I have loved the stars all my life, to be scared of the darkness that comes with the night.
— Kay

Kay is an Official, Honorary Scarf Hero with a galaxy-printed blue/purple silk scarf. The scarf, however, is not normally worn as a scarf and more like a bandanna around her neck.She enjoys talking about the stars, night, galaxies and planets, and ultimately enjoys relaxing. CutieWithAknife



Kay is a female of the average height of 5'6". She has a slim and naturally tall figure. Her skin is a ghostly-pale white, which is more apparent due to her dark hair. She has naturally black nails that fade into a shade of grey near the cuticle.

She has bright, galaxy-purple blue fusion eyes that have a natural glow to them. Her hair is wavy and black with a dark blue tint and ends at her shoulders in a deep blue dip dye, and consists of a side-fringe which covers her left eye. When Kay runs or is fighting her hair leaves a trail of purple near the ends, looking much like her eyes when they flare up.

Her eyes have the ability to flare up in a ghastly glowing flame that shares the same look as her scarf when she is experiencing strong emotional feelings.

Normal Outfit

Kay currently wears a dark jacket that displays a small deep blue star on the shoulder. Her shirt underneath consists of a black and blue galaxy pattern. She wears black ripped skinny jeans along with black/blue high top sneakers. All of the galaxy pattern is noticeably blue. Whats notable is that does NOT wear her scarf most of the time. She too wears a black beanie and a pair of goggles upon said beanie to keep it on her head and leather black gloves.


Kay's pajamas are not seen much due to her rarely sleeping. She wears a galaxy printed tank top and light purple shorts. Her slippers are the same purple, and has mini stars on them with smiley faces. Her hair is tied up into a braid around her head, and the rest falls onto her shoulders. Her side-fringe is also clipped back.

Wastelander Outfit

When Kay is out on missions her outfit doesn't change much. Her runner boots go to grey boots that have the same crystal galaxy pattern as before. Her jacket is unzipped showing off her galaxy tank top with a clear star in the middle. Her hair is let down to its full length however the sides are clipped upwards with clear small star clips.She wears several belts with mini stars on them, and hold her weapons.

Formal Outfit

Kay's formal outfit is a knee length wavy dress, it consists of several layers of silk as the skirt that all come together in different shades of purples and small detailed stars to look like a galaxy.

The different shades darken as they go down, making the small stars look prettier, and as the silk moves it looks like a moving galaxy.

She wears several clips in her hair that Kacey gave her, along with white silk tights and purple slip ons.

Her hair is let down too.

Forms and Abilities

Kay's dragon abilities run in her family, and typically change in appearances depending on the form it takes.


Dragon Form

This form is Kay's 'normal' form, the dragon is medium-sized but can pack a punch. It has silver scales with galaxy like flames running down from the tip of its nose down to the very bottom of its tail. Its wingspan is around 60 feet (18 meters) wide but allow her to fly very fast. However, depending if she's using her soul concept in dragon form or not she can grow from her average 2 or 3 meters size to 10 meters in height and her wingspan being 600 feet. Her eyes are a piercing neon purple and have a black lining on the outline becoming a fireproof shield due to using fire.

Her scales are heat proof, and waterproof, giving her some boosts in bulk. Her scales in color are silver white as mentioned above; continuing on that, her scales can shine as if there were some star-like sparkles within her scales. Her inner wings have a transparent yet visible pattern of a moving crystallized galaxy. Her eyes glow when angered. Her fangs are pure white, but her claws and the horns on her head are a dark grey with the inner core being a moving galaxy like pattern.

Her tail is where all her fire is stored, as the 'small' purple flame looks small, but when she's angered it blazes up her back, adding to the more intimidating looks she has. 

In combat Kay's dragon form supports her friends in battle. It is large and strong as stated above. Her abilities in this is being able to control fire much easier and quicker than her human form. She uses her fire in order to aid herself and friends too.

