First Appearance


As said in the page Kay/History (Anime) the following happens:

While wandering the wasteland-Kay acquired a cloak, she pulled it on her hiding her identity, not aware her eyes glowed and were more apparent under the darkness of the hood of the new cloak. Kay saw the Scarf Heroes, but they were struggling, they were low on numbers and fighting their way through the 'Faded'. She saw they were in her way, and even though she did not feel like being helpful, she thought that they seemed like they knew where the closest area of safety was.

Kay attacked the faded, and without a second thought cleared out the majority of them, giving the Scarf Heroes space to breathe. Kay's face was still hidden. She looked at the smallest one, later revealed to her as 'Isa' and asked; "Where is the safest area near here?". Isa although shocked by the sudden question told Kay, to go towards a place called 'Crestfall'. Without hesitation, Kay ran off, the only thing revealed about her was she was a stranger and had glowing eyes.

She stumbled her way to Crestfall, the guards not looking, Kay climbed up the wall and entered the inner walls. Kay needing a stable job for shelter had gotten an underpaid, over-worked job in a local inn. She worked there until she met Isa.

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