Kacey is a young and new member of the crows who tags along in all their missions and scavenges. He is relatively helpful with his social skills and C.I.P but can often be a bit of a mess organisation wise.


Kacey is a 19-year-old male, and of  British origination. He is tall standing at 5'10".He has a smaller build due to disliking to eat. He has bright red eyes that are oddly large, but are darkened by darkening skin under his eyes, almost like bags, and he normally is present with a big smile. His hair is longish and wavy and a deep maroon-red color, ending at his jaw-line, and is normally clipped with bright red clips.

He has very pale skin, but covered in freckles. His wrists and ankles are lined with bright red stitched X's to show where his father had experimented. Along with across his chest and on his lip.


Kacey started off as a mostly normal child, apart from his rare condition that makes him unable to feel pain, called CIP ( Congenital Insensitivity to Pain). Kacey could still feel touch, but not severe pain. His condition makes him prone to sickness and diseases. He normally missed a lot of days off school, which stressed both his parents who worried about his education. Kacey however was happy, he was sick but happy that he could get away from the other kids who made fun of him for looking like a girl and how his father made dolls for a living.

Kacey's mother who was now home-schooling was worried about him. She had noticed burn marks and wounds on her child. She asked him why didn't he tell her and he always replied with ; "I never noticed them" or with; "I didn't feel them. They don't feel sore."

As the years went on Kacey's mother had gotten a lot drowsier and seemed a lot sicker, but she continued caring for Kacey while his father worked in the basement. One day Kacey's mother fell terribly ill, Kacey knew she was sick but couldn't do anything as he watched his ill mother tremble around the house doing her usual duties as he did some 'school work'. His mother had then passed away after the few nights of getting the illness. 

Kacey's father was a medic and also someone who liked doing experiments...on dead bodies to say the least. Kacey wandered down to the basements in hope of talking with his father, since he hated being alone. His father wasn't interested.

So he sat and watched his father experiment. His father noticed him some time after, and realized he couldn't feel pain. Which was perfect. He asked Kacey if he wanted to play a game, in which , he agreed to. He laid Kacey down and said they were going to play, 'Doctors'.

After an intense 6 hours, of 'playing' his father was satisfied with his discoveries. He stitched Kacey up, with bright red stitching.

After a few days from recovering from 'doctors' , Kacey was out and about again. He noticed his father was being pushed around by several men that looked like officers of sorts. He told Kacey that they were his friends, and that he wanted Kacey to go and get some food.

Kacey being a naive child believed this and left the house. When he returned his father was gone, and so was all his experiments and all the bodies he had. Kacey was left alone, and he didn't know what to do.

He began living his life in the wasteland, as a thief, not a very good one, but at least he survived.

He grew mischievous and devilish, normally tricking people, even sneaking into their homes at night to steal their belongings.

As he grew older it was easier for him. He soon met with the Crows, and Kevin Karvington who tried to kill him for accidentally stepping on their territory. Kacey tried explaining what happened, but Kevin Karvington was having none of it, he slashed at Kacey with his chainsaw, scratching his forearm from a missed shot. He was surprised to Kacey not feeling any pain, in which Andy Laelynn advised he joined, that his ability would be perfect to help him stand as a guard outside their den in the Metro Tunnels .


Kacey's personality ranges from when he's alone to when he's with the Crows or The Scarf Heroes .

For the most part he hates being alone. It scares him honestly. Which is bad since he doesn't have a partner in the crows, unless "Will-Son" counts.

He is mischievous in the sense he loves playing tricks or you never know what he's up to. He can be doing something good or malicious but you'd never know since he's super secretive along with being a mischievous dork. He loves being the center of attention to anyone he has an interest in, this being that they normally watch him, or full of himself by accident. He doesn't mean it but he can be very cheeky , or just wanting to have fun.

He is also protective to anyone he's attracted to, or in a sense attached to, he can become possessive or protective to the point of annoyance or plain creeping others out to stay away from that said person.

He is also very naive, and believes people WAY too easily, but this also makes him easy going.

He is also very gentle when not engaged in combat. Gentle in the sense he'll tuck you into bed and give you a kiss on the forehead and pat your head if you ask him nicely.

Weapons, Weaknesses and Abilities

Kacey as already mentioned has C.I.P, this being an advantage and disadvantage, he cannot feel pain, allowing him to consistently attack, and too ignore his injuries, however, if it was a deep cut, and he didn't notice, he could easily lose a lot of blood. He is human, so he can be killed like any other.

He is somewhat fast paced when it comes to fighting, relying on quick blows and fast pace. However his main weapon, his war axe-gun hybrid, slows him down tremendously, but it goes to show how fast he is without his weapon.

When fighting in close-combat he normally always wins, mainly because he can't feel pain. And is very quick on his feet.

Stainless Stitching (Weapon)

Kacey's main weapon is a huge war axe-gun hybrid. His axe is near the same size as him, with a leather handle, the main pole in which holds everything together is stainless steel, and the blades of the axe are also made of sharp steel. On the pole, there seems to be a small gun like mechanic near the top, it seems to have red thread inside of it, and several needles acting as bullets. The main idea of it that several needles are shot at the target, piercing the skin, Kacey then presses the trigger again, dragging the target towards him with his red thread, allowing him for an extra few hits.


He is weak to what most humans are weak to. The only problem is he is very clumsy, and isn't always on the lookout, so tricking him is easy, giving you a chance to shoot or stab him.


  • Kacey and Isa are British buds
  • He sounds like a girl when he sneezes
  • He likes Milkshakes
  • He likes wearing bands and bracelets.
  • He likes pinning his hair up with pins.
  • He likes white clothing but Kevin doesn't let him wear it that much.
  • He and Kay have been secretly dating
  • He likes cracking his knuckles and neck
  • He can't control it but he can't help but smile while fighting
  • Strong distaste to any type of Cat unless it's Tiny
  • Strong distaste to anything cold such as Ice
  • Unless it's Strawberry icecream.

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