Kay also uses her fangs and claws by swiping and attacking with forceful bites and slashes. Although she is slow paced while running or walking it is hard to dodge due to her size.

Her tail with fire also aids her by being able to attack people from behind by throwing fire at them. It can also crush people easily with its weight.

She can breathe fire, and other things such as beams of light if in heavy moonlight.

Other in combat she can breathe out small balls of lights that look like stars.

Human Combat and Combat style

Kay relies on her brute strength. She uses her sword, knife and axe/hatchet. She can actually create fire but never uses it for combat unless in dire situations. She isn't as speedy or agile as her other friends and comrades.

She has managed to gain several weapons however that will aid her in battle. Like stated above Kay can activate her inner 'flames' allowing her to use her fire abilities as a dragon, as a human. These flames come out as a bright purple flame around the edges and a dark black in the middle to show the true darkness she has in her heart. The fire is barely used unless needed.

Her style and the appearance of her combat shows a strong forceful attacker. She is able to swing heavy objects or attack them without much effort.

Due to her being a heavy tank, dealing damage and being able to take it easily, she teams up with Amber and Isa during missions since they cover each other. Isa is the opposite of Kay, being speedy and skillful, and Amber is the mix between the two.

She'll happily work with these two anytime.



In both human and dragon form, her bones and skin are very tough (very hard to hurt) and her nerves are very stern. She can kick,punch and basically break many things with little effort with immense power. She of course can get hurt by things such as cuts , stabs and bullets etc. however cuts and stabs don't hurt her much unless they're very very deep.

Her main weakness is bullets as she is known to be slow and can't dodge them unless she knows they're coming. She has the same speed as a regular non athletic human so she can be caught up to easily while running.

Due to this she normally teams up with people such as Isa and Amber as they are a perfect mix that cover each other.


Kay shows herself to everyone as an anti-social teenager who dislikes contact and company from others, and instead of allowing herself to befriend new people, she shuts them out, taking an instant disliking to them, fearing they'll try to befriend her.

In the Throne Room she is typically seen being quiet and in a corner reading, drawing or listening to music. She can be quiet at times, but normally states her opinion and her outlook on things, and she may be quiet forceful when it comes to this- since as a child she was taught to be loud and forceful for people to listen to you.

She acts intimidating, giving deathly glares and staring at people in a disapproving judging way. She also gives off grunts, growls, huffs and other grumpy sounds. She uses vulgar wording and snappy remarks that can offend almost anyone when annoyed.

Kay actually is a very caring person, but it's hidden under a mask of keeping up expectations. She is also a very headstrong and determined person.

She has major trust issues, and fears losing everyone she loves. The slightest betrayal can make her mentally breakdown, and act differently all day. She does not befriend people that annoy her, or makes her feel uncomfortable and tries to ignore them, or goes as far to insult them often so they don't go near her.


These are Kay's quirks, but are not limited to;

  • Yawning a lot when bored.
  • Tapping foot
  • Potty mouth
  • Eye-rolling
  • Squinting
  • Winking
  • Pulling at bottom lip
  • Pinching skin especially when bored.
  • Rubbing hands together
  • Pointing especially during conversations
  • Raising eyebrows as they speak
  • Shrugging
  • Slapping people on the back
  • Gesturing a lot when speaking
  • Slouching
  • Putting their feet on a desk or table
  • Toying with objects before them
  • Chewing on their pencil
  • Chewing bottom lip
  • Licking lips
  • Speech patterns 
  • Awkward cough
  • Sliding the tip of one's index fingernail up and down along the side of the thumb beside it
  • Cracking knuckles and neck.



Cute Key


Kay sees Alyssa as a good queen and leader, but also as a great friend. Kay worries for Alyssa's mental state, and wishes she could help her more. Kay of course gets mad at Alyssa often due to how she handles things. She is relatively loyal to her, but knows when to draw the line. But she does support Alyssa, and has been by her side a lot, this is why she's a Honorary.


