kay grew up a bit, and noticed her mother and father were fighting now, mainly due to her siblings. But thanks to them Kay thought it was her fault.

Soon enough her mother and siblings left. Kay was safe now. She worried about her father, he seemed so lifeless now, and his pride shattered. He'd sit upon the throne, either weeping or drinking.

Kay ended up taking charge at a young age, while her father was still on the throne, she had to give orders for him.

She had become very cold, not taking any back talk from anyone at the mere age of 11. She had become very ruthless in her fathers place. A good ruler who knew the rules were to be followed.

As her father watched her grow he had become happier with his life, even though his lover and two eldest children were gone, he had been happy to see Kay grow up with him.

Teenage Years

As Kay grew older her father became the happy man he once was.

He sighed one day, wrapping Kay's new birthday present around her neck, a new Galaxy Printed scarf. He told Kay a long journey awaited her, she was to leave her home and have an adventure of a lifetime.

Reluctantly Kay nodded; and packed her things and went.

On her journey throughout the wasteland she encountered Faded/Fading. She instantly panicked upon being attacked, and without notice transformed into her dragon form, for the first time ever. Attacking the foul creatures with all her might she triumphed over the creatures. She was tired after turning back to her human form- she was not used to the soul draining and energy draining power she had.

Kay had then acquired a cloak, she pulled it on her hiding her identity, not aware her eyes glowed and were more apparent under the darkness of the hood of the new cloak. Kay saw the Scarf Heroes, but they were struggling, they were low on numbers and fighting their way through the 'Faded'. She saw they were in her way, and even though she did not feel like being helpful, she thought that they seemed like they knew where the closest area of safety was. Kay attacked the faded, and without a second thought cleared out the majority of them, giving the Scarf Heroes space to breathe. Kay's face was still hidden. She looked at the smallest one, later revealed to her as 'Isa' and asked; "Where is the safest area near here?" . Isa although shocked by the sudden question told Kay, to go towards a place called 'Crestfall'. Without hesitation, Kay ran off, the only thing revealed about her was she was a stranger and had glowing eyes.

She stumbled her way to Crestfall, the guards not looking, Kay climbed up the wall and entered the inner walls. Kay needing a stable job for shelter had gotten an under-payed, over-worked job in a local inn. Isa on patrol, saw Kay working, she recognized the eyes that had helped her back in the wasteland. She also saw Kay's scarf.

"Oh! Y-you are the one who helped my friends and I in the waste land...Uhm, are you a new member?" Isa inquired. Kay cocked an eyebrow back, "Member of..?" Kay looked down at Isa noticing her scarf too,

With joy in her eyes, Isa explained Scarf Heroes, and talked to Kay, asking if she'd like to join. Kay nodded, and gave Isa her trust and friendship and loyalty in exchange for her kindness. She became a Scarf Hero after speaking with Alyssa.

Kay became friends with the other members quickly, however, not trusting them fully like she did Isa. But soon she gained trust from others.

Soon enough Kay became an Official and Honorary, and was a proud member of SH- dedicating herself to her friends' safety.

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