Kay sees Joey as a leader, and somehow, a bossy big brother she never had. She respects him just as much as she respects Majora, (That is a lot) and even if hesitant she would try to help or do what he says. Even though they rarely converse much, when they do they get along all right. However, Kay knows that her grumpy behaviour tends to annoy him. She does fully trust him.


Amber is one of Kay's bestest friends. Even though Amber is more goofy than Kay, and Kay seems serious and colder than Amber, they get along. They may crack some inside jokes and giggle about some things, but they are always there for each other. Kay actually feels a lot happier to see Amber, and she always tries to show it. Kay can confidently talk to Amber about almost anything, and has full trust in her. She is one of the few along with others that Kay would trust with her life.

She is like another sister to her, one that she loves dearly.


Kay and Isa are like sisters, they both understand each other. Along with Kay being protective over Isa for obvious reasons, it could fool anyone who don't focus on looks. Kay respects Isa and even though she has a hard time taking her love for Esther seriously. She really does worry over Isa due to how she can easily get hurt from the relationship. Several times Kay lost trust with Isa over her backing Esther up over her friends, even saying she cared more about him than her friends, in which Kay got angry over.

Kay's feelings have changed over time, feeling betrayed over this, and that there would be no point in staying if her first and most trusted friend would chose an enemy over her team.

Yet both maintain a positive out look upon each other, and Kay makes sure to be there for Isa no matter what.

Without Isa, Kay wouldn't even be a


Kay and Haru have known each other for a long time but Kay has a hard time getting along with Haru at all. She finds him cowardly and weak, especially with how he never ever picks a side even though he's affiliated with Scarf Heroes he never speaks ill towards his enemies. Kay also dislikes how he calls everyone he meets 'sama' or 'senpai' or 'chan' since she finds it annoying.

She feels that if he wants to survive he needs to either shape up or ship out since he won't last long by himself.

Though she knows him being neutral can help a lot.


From the moment they met, Kay and Tales were like rivals due to their contrasting personalities and competitive spirit; Tales was someone Kay saw fit to be an opponent. Now, however, Kay considers her a great best friend. Because of Tales's far more upbeat and almost charismatic personality - a trait Kay is jealous of - Kay finds that she would be the perfect person to burn a science lab down with, or even take over the world with.


Kay doesn't talk to Sheepy much, due to not seeing her often or when she sees her, Sheepy is normally busy. When they do talk Kay thinks of Sheepy as a kind and caring person and respects her. Kay understands why she's like the mother of the group due to how loving she is. She wants to make sure Sheepy is always happy .


Kay has a great respect for Majora, even though she knows he can be a bit scared of her outbursts of rage. She wished they could talk more because when they do their conversations are short-lived or don't go anywhere specific. She would like to befriend Majora and no matter still holds great respect for him. They do converse over serious matters a lot along with Amber due to the trio being Honoraries.


Kay has a hard time liking and hating Daf. She can respect him at one point and then change her mind quickly. Her overall opinion is a bit boggled up. She sees him sometimes like a brother only since they act like siblings from their on and off friendship.

Then again Kay knows without Daf the team wouldn't be complete.

She loves him in a brotherly way most of the time , but is more of the 'don't touch me' sibling, while he loves to give her affection.

Silvia Sitara

She doesn't mind her joining, she in fact finds her a nice addition to the team and knows her ability will deeply aid the team. She's also happy that with Silvia on the team makes Amber happy but finds it hard not to crack some blind jokes.

Dhana Prifma

Dhana and Kay don't have much of an interaction other than the happy apprentice and grumpy mentor teaching her how to use weapons. Kay doesn't like Dhana's optimism but gets use to it all together. She hopes one day she can use that battle axe.


Tiny is Kay's pet for most of the series. She adores him and loves to relax with him when she can. She trusts Amber and Isa the most and sometimes Sheepy to help taking care of him since she knows all three likes cats. She enjoys taking 'cat naps' with her kitten.



Kacey Suturis

Kay doesn't mind Kacey much, he can be annoying while he flirts with her but other than that she really likes him and his company since he's, as she would say, 'Good Craic'. She enjoys listening to him, and even if she did want to be more than friends she wouldn't have the guts to say so and would make him make the first move.Kay does become Kacey's love during the series, and the two do get together- which makes Kay a lot happier as a character. Even though they rarely see each other they stay loyal and happy.

Transparent kaayceyyy

Sasha Rothschild

Kay like her sassy bitchy side, and considers Sasha, the 'Crow Version' of herself. She likes her attitude, and if they weren't enemies, they'd be grand pals. But then again they do clash often. "There can only be one"

Esther Carina

Kay hates Esther with a boiling passion, she fears he'll take Isa with him to the crows, and feels that he's changed Isa. She wishes death upon him as the series begins.However, later within the series she gets use to Esther, and doesn't mind him much, almost acting friendly towards him,for the sake of Isa. Though she'd happily slice his throat if told so. Mostly them ending up as frenemies or hate-friends.

Carly Aine

Kay doesn't mind Carly that much since she knows Carly is no major threat and more of a friendlier person than the others. She enjoys watching Carly fight however since she likes her style.

Douglas "Vroom" Ettore

She finds him to be a dumb idiot, but likes his strength. Other than that, Kay has no opinion on him.

Kevin Karvington :

Kay finds him cool, and likes his attitude. She thinks even though he seems crazy that he's a good leader for his team.

Andy Laelynn

Kay always wonders what he's there for, other than a peace piece in which no one wants to hurt.She finds him being there useful however.

Mira Nyx

Kay likes her style and her assertiveness as a leader. She finds Mira crazy, but in a good sense since she does what's best for her team and herself. Kay respects this, but as a Scarf Hero she must not look up to her.


Kay doesn't have much of a 'real opinion' on the other members other than that their concept of building a Utopia is cool.


Doubt - Twenty One Pilots Lyrics

Doubt - Twenty One Pilots Lyrics

Kay's theme is by Twenty One Pilots; The name being 'Doubt'.

Kay's main issue that has been explained is her fear of being alone, betrayed, and mostly, forgotten. She doubts herself of her skills in protecting and keeping the ones she loves safe. She has an unholy fear of being forgotten and left for other people who are better than her. She ends up doubting many of her friend ships- but even when she doubts them, she only wishes that they will stay with her, since she feels no good or incomplete without her friends to help her heal her wounds and personality issues as she cannot do it by herself, no matter the tough act she puts on.

'Fear may be the death of me, fear leads to anxiety' and many lines like this are also how Kay feels, she's scared to die. Scared to be afraid of anything in case she is judged. She is ultimately afraid of being forgotten.

This song covers several of these points, and quite directly and clearly showing the issues of being forgotten and dealing with doubt related issues.
【VOCALOID Original】 Asthma 【GUMI English】

【VOCALOID Original】 Asthma 【GUMI English】

Another one of Kay's theme's is 'Asthma' by GUMI ENGLISH.

The song has connections to insanity, indecisiveness , depression, and even more worrying matters. However showing how hard it is to express it and asking for help.


  • Kay's hair will become longer as the series goes, however other than that nothing much will change other than her eyes getting brighter and glowing much more often.
  • Kay's full name is Kay Hoshizora Tatsō. Which means Pure Tortured Soul, Starry Sky, Dragon Spirit.
  • She enjoys music boxes and star gazing.
  • Kay gets easily irritated by some of her comrades.
  • She likes sitting alone in her tree.
  • Only Majora, Alyssa, Isa , Amber and Janet know of Kay's royalty.
  • Kay's favorite and Spirit Plant/Flower is the 'Snapdragon'; mainly due to how it looks like a grumpy dragon's face, then when pressed on the back, it opens up and looks like an angry hissing dragon.
  • Kay has been Kayleigh's (the creators) OC since early 2007 due to making her so she could pretend to be her during yard.

Everybody wants to change the world, but no one wants to die.
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